Sunday, 20 February 2011

Blog Withdrawal Symptoms

Oh my god I have been having blog withdrawal symptoms, longing to say hi to you all!
How have you been, how was your week, what have you been up to, what have I missed!?

I last was here on the day of love, the night before I left to go on job number 2's training course. So as you may have guessed I'm taking you back in time, I'll try and keep this short and sweet but I do like to ramble sometimes!


My day started when I got my hands on a coffee outside Brighton station whilst waiting for the train to London. I'm lucky that when I started job number 2 another girl Leila started a week later which means we got to go together : )

The train journey was a bit of a nightmare, lots of changes with heavy bags is not ideal! When we arrived in Peterborough it was lunch time which would have been lovely but................
apparently if your vegetarian you like leaves............. Yes the only food a veggie could eat were leaves! Luckily I had some rice cakes, oh and there was some fruit!

I wont bore you too much with my 3 days away, but I will say I had a fab time. It was great getting to know the other team members from other stores and I had a great time looking around the factory where everything is made I found it very interesting. The hotels were nice too, we stayed in 2 one in Peterborough and one in Thetford. Each had 1 item on the menu I could eat which was good!

My new cardigan with sequined flowers is a new favorite!

I spent the 3 days eating muesli and fruit, I felt hideous by the time Thursday came and all I could think about was veggies! I only had time for one workout too so just felt hideous and longed to get back to my routine! I know it was only 3 days but I am a routine kinda girl and when its disturbed I feel unhappy!


Started with a green monster no pic sorry! I whizzed it up and took it to work with me. I got some fab workouts in as well, I needed to workout so bad I managed to fit 3 in........

20 minute run to work

Trained clients

45 minute spin
90 minutes Bikram

I felt better after this!

I came home and devoured some veggies and 2 boiled eggs : )

Then it was back to the gym to train another client.

Home and more veggies were consumed so good!

Then a bowl of strawberry protein pudding!
NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!!


Saturday started with a giant green monster, I am going to overload on these for a while after those 3 days of eating crap I need to get as many veggies in me as possible!

Green = Goodness : )

I then went to my 9am Bikram class

After I trained a client at the gym jumped in my car and drove back to Hastings.
On the way my car went nuts round a roundabout and I am lucky to be writing this post to put it plainly! But I'm just forgetting about that now, I spent the afternoon and evening with my dad and felt a lot calmer : )

I made me and my day dinner: rice + vegetable pasta topped with steamed veggies in a tom and garlic sauce


Followed by my dads favorites.........

Yeah you got it I ate it and I loved it!

Well we have come to the end I have had a good day training more clients and hanging with my dad before returning home to Brighton. I have left out today's pictures as I didn't want to give you food overload! I would just like to say a little thank you to those tweeters, you made me feel so happy to be a blogger, you know who you are : )

I hope you have all had a fabulous week and weekend. Can you believe there is like 1 more week of February left!? Crazy 2 months nearly done already. I have a busy week ahead, no days off but I have a very exciting meet coming up at the end of the month which is keeping me all smiles. You'll have to wait and see who it is..............


Do you feel horrid when your routine is disturbed?

As I made clear I definitely do!


  1. I am a bit of a routine person - I like to know what's what and have pretty much everything planned. I do feel a bit weird being away from home and always look forward to getting back to normal!

  2. I love your new cardi, its beautiful :-) Good to hear the away trip was good albeit a bit of a twist on routine. For me it depends on how long the break in my routine is for, at the moment kids are on half term but fortunately I have hubby working form home so I can still leave them and go do my bootcamps & classes - the fun part is I don't have to work so much because I have to keep them entertained - not a good mom to leave them playing PS3 ALL day for a week heeheehee

  3. Missed you.. but I can't look at all this food no no! looks far too nice and I am far to hungry...Hugs Lynn x

  4. Yes! I like my routines and really struggle when I get thrown off. That strawberry protein pud looks yum!

  5. yay so happy you are back!! i NEED my routine! i hate when it gets all messed up-that's for sure!

  6. It's so nice to have you back. I do have a habit of routines and hate it when I have to change my plans.

  7. Sometimes I cope with a change to routine, sometimes not. Generally if I cause the change I'm fine.

    Where I struggle is if there's a change to what I think is going to happen. Could be what we eat, when we eat, where were going, what we're doing. When that happens you'd think it was some major uphaval the way I'm affected.

  8. Pretty cardi :)
    Yes I love my routine and get annoyed when things get in the way. You are right eating out can be so hard when you are veggie- not usually many options.

  9. Good to see you back... how do you make the strawberry pudding - or am I being dumb and missing something obvious (which is usually the way)? :)

  10. yep, for sure! Love the cardi and hairdo, so elegant!

  11. I often have to go away for courses and get really annoyed at the change in my routine. Hotel food is the worst - I'm not veggie, but all the options are usually fatty, salty and have a distict lack of vegetables!