Friday, 7 January 2011

So Tired!

So we have come to the end of our first week in January can you believe it?!
How are you, has your week gone well?
Mine has been good but I'm pretty tired and as its 5 2 10 already and I have a lots of photos this is gonna be short and sweet! First of a little rewind........


Started with a big bowl of fuel!
Quinoa porridge topped with yogurt and superfood mix.

Perfect yoga fuel : )

90 minutes Bikram Yoga - INTENSE SESSION

So much better than water when you need to hydrate quickly!

Perfect after Bikram

Rice, tofu and steamed veggies for lunch

3 Tbsp of soy yogurt + some trail mix be fore heading to work at the gym

Pineapple urges led to a pineapple fix!

Look who I found just hanging in a box!

Dinner: steamed veggies, chickpeas in a tom sauce topped with hummus!

Hummus my friend its been to long!

Apple topped with yogurt and cinnamon : )

£1 for a jar of peanut butter! I broke my peanut butter starvation : )

And had a spoonful straight up!


Today started with a delicious green tea chocolate smoothie at 6.30am
Recipe to come, promise : )

Off to gym to train client......

Egg snack!


Infinity Foods loved me today!

Soy yogurt. raw bars, carob

Tofu, rice milk, quinoa

Yes I indulged in a carob bar but with no added sugar the goals are still on track : )

Rice, beans veggies + basil vegan pesto..........

Makes a delicious lunch : )


Steamed veggies. beans and hummus

Such a good combo!

Apple, bear granola and yogurt

My day is done and I am ready to sleep! Sorry its been brief but I gotta get some shut eye. I wont be here tomorrow as I'm driving back to Hastings to have a girlie night with my friend Karen but I shall be here Sunday with a proper catch up, see you then x x x


Do you have any plans for your weekend?

I'm going to Hastings to see friends, family and to train some ladies.......busy busy!


  1. Definitely going to go to Infinity when I (finally!) go to Brighton! Totally my type of place

  2. I love all of your eats. Where did you get your bargain peanut butter from. It's my fave! x

  3. I love using tea in my smoothies - haven't done it in ages but I may have to revisit it! My sis has just gone into labour so I'm expecting a trip to the hospital for a cuddle of my new nephew!

  4. That PB spoonful looks so tempting.

    My favourite pic has to be the feline in a box though ~ he/she is adorable! I love cats to pieces, although my moggie Minnie is getting rather old and cranky. I think she hates the snow almost as much as I do, bless her.

    I ordered my PB2 and peanut flour from, but the shipping was very expensive so it was a one-off birthday present from my parents.

    Sun Warrior just recently started importing to the UK (not sure how they got round the stevia issue as I remember that they only used to be allowed to ship the natural flavour)and its available at

    Hope you have a lovely week-end.

  5. I saw the £1 peanut butter in Tesco. Was going to stock up right there and then till I saw that the offer is on till February and I was walking home fully loaded already!

  6. My weekend I plan to do as little as possible today, although we have already been into town and had breakfast at Giraffe - nommy Huevos Rancheros and a bit of puppy training. Have a great time :-)

  7. Woah PB for £1- total bargain!

  8. I just found your blog and I really like it. We share alot of the same interests and your cat is so cute!