Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hummus and Chickpeas x 2

Another flying visit I'm afraid, your probably tired of me saying that! Anyway how are we all, enjoying your last week of January 2011? I'm having a tough/stressful week but as always I'm soldiering on : )

My day started at 5.30am when I got up to get ready for my 7am Bikram class

90 minutes Bikram
30 minute speed walk back to my car

I met my friend Tara for lunch today, she used to work at my gym and it was time for a catch up.
We decided to try out a vegetarian restaurant called Ideya. I think I ate here years ago so it was kind of a new place!

I had falafel's with salad leaves, roasted carrots with sesame seeds, pesto mash and a big old dollop of hummus!

This was delicious and very filling, the falafel's weren't the best I've tasted but very good all the same.

A while later we stopped off at Starbucks where I had a spearmint tea, I will admit I was yearning for a coffee but I didn't break! I also had a Nakd wildly different bar, berry flavour.

This was as always delicious.

After leaving Tara I had some bits to do in town then I made my way to the gym to train some peeps.

Home and another chickpea and hummus delight!

Steamed veggies with tom pesto, chickpeas and some hummus!

Followed by an apple and the last of my Rude Health granola : )

Right I gotta do some finance sorting my money situation is hmmmmm how shall I say NOT GOOD!

See ya tomorrow x x


Favorite way to eat chickpeas?

I love them every which way but if forced to choose I think falafel's are top : )


  1. I love falafels and hummus. Your lunch looks so yummy. x

  2. Houmous and chickpeas are always good - even twice in one day! I haven't had a Berry Cheeky Nakd bar in ages. I always get sidetrakced by the delicious Cocoa Orange. I also don't see the original bars around as much any more.

  3. I think you're in need of some beauty sleep(take a break and get some shut eye:)! The humble chick pea are so yum and incredible versatile tis true:) Love mine in curries and houmous(so easy to put together too:)

  4. I love chickpeas in stew- I have one I adapted from veganomicon and it is so tasty :) Not such a fan of hummus as its too garlicky- I always think I like it and then get dissspointed.

  5. I love chickpeas and prefer eating then just the way they are

  6. I just had a Scooby Doo Zoinks moment when I realized that I didn't know that Falafals were made from chickpeas! Woudln't it be nice to find a recipe to bake them not fry them!?

    Hope you're doing well- glad you're loving your Bikram- bet it's doing a world of good for your flexibility!

  7. I love falafels! I love chickpeas in pretty much any guise, hummus, salads, bean burgers but falafel probably wins! I can remember that place in Brighton from when I was down last summer, your meal looks yummy x

  8. Mmm, I love chickpeas! I have a huge bag of dried chickpeas in my cupboard but the whole overnight soaking thing means that I'm never organised enough to get around to cooking them :( I refuse to buy tinned as it's just so expensive compared to dried!

  9. I love chickpeas. They're obviously sood in hummus and falafal, but I also love chickpea salad and chickpeas mixed with quinoa and topped with veggies. My favourite way on balance is a chickpea curry.