Monday, 31 January 2011

February Goals

Good afternoon!
I'm checking in now while I have half hour to squeeze in a post. I didn't end up going to my early morning yoga class today as needed to sleep so I am going tonight which means I wont be till 10pm and I will just wanna dye in my bed at that point so here I am with a lunch time post : )

First off some cuteness! The little kitty was in a loving mood yesterday and wouldn't get off my lap!

Awwwwwwww : )

After a much needed sleep I woke up and fueled pretty much straight away!

Quinoa and oat mix porridge with maca, chococru and a 1/2tsp of maple syrup stirred through. Topped with soy yogurt and peanut butter!

This was the exact thing I needed to fuel my exercise today:

5 minute fast walk
35 minute run to work
20 minutes summit trainer
10 minutes rowing intervals
10 minutes ABS

Great workout! This is the first time I have actually run pretty much the whole way to work and it cut my time down by 25 minutes which was great!

I had one session with a client then back home for lunch:

Same as yesterday but 3 rice cakes topped with vegan pesto and 1 plain for dipping

So good and tummy warming YUM!

Followed by a green monster topped with soy yogurt and seeds

Chocolate and spinach is such a good combo!
I made enough of this to take a shake cup to work filled for later : )

February Goals:

Ok so its the first of month and its time to set some new goals right? Well for me it is, and as you may of read I did ok with last months but I can definitely do better! Here goes:

1. Lose 4lbs!
Ok I'm gonna try this one again as 1lb a week is not exactly crazy hard well unless your me!

2. Walk to work at least 3 x a week + carry on with Bikram 2 x a week
This is definitely doable and as I have already run today I'm on track, I'm also just about to walk again which is twice in one day whoop!

3. Eat the remaining tins of fish in my cupboard then return to being veggie
Yep I enjoyed being veggie so much and had no tummy problems which leads me to believe this is the way for me. I have about 5 cans of sardines/mackerel in the cupboard and don't wanna waste them so once they have gone I'm back loving the veggies : )

4. Eat sensibly and controlled Monday to Saturday relax on Sunday
Ok so if I am allowed no treats I binge so this is doable for me I think. I will not go over board on Sundays but I will not think about having to be strict this day and see how I do.

5. Get 2 more regular clients!
I gotta make this happen or my future at the gym could be cut short and I really don't want that to happen!

Ok done and dusted the goals are set fingers crossed I can get every single one complete!

A little more talk on goals. I was recently contacted by Julia Lee from Everyday Health asking me if I would like to take part in this series of questions about resolutions and goals. Well as its the New Year and I'm all about setting goals at the moment I thought it would be fun. I hope you enjoy reading my answers:

1) We all make New Year's resolutions, and often these resolutions involve weight loss or fitness goals. But many of us quickly lose traction and don't achieve our goals. What are the psychological and emotional reasons behind these failures?

Hmmmmm I would say setting the target too high, I don't make resolutions I set monthly goals but if I don't achieve them I don't beat myself up I just try to do better the following month. If you set the bar too high then fail you can become depressed and which leads more often then not to more failure!

2) What is the biggest mistake people make when making a resolution? Are you setting yourself up for failure when you make a New Year's resolution to lose weight or get fit?

As in question 1 I believe the bar is set too high that is the biggest mistake. I don't think your setting yourself up for failure if your resolution/goal is reasonable but losing 2 stone in a month for example is not reasonable and will only lead to disaster!

3) How do you set reasonable, healthy expectations when you resolve to lose weight or shape up at this time of year or any other time of year?

As I said I set myself goals. I set yearly and monthly goals and try my best to stick to them but I'm human and sometimes slip up that's life!

4) What kind of support should you seek to help you achieve your goals?

I think if your are clueless about how to lose weight or get fit sensibly and safely getting some advice from a professional is definitely the way to go. For example if one of your goals id to get fit then booking a session with a personal trainer to get you on the right track is a great idea.

5) What are three things you can do to improve your chances of success before you make a healthy lifestyle change?

Prepare for it, get the healthy foods in the cupboard, get your workout stuff sorted out and try to mentally prepare for what you are about to take on.

6) Why is it so hard to keep the weight off after a diet, and what can you do to maintain weight loss?

The main problem is diet! If you go on a 'diet' then once you start to eat normally again the weight piles back on and usually more than you started with! I think people need to except it is a lifestyle change, your need to change the way you eat long term. This will help maintain the weight loss so you don't then regain the weight.

7) Can you rearrange your life in any way to make it easier to avoid diet temptations?

Yes one way is to not have anything tempting in the house, if its not there it can't be eaten! I don't think you should rearrange your life though its just trying to take control of your choices.

8) What advice do you have for people who just don’t like to exercise or who avoid it for other reasons?

Get to like it! There is some sort of exercise everyone likes be it video games, walking, skating shopping! Anything will do you just gotta get moving!

9) When you’re making a resolution to improve your health, who should you recruit to be on your wellness team?

I guess you should tell your close friends so they can help you in the tough times when your feeling low.

10) It’s easy to make excuses when you’re juggling work and family responsibilities. How can you make time for your resolutions in a hectic schedule?

When you make them make sure they are going to fit into your daily routine or you are setting yourself up for failure before you even begin!


How do you make sure you don't set goals that are too high and out of reach?

How do you feel if you don't get one of yours goals completed?


  1. Great post! Your feb goals look excellent. I think I just try and be as realistic as possible when planning my goals. I also believe the the power of positive mental attitude, visualisations and afirmations to help me get there!

  2. it feels AMAZING when i accomplish a goal.. although i always have trouble recognizing that.. i always just MOVE on to the next and never appreciate how far i have come!

  3. I like to make realistic goals. I like to have mini goals to achieve along the way. I think being positive and realistic are very important.

  4. Great goals! It feels great when you achieve a goal. That feeling alone makes all of the work worth while. x

  5. Your goals look really great! :) I love how you're finishing off the tins of fish before going veggie! haha!

  6. I dont but anything tempting either. I often hear friends say oh drat I just ate 4 biscuits. I just think..why'd you buy em?

  7. Great post, T!
    Your February goals are definitely very doable - you can sure do it, girl!
    Good luck :)

  8. I don't set goals, so I never disappoint myself! haha!

    And I also find it very hard to lose 4 lbs!!

    I think that sounds great about being a veg again. You'll do great! And awesome on the running!