Saturday, 5 February 2011

New Header and Green Monsters

Hey all you people in on a Saturday night how are ya?!
Are you enjoying being at home in the warm on this gloomy evening like me?
I couldn't wait to finish work today and come home to the warmth of my PJ's and sitting room : )
As I blogged early yesterday I actually did bother to take some other photos yesterday!

Before heading to the gym yesterday afternoon I cracked open another fresh coconut!
The juice from this was so sweet and delicious, you gotta get on this people!

I ate a couple of pieces then walked to work to train some ladies

I got home and had one thing on my mind........GREEN MONSTER! I'm pretty sure this is because I had a very ripe pear and some spinach that desperately needs to be eaten.

I also had a warmed potato cake with peanut butter, too good!

My giant monster was topped with raw chocolate covered mulberries and goji berries

So good!

A while later some more raw chocolate was consumed all in the name of reviewing it of course!
By the way this was DELICIOUS!

Today was my day off exercise so I enjoyed getting ready for work without rushing!

Breakfast: another green monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bused to work as it was raining : )

Mid morning snackage

A yummy lunch of veggies and chickpeas in a vegan pesto sauce

Love this combo!

Afternoon saw the biscuits being broken out of the cupboard! I wish I had only eaten the 2 that are seen here I didn't I ate quite a few more : (

NOTE: My day off has changed from Sunday to today! I still feel this goal is not broken though!

Right a film then bed, I am off to the gym early tomorrow to get a workout in before my client's session then I am working at the furniture store. Busy day! I might also be going to see Black Swan and I can't wait really wanna see this film!


What to you think of my new header!?

Isn't my sister the best! Jes designs all my headers cause she is fabulous!


  1. Love the new header- very pretty :)

  2. I'v not had fresh coconut in years! All I remember is that they are very difficult to open!

  3. I love the new header! I want to go and have a cake now. I definitely need to get on top of this raw chocolate thing! :-)

    Sam x

  4. Nice header, very kitsch. :)
    She could change your headers like google do hehe..too much effort

  5. Love the new header it looks fab!

  6. Love the new header, so pretty and arty!

  7. Loving your new header, classic. And I'm SO having warmed potato cake with nut butter this afternoon :-)

  8. Loving the new header, T!
    And, even though I'm not a fan of coconut, I must admit it looked pretty delicious :D