Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Quick Hello : )

Good evening! I know you've heard it all before but I should already be in bed so I'm whizzing through this as per-usual!

Quinoa/Oats porridge sweet mincemeat (yes I still have some left!)
topped with yogurt and superfood mix

Perfect fuel for my gym/yoga session:

20 minutes summit trainer (not up hill ski machine!)

15 squats with 15kg barbell
15 lunges both legs 15kg barbell
8 bicep curls 10kg barbell
8 shoulder press 10kg barbell
8 hammer curls 4kg dumbbells
8 shoulder raises 4kg dumbbells
8 chest press 17.5kg barbell
8 full press ups
8 triceps extensions 8kg dumbbell
8 triceps dips

90 minutes Bikram Yoga

Two things I learnt from today's yoga
1. I look like a lobster when I leave and can't wait till sunglasses weather!
2. People should wear shorts that fit, the women in front of me left nothing to the imagination bad times people bad times!

Steamed veggies in a chilli and tom sauce topped with olive tofu

Scrum scrum scrummy!

Followed by a chocolate and beet protein smoothie

This fueled me through my evening at the gym : )

Quorn 'chicken' pieces with steamed veggies mixed in a basil vegan pesto

And the last of my yogurt pot with some Rude Health Granola

I have a very early start at the gym then I'm off to Hastings to get my car fixed, train my sister and best friend as well as 2 other clients and a late lunch with Wayne. My day will end at my papas hes cooking dinner and I'm going to stay there and get up early to drive back to Brighton. Wow! Breath..............

Night lovelies x x x


How do you prioritize your time?

I am really struggling at the moment there is not enough hours in the day, I work and don't sleep enough and my social life has not started well so far!


  1. that workout is awesome! i wish i had a summit trainer.. sounds fancy. hope you had a great day and have a wonderful friday!

  2. Oh no I second your thought on the shorts. ONce when I was at the gym a lady came in wearing only a swimming costume and went on the cycle machine. NOt good at all! ONLY a SWIMMING COSTUME!

  3. AGH I need something to cleanse my retinas after the visual I got about the shorts!!!!!
    Prioritise time ..... whats that all about then??? :-)
    Awesome workout btw.

  4. I really need to try the olive tofu. I had the basil one today and it made me remember just how good it is - yum!