Friday, 21 January 2011


So we made it to the 3rd weekend in January, I have the feeling this year is going to fly by!
Are we happy its the weekend, have you got 2 days off are you like me work work working!?
Note: I had my fringe re cut, I aid I like it short and he definitely gave me short!

My day started with a trip to the gym as planned:

10 minutes summit trainer

Shoulder press 12 reps 12.5kg > Shoulder raises 12 reps 4kg
Barbell squats 12 reps 12.5kg
Chest press 12 reps 12.5kg > Full press ups 8reps
Barbell lunges 10 reps 12.5kg (each leg)
Barbell bicep curl 12 reps 10kg > Tricep dips 8 reps > Tricep extension 12 reps 8kg

30 minutes spin

Sit ups on stability ball 12 reps, bike 30 seconds, break, 30 seconds, plank 1 minute

10 minutes summit trainer


Note: The summit trainer is my new favorite cardio machine

I didn't have time to make any breakfast this morning so worked with what I had. A cashew nakd bar and a crispy apple, I also had a nettle tea : )

Snackage: coconut!
To those that have never tried a fresh coconut get you hammers at the ready and get cracking! Its totally worth the hassle the sweet flesh is just so so good!

Lunch: quinoa, black eyed beans and steamed sprouts and carrots. I mixed some vegan basil pesto throw to finish the dish!

Note: smaller portion! I'm trying to get those 4 pounds off!


I made a trip to Infinity Foods on my lunch break and was crying out for something sweet. I settled on a very expensive pot of raw chocolate and almond butter : )

Note: This is worth every penny plus it fed my sweet tooth.

Before heading to the gym I ate another apple.

Note: Apples are one of the best snacks fact!

Got home and was pleasantly surprised to have post!

I've good things about these stoats uber bars. The kind people over at Stoats sent over some samples for me to try and I can't wait! They look delicious and the ingredients list is pretty fab too!

Note: I love to get post especially when it involves food!

Pineapple and Mango/Strawberry and Coconut

Roll on tomorrow when I shall be tasting one or two bars!

Jeez I'm tired and with a planned walk to work in the morning which is an hour I need to get into bed!

Note: Walking to work is like therapy. I walk I think and by the time I get to work I'm aired : )


Do you have weekend plans?

Work tomorrow for me as stated above, Sunday I'll be going back to Hastings to train my ladies there, then I'm going to the cinema with my dad to watch The Kings Speech. I'm really looking forward to that!


  1. Weekend plans involve a trip down to Chichester Saturday with jnr-me .... he's going to learn a Japanese board game and has promised to teach me - will see :-) I can't decided between taking a book and sitting in the car and reading (a time luxury for me) or taking my walking shoes and finding the beach.
    Enjoy your outing to the cinema.

  2. I NEED that chocolate and almond spread in my life! I like your haircut, a blunt fringe like that really suits you, and I bet having it shorter works better when exercising!
    I'v never heard of stoat bars, but they look interesting!

  3. Short fringe is good. Sort of angular elements to ladies hair styles give character. I'm way too in touch with my feminine side...

    Definitely jealous about 'The King's Speech' - let me know what you think. TKS trivia - the speech at 'Wembley' was filmed at Elland Road home of Super Leeds United, and around half of the crowd are blow up people rather than extras.

    Like the look of stoat bars and can easily be tempted by anything that uses 'uber' in its marketing.

  4. What is the summit trainer? Is it one of those climbing wall machines? If so, I really want a go on one of those, they look awesome!!

    My weekend plans unfortunately include work :-( and hopefully picking my new glasses up but I'm ill and hiding inside at the moment!

  5. Yum I bet that spread is lovely. I have the brazil and chocolate one and it is delish- I love all those Carleys spreads :)

  6. Love your short fringe and may I also say I am very jealous of your eyebrows! Oh and I found a jar of the vegan basil pesto in my supermarket this morning! I thought of you when I bought it :-) now that I have done the shopping and worked out I'm spending the rest of the weekend chilling out!

  7. Those stoats bars look nice - I've never seen them before.
    Weekend plans include revising for an exam :-( But for a bit of light relief I plan to have a chinese and watch Crazy Heart on DVD. I hope you enjoy The King's Speech - I thought it was amazing!

  8. I haven't seen those bars before - good to know!

  9. Yummmmmm where did you get the chocolate almond butter??? But it just doesn't taste right!!
    And love your fringe too...I tried that back in the day and I just looked like I had a bad wig on! haha