Monday, 31 January 2011

Goals: You Win Some You Lose Some

Look yes its me back for my second post! As I said this morning in my weekend round up I would be back to run over my January Goals. I had cancellations today so decided I would ake a much needed day off! I gotta take them when I can, I also gave the exercise a miss today I will back to normal tomorrow I guess the weekend has caught up with me!

Today's breakfast: 1/3 c oats, 1/3 of water + 1/3 of kara coconut milk topped with peanut butter and cinnamon

I spent the morning sorting a few things and generally relaxing!

Then I got to work on making a kind of curried stew for lunch.

Curried Kidney Bean Stew

1 onion
1 small butternut squash
broccoli florets
1 can kidney beans
mild curry powder
1/2 bottle basil and tomato sauce
1 cup of water

I cut up the veg softened the onion in a little coconut oil then added everything else. I cooked the the mix for about 30 minutes

This is delicious!

I had 2 rice cakes with vegan pesto and one plain for dipping on the side

More relaxing, dvd watching you know the drill!

Much later I made a chocolate protein mouse

Topped with soy yogurt and seeds : )

Right lets get to it shall we my January goal check in:

1. Lose 4 pounds: hmmmm well I lost 2 so half way there! I guess this is one to work on next month.

2. Go veggie: Yay this one was easy! I went veggie for the month and felt fab this is something I really am contemplating sticking with but you'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out!

3. Only natural sugars and no coffee: This was really hard and I will have to be honest and tell you I did not complete this goal fully. I managed the no coffee but the sugar thing kind of bulldozed by the end of the month! Again February is another month right?

4. Rejoin Bikram yoga: Done! I did this and fit in the two sessions a week as planned.

5. Get 2 more regular clients: Again not completely done, I got one more so I need to work on this for sure!

Well there you have it some wins and loses but I have more goals to set tomorrow, hopefully I can complete them all!


How did you do with your goals if you set any?


  1. I didnt set january goals persay, but my goal this year is my marathon, and for january I have managed all the training on my plan, so feeling good about that- well done on the goals you achieved lots in only a month :)

  2. Well done with what you achieved, you may not have hit them all fully but it sounds like you've made excellent progress! I'm really happy with my goals this month, it going to be keeping up the good habits that will be tougher! I can't wait for a starbucks tomorrow!

  3. I've had to shuffle and update a goal to be realistic of current circumstances but otherwise all looking good. I may set some Feb specific goals to try kick-up my focus.

    Well done on yours :-)

  4. It sounds like you did a great job at acheiving your goals. I don't think I could ever give up refined sugar completely so I admire you for trying!