Sunday, 16 January 2011

Tired Beyond Belief!

Good evening, yes I am making a much needed appearance!
As always my busy schedule has kept me away. I have been so insanely tired and busy blogging has had to take a back seat but hey that's life at the mo. I have to admit I am finding things pretty tough right now working most days without a day off is starting to take its toll and not getting enough sleep is also getting me down. I have arranged a day off next week so roll on Wednesday!
I have only a few food pics from the weekend, I have picked my favorite rewinding to Friday first:

Friday I went to Hastings to train 2 clients, my sister and best friend and to get my car fixed.
I also went to my dads to have dinner and to get my hair dyed.

My dad made a delicious gluten and dairy free quiche : )

Served with salad and new pots, I enjoyed every mouthful. Dad you are an amazing cook!
After dinner papa dyed my hair and we sat and chatted for the evening. I stayed the night there and left at 6 the next day to get home before I started work in Brighton.

Food eaten today and yesterday included: veggies + olive tofu, veggies + quorn 'chicken'
brown rice + vegan chilli, quinoa + veggies, ooooo and I had a can of natural coconut water saturday which kinda helped with my tiredness.

Goji goodness in this energy ball. I had this today after a killer workout!


Friday: 20 minutes summit trainer, 20 minutes run + Abs
Saturday: 1hr speed walk
Sunday: 20 minute run, 30 minute speed walk, 30 minute spin, 10 min summit trainer, 30 minute walk!

Its been a hard weekend but hopefully I'll catch up on my sleep over the nest few days and Wednesday will be my day of rest! I have a couple of reviews I've been meaning to do for ages so hopefully I can get those done this week too. I may be cutting my photos down to my favorite meal of the day picture for the next few weeks purely to save time but still get my blog posts in. What do you think of that idea yay or nay? I think it will take the pressure off me a little.

Well I have another early start tomorrow so time to wind down and read a few of my favorite blogs night x x


Do you like coconut water?

I love it especially after Bikram!


  1. I like coconut water, after a long run in the summer especially. I like it better in a smoothie, and I like the stuff with mango in it too.
    Yay to the pic of the day too- especially if it will take the pressure off you for a bit.

  2. I found coconut water a bit 'meh', it tasted a bit odd to me. Having said that, I know how good it is after a workout so may try it again.

  3. I tried coconut water once, and I thought it atsed a bit weird. The one I tried had flakes of coconut in it, which might be why I wasn't too keen.
    I have to say that the gluten and dairy free quiche looks amazing! And I can't beleive you trusted your dad with dyeing your hair!

  4. I love coconut water and had some in this mornings smoothie it was delish. I think you do whatever you need to make things easier in terms of the blog, it must be so tough when your working so much! Hope your day off comes quick!

  5. I took a small bottle of coconut water on my first and only half, wish I'd took more with me it was really good!

  6. Love it for instant hydration and as for your blog posts, great idea(for sanity and vibrant health:)!

  7. I think it's best to do what suits your schedule.. otherwhise blogging will become a chore. My bloggy turned into a travel blog as I went to Costa Rica and that's fine with me as it's reflecting my current lifestyle 100%.. which also includes rare internet access...
    So just go with the flow and do what suits you well! I hope you'll get some down time in though! You deserve it!

    Coconut water is absolutely brilliant, I love it too. The other day I had some fresh coconut water and it was even much more delicious. I might stay in Costa Rica forever. ;) (Because of the coconut water of course, haha)


  8. Haave had coconut 'juice' in a can at a Thai restaurant is that the same stuff?

  9. That energy ball looks so nice!
    I've never tried coconut water but I really want to give it a go. x

  10. Coconut water is another health food that I would love to try. The list just keeps on growing! x