Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines

Good evening and happy Valentines : )
I rearranged my evening so I could come home and pack my bag for the next few days so I had some time to get a post in. Plus I thought an evening out would be a bad idea as I have to be up to get the train in the morning and I don't feel like traveling tired, well more tired than usual!

Before taking you threw my days eats I would like to say thank you for all your kind and thoughtful comments. I am so pleased to have such wonderful readers you make my day : )

My Monday morning started early so I needed some fuel to get me through the morning. I opened my box of dorset cereals simply delicious museli and topped it with an apple

and kara coconut milk! So delicious and very filling, perfect to get me through the morning training clients and my yoga class

90 minutes Bikram yoga

I went home for lunch which meant something hot, I went for 2 eggs perfectly boiled : )

Steamed veggies and a giant dollop of hummus!

Followed by an apple, soy yogurt, seeds and cinnamon

Then I went back to gym to train some more clients.........

Back home and dinner time, I made more steamed veggies, quorn mince topped with hummus and a raw pepper for scooping : )

I had to use up my veggies before my days away which means my meals are a little samey.

Dinner was followed by a pretty pudding!

Chocolate + Beet iced pudding topped with raw chocolate covered goji's and sesame seeds

Laura I promise to write the recipe for this bad boy when I have time : )

I hope you have had a nice valentines day and if your are a 2 you got a pretty card! I am a 1 for the 9th year running, maybe next year!

Right I must love you and leave you, a good nights sleep beckons before my mini working holiday. Have a good few days and shall be back at the end of the week x x x


Do you have a valentine?

9 years people 9 YEARS!


  1. I love your pudding - so cute! The rest of the day's food look pretty good too!
    I've been with my bf for nearly 6 years, but we don't really do valentines - it's gone by without much fuss.

  2. Looking forward to the recipe tam, that smoothie looks so pretty! I have my hubby but got bugger all for v day unless you count him doing the dishes ;-)haha, thats what a 6 year relationship does for romance! Only joking, I think we do romance in our own way :-) hope you have a good few days xx

  3. We dont do valentines either- just a normal day. Love the pretty heart pudding!

  4. EISH .... been together almost half my life YEIKS!.....but he's never been Mr Surprise or Mr Romance but I am thrilled he now knows what to do with the dishwasher :-)

  5. Me & my valentine have now been together 10 years :) We don't really 'do' valentine's day but always cook a three course meal.

  6. oh goodness.. well nope, i don't have a valentine (surprise surprise, we broke up 1 week into our holiday. isn't that stupid? we still travel around together but i haven't "announced" it on my blog yet. you know, the fact that we're not together anymore). but whatever valentine's day is over. ;)

    awww i feel super guilty atm. since i'm volunteering our food is prepared for us and it's often fried. i feel like a cake. i seriously can't wait to return to some more normal eats.
    i'll need some inspiration from you ;).