Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hummus Loving

Good evening readers!
How ya doing, excited that its Friday tomorrow?
I'm working all weekend as usual so Friday is nothing special to me.....weep.......sob......
Ha ha ha! I'm not bothered really I'm off to Hastings tomorrow to train one of my clients, see my papa and stay one more night at my sisters beautiful flat. I love it there so fresh and comfy : )

Anyways lets talk food shall we............

Have to admit this was not today's breakfast it was last nights dinner!

I got home late from the gym and this is all I could be bothered to whip up, vanilla green monster with apple for dipping : )

Today's breakfast was very similar though minus the apple. I was up early to get to the gym so a monster is easy to make and easy to digest at that early hour!

After training my client and eating an uber bar I popped into town then went back to the gym to train:

10 minute rowing intervals
10 minute spin
30 minute cable work out
30 minute spin
15 minute stepper

I made a veggie and kidney bean mess for lunch topped with hummus

Twas so so good!

Hummus is becoming my downfall!

Oh and peanut butter! Rice cake, raspberry jam and peanut butter so good, I ate a couple of those bad boys : )

I had the afternoon off so I got comfy on the sofa with some cheesy films and a cat!

Oops she heard the click of my camera!

I know I know bad blogger! Yes it is what you think it is.......smash!

Yep you got it smash and steamed veggies, I also had some tomato sauce so there!

Followed by a ripe pear and apple chopped and topped with some yogurt mixed with cinnamon.

Delicious : )
My first client at the gym is 9am tomorrow which means a little more sleep for me tonight, yay! I'm hoping my body clock lets me sleep but I have to say this morning it was light when I left for wok which makes it much much easier, roll on spring ay!?

Ok I'm off, gonna get into bed and watch master chef because I love it : )


Are you a master chef lover?

I try to watch it every season some of the food is amazing


  1. I'm watching Master Chef at the moment too. I love looking at all the different foods, but not sure I like the new format so much...finding it harder to get into, although it may be that this time round I'm also reading blogs at the same time rather than just focussing on the TV!!

    Love the look of your green monster...what's in it to make it such a bright green colour??

  2. I have never seen Master Chef. Is it on the Food Network? I really have to make a green monster, they are everywhere! :)

  3. Sometimes a GM for dinner is just the ticket! I like Master Chef I just wish there were more veggie cookery shows!

  4. I have never seen masterchef, I am a top chef fan all the way!