Sunday, 13 February 2011

Saintly Food/Health Blogger I am Not

Hello guys how are we on this grey Sunday?
Or maybe your Sunday has not been grey like mine, maybe it has been filled with sunshine I hope for you it has! Alas the skies here have been grey and rainy but my day has been pretty productive anyway. I will get to that in a bit first up some rewinding to Friday and Saturday.....

On Friday I had as you might remember an unexpected afternoon off, the cat took advantage of this big time!

Love me, stroke me, meow meow meow...........

That afternoon I tried some of the vegan dark chocolate with honeycombe. It was rich and delicious yum : )


Saturday started with a giant bowl of oats topped with yogurt, peanut butter and a drizzle of maple syrup

I actually couldn't finish this bowl it was very filling!

I work at the furniture store, it was dead!

I have to confess I am not a saintly food/health blogger! Sometimes I get the urge for a diet soft drink and I buy one then I drink it, frown upon if you like I just think its better to be honest. I'm sure there are others out there that don't admit to all they eat and drink on their blog!

For lunch I had fish for the first time since December! I had a tin of mackerel with some steamed veggies and pesto

Hmmmmmm I have to admit this kinda sent my tum a little crazy not sure why but I can honestly say I really don't miss it and have decided to give the rest of my fish stash to my dad and just go veggie : )

Oh yeah I also like oreo's and sometimes have the urge so I buy them and eat them

Chocolate filled............your lying if you say you wouldn't!


I spent Saturday night at my sisters flat sitting, I have to admit it was nice being on my own in my own space for the night. I think I'm definitely feeling the need to have my own home........

This morning I woke and had a giant bowl of dorset cereal topped with an apple

and rice milk

Perfect for filling my tum before having to train my ladies

I also had a coffee amaretto style : )

Oh my god this was the best coffee!

When I got to my sisters on Saturday she had left a little surprise for me

Mini party rings, creme eggs and a small bottle of Sailor Jerrys!

It was actually supposed to be me and Jonathan staying there so she left this for us but as it was only me I decided to save ii till next weekend when I will be flat sitting again with Wayne for company : )

My favorite tipple : )

Isn't my sister a sweetie : )

After breakfast and the best coffee I had to train my 2 Hastings clients before dropping in on Jonathan and Maggie.

The above photo is of one of Jes's many beautiful nik naks : )

So I went and visited Jonathan and Maggie you gave me crumpets with peanut butter and cucumber. Which sounds weird and wrong but believe me its good! Then a huge slice of freshly baked vegan ginger cake, oh my god it was good! After that I drove back to Brighton where i am now laying in bed after eating to many potato cakes!

Oh dear this has been a pretty bad week on the food front to be honest, exercise wise I have had a fabulous week but food hmmmmm bad bad bad!

I need to get in control! I really don't know whats wrong with me lately!

I am off to Peterborough and Thetford next week for some training for job number 2 and with an insanely busy Monday I will be away from the blog this week hopefully back on Friday. Have a fabulous week and I will try to stay in control of my wild eating habits!


Are you always honest on your blog?

You know I am!


  1. Balance your month out and you'll find it's won't be that bad. and I can't even lie ..... I *heart* chocolate Oreos.
    I think I'm quite honest on my blog, it was very tempting to avoid blogging when I fell into a bowl of self pity, finding it tough to exercise and eat properly but that defeats the point for me - I learn more from my bad times.

  2. It's not really a balanced lifestyle if all you eat is the 'good' stuff so totally allowed. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :)

  3. You're far too tough on yourself. Your eating habits truly aren't as bad as you believe. I know there are certain bloggers out there with perfect eating habits and I feel inferior to them too, but in reality I think you are (unlike me) at the more 'in control' end of the spectrum. Example: you ate two squares of chocolate. I would have eaten the whole bar and then wanted another. You left some oats when you were full, I would have eaten the lot regardless and then felt royally stuffed and sick.

    I always try to be honest on my blog. I'm so ashamed of my eating habits that I tend to want to confess them on the blog anyway as I can't stand the world not knowing what a pig I am: I need to exorcize my greed typographically because it's probably a bit too weird to tape a note with words to that effect on my head and walk around with it in public.

    Personally, to me you eat very well and if Diet Coke were my worst vice, I'd be a very happy person indeed.


  4. I agree with Jess above, you're FAR too tough on yourself! A diet coke and a few oreos really isn't anything to be worried about, atleast not in my books... I would probably consider that a good days eats :-/ I think a balanced diet needs to include treats like that, "a little of what you like is good for you" I think the saying goes :)

  5. Hey there,

    I concur - you are way too tough on yourself! I love healthy eating most of the time but I often drink diet coke (along with my 2 litres of water) and I get cravings for dairy milk fruit and nut (Even though I am a fan of 70% upwards!) I also go through periods of time where I feel like I am out of control and need to get a grip on my eating but I have learnt it is best not to put too much pressure on myself and not to detox but to get there slowly but surely. I think that at the moment you are working very hard and being tired plays havoc with my appetite. When I am tired it just increases in a massive way. Oreos are amazing so I hope you will enjoy many more to come...why the hell not! It isn't like you exist on maccy d's from day to day!

    Lauren x

  6. Good Sunday then(it is the weekend:)! I don't want to preach, Lovely but the odd non diet coke is better then the carcinogenic diet soft drinks(easy swap:)


  7. It's like the awful decaff coffee(highly-chemicalised process indeed) it's better to have really nice Italian Coffee as a treat!

  8. I adore sailor jerrys and diet cherry coke... I'm considering how yummy they would taste together right now.. hmmmm!

    I'm always honest on my blog.. if people don't like it they don't have to read it, plus healthy isn't necessarily being a perfect eater all the time it's having a healthy attitude towards food.. which I'm working on but if you saw my last post you'll know I'm not perfect on that front!

  9. I'm always 100% honest on my blog, if I was having a diet coke every now and again or eating chocolate or whatever is deemed to be 'bad' I would still show it, we are all only human afterall, don't feel ashamed! I posted pics of the two huge plates of chinese food I ate last week! I think your being far too tough on yourself, what you show is that you can have a balance - your still very healthy, eating 'perfect' food 100% of the time wouldn't be much fun lets face it!

  10. I am honest on my blog- but although I take pictures of some of my food- eg nice snacks / running fuel/ and some of the meals/ baking I make, I dont record everything I eat because I didnt want it to be about that.
    You seem to have a good balance even when you yourself thinks it is not been going so well- you have high standards I think! :)

  11. MINI PARTY RINGS!!!!! i want! what a blast from the past - haven't had party rings for years. Your sister is a legend, and everyone needs treats otherwise life would be so boring; the rest of your diet looks totally healthy.
    Have a good week!

  12. I love Diet Coke too!! I try to keep it to just a few times a week, but I'll admit I've been using it as a way to comfort myself during this injury! I'm a sucker for processed kraft cheese slices too - c'est la vie! ;)