Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Granola and Green Monsters

Hey hey whats up my lovelies?
I hope you've had a good start to the week and its nearly the weekend, half way there so you must be smiling, right? As you probably guessed I have been busy busy I did say on twitter I was not posting so if you wanna follow me hit the twitter button to the side of my blog : )

2 days worth of food coming up so sit back and enjoy..........


Yesterday I had an early start so before the gym I made a green smoothie and ate half

Topped with some seeds : )

Hello just so you know am a live!
I haven't posted a photo for a while and I didn't want you to think it was because I had turned into a green monster!

Me and my PT uniform! Love it!

After training my first client I ate the other half of my smoothie

Then about half hour later I was ready to train but felt the need for a little fuel. Enter a Pulsin
Berry Burst!

Oooooooo so so good! Are you a pulsin lover? I definitely am : )

15 minutes run
90 minutes Bikram Yoga

Lunch some raw veg and an avocado. I also had some rice cakes with peanut butter later in the afternoon.

Chick pea curry with hummus and beets

Twas mighty fine : )

Followed by some bear granola, superfood mix and yogurt

Too good!

My day finished with a new tea purchase. These were on offer in Infinity Foods.
They taste fab!


Another green monster topped with a few almonds, I ate half at home and half after my first client.

I was at the furniture shop today and by 11am I was hungry so some rice cakes with peanut butter came to the rescue!

Lunch: olive tofu, spinach, pepper, mushrooms and the last smear of hummus I had left


Followed by a raw Pulsin brownie!

Wow this was amazing!

Before heading to the gym I ate a bag of raw veggies.

20 minutes up hill ski machine (not sure the actual name of this machine!)
45 minutes Vibe Cycle - this was my first vibe class, it was tough and very sweaty but I loved it!

Quorn 'chicken' curry with beets

Perfect for post workout fuel!

Followed by some granola and soy yogurt

Made into a delicious mess!

Tomorrow I'm going to the gym for a cable workout followed by my Thursday Bikram class. Then I shall be in the gym for the afternoon and evening booking people in and training a couple of clients.


What is your go to exercise fuel?

Mine is often nuts or a hard boiled egg and sometimes a raw bar


  1. I love pulsin bars and protien powders. I think raw bars and green smoothies make fab workout fuel! X

  2. I never realised they'd changed the shape of Pulsin' bars: when I used to eat them they were always disc-like in appearance. I say 'used to' because I loved them in terms of taste but I'd be hungry again an hour after eating one! And I'd go through them at such a rate that it became quite expensive.

    If I'm going to eat a bar pre-workout I tend to go for Trek products because they have some protein in them as well as carbs/fat. Plus, they're bigger :P

    Lovely photos of you: your skin is positively glowing :)

    P.S Thanks so much for being so understanding about the Sun Warrior ~ you're a much more gracious person than I am and I don't deserve such kindness!

  3. I don't give it too much thought pre-workout for anything other than a long run. I probably should! For runs over 15 miles I'll make sure I have a couple of pieces of wholemeal toast or some porridge/muesli.

    I now have a craving for ripe avocado and beetroot!

  4. I run but no where near enough to be able to consume the gorgeous food you seem to find and I will just tune into your fabulous blog and drool quite ladylike over my glass pages....ha
    Have a great day
    Lynn xxx

  5. I love that tea, I bought some the other week and have been drinking it every night since! My workout fuel tends to be something like dried fruit, and orange or a nakd bar. Love your cool PT uniform!

  6. Great eats!!! Love green smoothies and haven't heard of those bars but must be UK thing?

    My workout fuel varies based on when I work out and what I'm eating after and what I've eaten for the day, etc.


  7. I so have gotta make myself a green monster! I see that lots of you gals are drinking them and I am intrigued! I have spinach in my fridge, so perhaps I'll whip out the blender!