Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fresh Coconut? Yes Please

Hello Hello Hello! How ya doing?
I'm A OK. I managed to get lots of things done today before heading to the gym.

I started my day with a Bikram class 90 minutes of heat deep into my bones, perfect way to start the day! Before class I walked about 20 minutes before hopping on the bus for the rest of the way, I was gonna be late! After yoga I got some other bits done like get my papers into the new doctors and make an appointment finally! Nothing to worry about just some niggles. Then by the time I was home showered and ready for work it was lunch time : )

Before smashing my coconut with a hammer I drained out the pure juice. Oh my god so heavenly sweet!

Then I made lunch: 2 boiled eggs on top of steamed veggies in a curry sauce.

The eggs weren't running enough really but they still tasted good!

I also had the last of my soy yogurt with an apple cut up and topped with cinnamon and seeds.

This had got o be one of my favorite combos : )

Before going to the gym I got to work on cracking my coconut. 1 hammer and some loud banging later the beauty was cracked!

Yummy fresh coconut!!!!!!!!!

I know its high in fat but I couldn't resist taking some to work : )

Its now time to chillax before my early start. I'm working at the furniture shop tomorrow but will be heading the gym before to get a workout in for me! I think spin strength and summit trainer will be on the menu : )

So till tomorrow have a fabulous Friday x x


Do you like fresh coconut or would you rather leave the hassle and buy it dried?

I don't buy them often but when I do I remember how good they are!


  1. I can't remember the last time I had a fresh coconut, but I remember lots of hammer action was involved!

  2. The last time I bought a coconut we had to use an electric drill to get the liquid out of it! They are really nice but take a lot of effort.

  3. I love fresh coconut! I usually get my partner to crack them open, and he doesn't even like coconut, so he does the hard work and I get to reap the rewards!! :)

  4. I love it fresh but have only cut one open once, and that was at work smashing it on the playground, so not edible after! :)

  5. Oh wow I've never had fresh coconut. It looks so delicious! All of your meals are so healthy, you are so great.

  6. Rarely think to get fresh coconut but do enjoy it when I have it...and still need to get to H&B for the coconut milk!

  7. I love fresh coconut and haven't had it in ages! My husband absolutely adores it. I like that you can buy it ready in little packs now, yum!

  8. I haven't had fresh coconut for years! I don't often eat it because of the fat content but sometimes Waitrose has a little tub of coconut pieces with a mango dip which I get when it's reduced to 19p! x

  9. I buy coconut oil and eat it by the spoonful, its hard and tastes divine, apparently it was once thought to be bad for you but now of course they think its great!! ha, and the good side affect is it doesnt seem to put any weight on ? I love it and I love your fabulous recipes too xx
    Happy days
    Lynn x

  10. Hey :)

    Not long been reading your blog but I love!

    The fat in coconut is made of MCT's - medium chain triglycerides, which your body sees as carbohydrates rather than fat.

    Normal fats are made of of LCT's - long chain triglycerides so enjoy your coconut without guilt! :)

  11. I don't like coconut of any sorts but I love the shape of your eyebrows. Random comment, no? :) x

  12. Aww, you're so cute in your pic! You know, I have never actually had fresh coconut. Having to break into it scares me!