Thursday, 10 February 2011

I think I've Gone A Little Crazy?!

3 days in a row and counting!!!!! Yes I am back, only be chance if I'm honest. I had planned to go to yoga again but after being totally bloated I decided to come home! Tomorrow I shall be going though without a doubt!

I was up uber early again, I woke hungry so decided to get some fuel in me. Porridge with chococru and peanut butter...........

Topped with yogurt and an apple on the side this definitely kept me going!

After training my first client I trained. I did the Bosu session I have been giving my clients. Wow! It was so tough, my clients are doing so well I was killed! Ha ha my session lasted for an hour and then I trained another client after freshening up of course!

I also snacked on too much tropical mix and a coffee!

I haven't eaten dried bananas in ages and yes I know they're not good for ya but they taste fab!
After a while I checked my phone and had a missed call from work number 2, the furniture store........yeah I was supposed to be working!!!!!!!!!!! I literally rushed home and got my lunch, stuff or that evening and raced back to town luckily I was there before 12.30! Jeez this messed my day up : (

I will admit to you one of my kind of faults.......I am a total planner to the point its quite obsessive, I like to know what I'm doing and when I'm doing it no surprises welcome here! I have always been the same but even more so now that I'm working everyday, I have to be organised so today really threw me I don't think the fact I was so tired help! Anyway I got through the day but after finishing I was real hungry so popped into grab something from Infinity Foods to fill me up before going back to the gym to train yet another client!

Phew breath............

I thought I had picked up the vegan + gluten free was vegan but definitely not gluten free so yeast hell! I was so hungry I ate it anyway and OH MY GOD! BLOATED!!!!!! I felt rough but had to train my client but after decided yoga was not such a good idea so I waited for my house mate to finish work and we came home together : )

A couple of hours later I felt good again and wanted something..........beet and chocolate smoothie hello!

The coldness went down well, and the raw chocolate did too!

Gee Whiz! This post has been a little crazy, blame it on my tiredness. Sorry if it made no sense!
Hope you haven't lost your mind reading my post today lovely readers, I am now going to depart and get some much needed relaxing in before bed : )

Night x x x


Are you a planner?

I can't help to be insanely organised apparently its something to do with my slight dyslexia I have tried to relax but it just doesn't work!


  1. Yes I am such a planner!
    I like a routine and I like to know what is going on so I can prepare. :)

  2. The chocolate and beet smoothie looks delicious. x

  3. I'm a huge planner, I just have one of those personalities, I like to know exactly what I'm doing all the time but I should really be a little more spontanious sometimes - then again I have my hubby for that!

  4. The same thing happened to me the other day! I honestly thought I had the day off so went out the night before, then work called me 12pm the next day asking where I was(yes... I may have still been in bed haha). Turns out I misread the rota! woops!
    That pizza looks yummmm :-D