Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Chocolate + Beets = Perfect Flavor Combo

Yes its real this another blog post, 2 days in row people! I have to admit I am back late from the gym so this will be short and sweet. I have had a long day but its been good so I can't complain! I met my new client today for her first session totally beasted her but she loved it so all's good! How was your Wednesday? Do anything fun or were ya work work working?!

I had to get to the gym for 7.15am to train my first client, I woke up hungry and new I had an empty jar which needed dealing with! I have to say sorry Cosmic! I read your comment and get what your saying and will not buy this peanut butter again but I had this jar and one more to finish and as times are hard where cash is concerned I am not in a position to throw food away!

I have to admit this tasted fab even if it is wrong!
Cinnamon oats with a sliced apple in a peanut butter jar.........yum!
Perfect fuel for my exercise:

30 minutes spin
90 minutes Bikram (3rd class in a row!)

Home for lunch : )

Quorn mince, veggies, vegan pesto + raw mushrooms


I also had a chocolate and beet iced desert!

Topped with soy yogurt and raw chocolate covered raisins!

Chocolate + Beets = perfect flavor combo!

Back to the gym in the afternoon and I dropped into a new to me cafe to pick up a soy latte

I'm glad I did this coffee was perfect! I also had my last Nakd bar, I got these on offer which is why they have been making an appearance over the past few days. I find then perfect fuel too which helps!

So there we have it hump day done and dusted : )

My first client is at 7am which means I best get to bed, night lovelies x x x


Do you love oats in a jar?

I first saw this when I started reading foodie/health and fitness blogs and have been a convert ever since, the heat from the oats just melts into the nut butter........pure heaven!


  1. Apple and cinnamon is definitely one of my favourite oat combos... especially when theres nut butter involved! YUM!

  2. I absolutely love your Cath Kidston bowl and your glass for smoothies!! Where did you get your glass from, I absolutely want some! :-)

  3. I love oats in a jar, in fact I have loads of near empty jars just waiting to be used! I went back and read cosmics comment - very interesting reading. I think I may stick to meridian or suma pb in future

  4. your oats in a jar look awesome! but ivenever had it myself- its about time!

  5. As I deplore food waste myself I'm with ya Tam! I also really do appreciate your support in spreading the word about the ubiquitous palm oil as these giant corps are ruthless to the core(enouh said there:). For more on palm oil products see the BBC Panarama article via a well-knowed search engine. H & B and all good independent wholefood stores do 1kg buckets of Meridan's Smooth or crunchy PB(no added anything and thus no palm oil) for just over a fiver(I've just consummed 2 buckets; one smooth and one crunchy. Very tasty as a spread, satay dishes or African veggie stews etc.) Thank-you lovelies for taking the time and spreading the word:)


  6. Whole earth PB does contain palm oil, but it's supposed to be responsibly sourced from members of RSPO. I realise that's probably still not ideal, but I haven't found any alternative healthy PB in the shops near me.

  7. I've never tried oats in a jar, but I want to now! I've got quite a bit of PB to eat before I can make it, so I better get eating it!
    I've also never had beetroot and chocolate, but I've heard that it's an amazing combo. Sounds a bit wrong, but I guess I'll have to try it to believe it!

  8. I love oats in a jar- some peanut flavour with every spoonful! :)