Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Blogging Nightmare

Yes dear readers the wireless internet has stopped working at home, which if your a blogger is a total NIGHTMARE! I had some time to investigate today and after lots of trying a light bulb went off in my head and I connected the other computers lead to mine......
hey presto I am online : )

This was even more annoying than usual as I had been unable to blog last week then to be deprived again!? Hmmmm I have been a little on edge to be honest I am one of those awful people that find it very hard to live with out the internet. I do have a BlackBerry but its just not the same, you get me right?!

By the way hello!
I have to warn you I have a photo overload coming your way, so lets rewind...........


Sunday I bought some peanut butter no palm oil here!

I know I blogged on Sunday, if you missed it catch up here, but it was in the afternoon and I ate a little more in the evening

A giant green monster! Twas divine : )


Monday started early, first client at 7am which means I have to get up around 5am. By 6 I was ready for some breakfast to fuel me through the day

I was yearning for another green monster so that's what I had, then I made my way to the gym

I had time for a coffee before my client got there so I indulged in a bought one and caught up on some news

After training my client I had to take part in a First Aid course at the gym to get my certificate, when the mid morning break came I scoffed some raw fresh coconut, I LOVE IT!

Lunch was what I had time to grab in the morning, peanut butter rice cakes and raw veggies.


I also had a stoats uber bar, if you haven't tried one yet do it!

I completed the First Aid course and and passed everything so am a registered first aider YAY!

In the afternoon I went to Bikram......TWICE!
Oh my god two classes back to back, this was insane. So so hard I made it through just and have to say I think it will be a while before I take on such a challenge again!

I got home and was ravenous

A giant bowl of beans and veggies helped

But the raw chocolate filled the gap right up!
Rich dark and delicious this may be my favorite?


Again I was up early to train a client but this time I took breakfast with me to eat after I trained her and before going to job number 2. A cup of tea, muesli and a banana and my vits (in the pot)

This kept me full till lunch.

Steamed veggies, beans and hummus! I also ate an uber bar and before leaving I ate a couple of handfuls of peanuts and raisins.

I went to the gym after work and had a little workout:

20 minutes summit climber
45 minute spin

I got home quite late so just had a giant green monster with a side of apple


You guessed it I was up with the first of the birds, see I have proof on my clock!
Before leaving for work I ate a chocolate protein smoothie topped with seeds, yummy loved this baby!

After training my client I had a little workout at the gym before yoga:

squats, double squats, sumo squats, sumo heel raise, squat to heel raise, lunge, back lunge, side lunge - each for 1 minute
Cardio - star jumps, step ups, high knees, step ups, butt kicks, step jumps, 30 sec each
8 full press ups, 8 dips, shoulder press 6kg, shoulder raise 4kg 8 reps of each
8 press ups, 8 dips, bicep curl 6kg, hammer curl 4kg 8 reps of each
8 press ups, 8 dips, trap lift 6kg, tricep extension 8kg
Cardio - skip, step ups, twists, step ups, squat elbow to knee, step jumps 30 secs of each
crunch 15 reps, reverse crunch 15 reps, bike 30 reps, plank 2 minutes! side planks 50 seconds each, scissors 1 minute

Then I went to Bikram!

When I got home I devoured a bowl of veggies in tom sauce with hummus : )

I also had time to photo the goodies I picked up from the hotels I stayed in while away.

We had an eat all ya like pass to breakfast and as i just ate cereal I helped myself to these goodies!

and these : )

And this is why the stoat bars are popping up I got a whole box to enjoy!

They really are very good : )

And yes I just enjoyed one with a delicious cup of Blackcurrant, gensing and vanilla tea.

Wow are you still with me?! I have to get ready to go back to work at the gym so I shall bid you farewell, I will be catching up on your blogs later I hope! Missed you guys : )


Do you cope well when deprived of the internet?!

I do not


  1. I can't imagine being internet less! Part of me thinks thats a bit sad but I do love being connected to people online. I would be interested to see how I would cope if I decided to 'unplug' for a few days!

  2. omg i NEED the internet!!! that would throw me off for sure!!!!!

  3. No I love the internet! Although I dont have it on my phone or anything like that- just at home, but I do like to "feel connected". :)

  4. Getting a bit dizzy speeding through the photos to the comment section :) Will have to look out for the Stoats bars in the shops... Are you teaching spin at the moment?

  5. Hehe, I'm glad other people take stuff from breakfast buffets too! I also grab as much as I can for no other reason than I love free food. Yep, I'm just that sad!

  6. Life without the internet is basically impossible for me!! I go a little doo-lally to be honest, haha!

  7. Im loving all of the smoothie action. I would be lost without the net, it means I wouldn't be able to check out fab blogs like yours!!!

  8. I HATE being without internet. I was without power (and internet) for a day last year, it was hard because I didn't know if all my friends/etc were ok - we'd just had a big earthquake that knocked out the power. Recently though, after another devastating earthquake, when there are actual fatalities involved in my little city, I can't help but be super thankful that I have the internet to check up on people and distract myself. It's hard though, when you don't see people on facebook and wonder if they're ok.

    Sorry about the rant. That's all I can think about at the moment.

    But on normal days I go nuts if I can't check my email and blogs at least once a day.