Friday, 4 February 2011

The Return of Coffee!

Wowzas! Where have the first few days of February gone!?
They flown by or is that just for me? I have been as always a busy bee, work work and more work then yesterday it was my sisters Birthday which meant lunch out : )
I've did not photo all my foods from the past 3 days but I got most of it plus I have a pile of goodies to show ya so get comfy.............

Oh yeah BIG NEWS from the 1st of Feb coffee was back in my life too!
Ahhhhhhh this makes me happy!

Wednesday morning I ran to work then did a 40 minute workout on the TRX.
Breakfast was what I had in the cupboard that was easy to thrown in my back as I was in a rush to get going to the gym. Tin of pineapple rings and peanut butter rice cakes : )

I'm back in the coffee club at the furniture store!

I polished off my stew, this will be making an appearance again no doubt : )

Peanuts + Raisins + an Apple makes the perfect snack


Wednesday I had some time after finishing at the furniture shop before needing to be at the gym so decided to make my client calls over a coffee there : )

Thursday started with Bikram yoga then I trained a client at the gym before heading back to Hastings to have lunch with the birthday girl.

I had thai peanut vegetables topped with a boiled egg

Served with rice, I ate about 1/2 the rice I'm not too keen on white I much prefer brown rice but I don't think I've ever been to a restaurant and had the choice!

We wandered through the old town then back to the main town where I popped into my favorite health food store. I had a piece of date and coconut vegan flapjack

Which was delicious! I also bought a nut roast but more on that in a bit.

Once lunch had settled I was off to the gym in Hastings to train a client. I actually train with this client so it was my second workout of the day! Two words SWEAT FEST!


The other day the kind people at the raw chocolate co. sent me a box of goodies to review.
You can read all about there interesting story on why they went the raw way on there site its very interesting so go have a look!

Raw chocolate bars!

Raw chocolate covered raisins, gojis and mulberries!

Look at all the deliciousness!

I can't wait to try these!

Or these! I did chomp down the vanoffe bar the other night after yoga which was insanely good!

I tried the goji's but have yet to try the others but going by the goji's they are gonna be delightful!

Here is the nut roast I mentioned buying from the health food shop in Hastings

I saved it for my lunch today. After driving back from Hastings this morning I went straight out for a run and this was a perfect lunch to have to refuel : )

Teamed with lightly steamed broccoli and spinach and an un-pictured dollop of tomato sauce, twas delicious : )

So there we go all caught up on the past few days, I just ate some apples with soy yogurt and seeds now all i need to do is crack open my coconut and get on my way to work, I have some clients to train then back home, have a nice friday afternoon/evening x x x


Do you like raw chocolate or are you a dairy milk kind a person?

Me raw raw raw its flavor is so much more intense and the fact that its good for ya is a bonus!


  1. That raw chocolate looks delish. I love raw chocolate - so jealous hehe!

  2. I'm sure your more than well aware of my raw chocolate obsesssion! Glad we are both back on coffee, its been a long January!

  3. i do like raw chocolate, but i can't seem to get past the price, nor do i have a local stockist. i get a conscious bar whenever i'm in london though :)

  4. I love raw chocolate- conscious chocolate is amazing :) I do like some sweet chocolate (eg dairy milk) now and then, but I much prefer dark rich chocolate :)

  5. Those raw chocolate bars look amazing. I only like dark chocolate as I hate cows milk and can just taste the milk in milk chocolate - yuck! My favourite dark chocolate is the Divine bars but I definitely want to try the "Lavish" bar here. x

  6. oh yes raw choccy every time.. I always eat raw until tea time then i have more or less what I like, never quite as lovely as your smashing goodies though, and your new coffee diet would send me into La la land ha ha..
    Have a nice weekend
    Lynn x

  7. Fab eats! That nut roast actually looks really delicious and the perfect thing to have for lunch or dinner. Enjoy your raw choccie stash, I can't wait to hear what you think of it.

  8. I'm loving my raw chocolate stash. It's so good. Love the new header by the way! x

  9. Those raw chocolate covered Goji Berries look immense!! I must search them out, they so want to go in my porridge! :-)

  10. Raw choc as a treat is lovely and I second that Vanofee bar(yum, although I have yet to try the new modified version with the new lucuma addion:)!

    I'm with ya with the highly-processed white rice(not my cup of tea, basmati brown is simply the best:).

  11. i LOVE Raw Chocolate! ijust had some about 10 minutes ago :P