Monday, 24 January 2011

Uber Lovin

Hey everybody! I had the weekend off so a little catching up is in order!
Did you have a good weekend, do anything fun? Mine was fab but busy busy : )
Unfortunately I don't have time to stick around for long as I am up early for my 7am yoga class. I'm going to show you some of my favorite eats from the weekend then get my butt to bed!

Saturday morning I had some chocolate peanut butter oats with an apple and a detox tea.
I always put a squirt of milk thistle in my morning hot drink, just so ya know : )

I used my chococru cocoa for some extra antioxidants! By the way if you order online at Chococru and mention my blog they will send you some free chocolate pearls, bargain!

Saturday I walk the hour to work and had a nice day at the furniture store. Afterward I went with Leila my work colleague to a few bars we had a couple of drinks (sugar goals is out of the window but social life goal is going strong!!!!!!) I was on the bus by half eight but it was lovely to hang with someone for change instead of just coming home on my own!

Sunday morning I was up early to drive to Hastings ready to train my ladies.

1hr - park jog/run press ups/dips/weight work
1hr - seafront jog/speed walk/press ups/dips

I must have done over 200 press ups and tricep dips Sunday!

I didn't have time for lunch so grabbed this Stoats Uber bar. I've been looking forward to trying these badboys ever since I got them on Friday : )

These bars are made with all natural ingredients and use sweet freedom to sweeten them. They are DELICIOUS!!!!!!! I have to say I will definitely be getting myself some of these as they are UBER DELISH, UBER FILLING!!!!!!!! I'm also intrigued by the other other products they sell like the slow baked oat crunch doesn't that just sound so so good!? I think so : )

I didn't have time for lunch because I was off to the cinema with my dad and his girlfriend to see the Kings Speech. It was SO good! I definitely recommend you see it.

Today started with a pretty breakfast: cinnamon oats

topped with an apple, peanut butter and some Japanese seaweed crackers!

Oh man this was goooooooooood!

Once breakfast had settled I made my way to kickboxing, man it was good to kick/punch for around 50 minutes. It was needed!

When I got back to Brighton I washed and left for the gym. I had time to walk so I did! 1hr later I was at the gym ready to train some peeps.

Dinner was the same as yesterday steamed veggies, beans, sauce and hummus dollops! Followed by an apple, yogurt and granola : )

Right I need to get sorted before tomorrow so have a good start to the last week of January and I shall hopefully see ya tomorrow x x x x


Have you seen the Kings Speech, what did you think?

I loved this film if you haven't seen it GO!


  1. Sounds like you had a super productive weekened.
    The chocolate peanut butter oats look so good!

  2. I haven't seen the film yet but everyone at work is raving about it!

  3. your oats are so cute!!! LOVE them! :D

  4. I saw the King's Speech when it came out a few weeks ago and loved it!
    Mmmmm - japanese peanut crackers - I have a serious craving for those now!