Friday, 25 February 2011

Healthified Pumkin Brownies

Hey hey, how's it going? Have you got that Friday feeling?!
I have got a tired feeling I couldn't make it to Hastings today so being at home this evening means blog post yay! I must warn you that again this post is photo heavy, I hope you have time to stick around.............

I actually got to sleep in till 6.45am today! I didn't need to be at the gym till 8.30 so had time to enjoy breakfast without rushing! Once I had got my bag sorted and a session plan written I made a giant green monster. Look how much there is!

This baby was made from: 1/2 c soy milk, water, 2 giant handfuls of spinach, 1 ripe banana, 1tbsp quinoa, chocolate soy protein powder, maca, chococru, green tea, stevia, ice and the gums. Topped with seeds for some crunch. As you can imagine I was full all morning from this!

Which was lucky because i didn't get home till 3,30pm! After training my first 2 clients I had a little gym session before yoga:

20 min spin
15 min stepper
90 min Bikram

I popped into Infinity Foods on my home as I needed a couple of things, yes you got it I left with way more than I planned!

Finally I bought some coconut flour, I have been meaning to get some for ages but kept forgetting then after seeing the delicious coconut sauce on Laura's blog I just couldn't resist when I saw it today : ) I also got some soy yogurt and carob powder. The carob powder is a different brand to my usual and i have to say not as nice but it will do!

Kara coconut milk, organic omega seeds and dark chocolate which is actually from co-op not Infinity but its fare trade so its all good!

I also got some sea cakes, hazelnut tofu and green vegan pesto.

For lunch I cooked up a sea cake in a little coconut oil and had it with some hummus and steamed carrots and broccoli. I also had i rice cake sarni with peanut butter.

Delicious, this was just what I needed after not eating since the morning, I was starved!

After I had 1 apple topped with soy yogurt, coconut flour sauce and seeds

Yum the coconut flour was so good! Literally just a spoonful of flour and some water to get it to whatever consistency you want.

Ages and ages ago I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing these Anylock sealing rods.
I'll be honest, I exceted but completely forgot I had them until today when I needed something to keep my coconut flour fresh. The bag wont seal and I don' have a spare jar and then I remembered my sealing rods and bags!

These are so easy to use, I had this one and a smaller one sent to me perfect for keeping foods fresh I'd definitely recommend them especially if you go away these are small enough to pack without taking up much space : )

I decided it was time to use up my tin of pumpkin that has been sitting in the cupboard for a couple of months now as well as the gluten free chocolate cake mix i picked up a couple of weeks ago. I never buy these pre-packed mixes but it was on offer so I thought what the hell!

I ate my lunch pretty late so wasn't too hungry in this evening which means green monster number 2!

Green monster 2 contained: 1/2 c soy milk, 2 giant handfuls spinach, 1 pear, vanilla soy protein powder, stevia, ice and the gums. Topped with bees pollen, less ingredients needed for my evening monster : )

I put this healthified cake into the oven while I had dinner:

Pumpkin Brownies

1x gluten free chocolate cake mix
2 eggs + 2 egg whites
3/4 can of pumpkin puree
2tsp coconut oil
1tbsp sesame seeds

I mixed it all up then put the mixture in a dish, topped with sesame seeds and baked for 50 minutes

The result: soft, squidgy HEALTHY brownies! These contain barely any fat but taste delicious, yes obviously I had to try them : )

Jeez I'm tired, looking forward to another early night and I don't have to be at work till 9am tomorrow yay! Plus its at the furniture store tomorrow so a nice relaxed day ahead. I've also been invited to a friends for dinner tomorrow evening so a good Saturday is coming my way : )

I will be out tomorrow evening so no post but don't worry I will be back on Sunday promise!
Have a fab Saturday my lovelies x x x


Would you walk along the street eating salsa and tortilla chips?!

I know this question has nothing to do with my post but I saw a girl today walking along doing just this. Now don't get me wrong I have no problem with people eating in public anywhere but it just struck me as a strange snack to choose, I would be too scared of dropping the pot of salsa on the floor of even worse down my front! I do try to be seated when eating for digestive reasons but if I was on the move my first choice would be an apple or something similar, how about you?


  1. I'm going to buy some carob powder tomorrow. I have only seen the brand that you bought today. What brand do you usually buy? Loving your smoothies. xxx

  2. Hehe, finally, another GM that requires two containers. Mine always do and the 'overspill' is far more marked than yours.

    I hate eating while going along (bad digestion) or in public in general, but that's because I'm obsessed with savouring my food sans distractions. The only times I've eaten in that way are when I've been bingeing, and thus pretty much out of touch with reality anyway. Other times it actually annoys me when people just scoff things down while going along, particularly when they drop the wrapper/litter as they go! It indicates a fault in society that we don't take the time to sit down and enjoy meals any more.


  3. Glad you like the coconut flour, its fab isn't it!

  4. Such a good idea to put the pumpkin in the brownies, I bet it made them extra moist. I love peanut butter on rice cakes too, especially with a splodge of jam - yum!

    I don't really tend to eat on the move. I like to sit down and enjoy my food. I suppose if I was rushed for time I would snack and walk but I'm pretty sure I would never think to eat chips and salsa.

  5. Lol I love chips and salsa but I wouldn't ever eat them whilst walking.. There's not much I would eat whilst walking though really

  6. I can eat anything whilst walking - it gives me bad indigestion. I'd at least stand still whilst eating them :)

  7. Pumpkin post snap! :) Pretty sure yours is a lot healthier than my pie... I am trying my best to behave and stay away from the kitchen x

  8. I don't understand how it is even possible to walk and eat salsa and tortilla chips- surely you need an extra arm for this to be possible!