Monday, 31 January 2011

Weekend Round Up

Hello! Have you had a good weekend?
Mine was busy so no posts, sorry! I have a monster recap for ya and then later I will be posting a goals recap, yes 2 posts in one day, believe it when you see it I guess!

Friday started early, I had to drive to Hastings but needed breakfast first and with an empty jar of peanut butter there was only one thing to do.........

Oh yes peanut butter oats with an apple and some super food mix on the top.

Fueled I got on the road. First stop my sisters to train myself and her.

warm up: star jumps, high knees, butt kicks, twists, alternating with stair running
TRX training.

After this I freshened up and went to my first client.

I then went to Jonathan's to eat my lunch and hang out for a bit : )
Veggies with chickpeas with vegan pesto

Followed by my last stoats bar : (

These really are delicious!

Saturdays lunch: veggies, chickpeas and pesto. Obviously a favorite combo!
I worked at the furniture store on Saturday. I drove back to Brighton early then walked the hour to work : )

Dinner: soya mince, veggies tom and basil sauce + hummus!


Followed by an apple, soy yogurt, superfood mix and cinnamon.
I went out on the town Saturday night but before getting ready I had snuggles with some new additions........

Can you spy the the little friend snuggled into my chest!?

Tiny bunny!


Yes we have bunnies! Kinda looks like a pokemon here!

TINY : )

We have 3 and I am smitten.

Saturday I went out with Hannah my housemate and Leila my work colleague. We went to a couple of bars then a club. I had the best night out, it was so needed and yes not exactly healthy but a social life is beginning to happen!

After 4hrs sleep I had to get to work! Yes the furniture store was calling so before I started I needed something warm and with coffee of the agenda I had a chia tea.........

As well as a wholemeal veggie pasty.......needed!

Lunch was a spicy soup from Infinity Foods cafe. Tasty but UBER spicy!

I had a day of food badness, I wont lie! There was a lot of sweet things eaten : (

A healthy dinner though! Roasted veggies with mash : )

I think roasted broccoli is my favorite roasted veggie its the just sooooooo good!

More sweet stuff consumed........while watching the last episodes of Lost one word DISAPPOINTED! Not happy with the ending : (

I'm not going to beat my self up its done now so moving on!

Well that's my weekend done and dusted I have another week of working everyday so better get my butt in gear to get to the gym!


Hangover food, do you indulge?



  1. wow, tiiiiiny bunny! so cute :)

  2. I know, the ending of lost is a bit shite ;-) Glad you had a good night out! Sometimes only greasy sugary food will do when you have a hangover! I don't drink very often now but I actually crave green monsters and coconut water to cure my hangovers! I never thought I'd ever say that, funny how your tastes can change! That bunny is so adoreable!

  3. Oh wow! Tiny bunnies are adorable! Can't wait to see more pics :-)

  4. Those bunnies are the sweetest things ever. I love rabbits. I had two as pets when I was younger. One was called Cookie and the other Muffin. I still would a love a rabbit now! Do they have any names yet?

  5. I love your bunny so much! So cute! I love rabbits and would love one as a pet but it is not to be. :)

  6. Hey Tam!

    Lovin' your blog and post, especially the oo-so-cute cute bunnies, adorable!

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