Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Fabulous Day Off + 2 Belated Reviews

Hello from a happy blogger : )
I do hope your day has been as good as mine?
I have had a much needed day off, doing some catch up things like laundry, client diet/exercise plans, oh and relaxing! Even though I could do with another hmmmm 5 days or more to catch up its been joyous having the day to myself! I have to admit this is a GIANT post with a couple of belated reviews so grab a cuppa get comfy and enjoy............

I actually slept for 9.5 hrs!!!!! That's a first for a very long time and I feel so much better for it.
When I naturally woke (note: naturally no alarm!) I had one thing on my mind porridge!

1/3 c whole oats, 1/3 c water x 2, cinnamon topped with a heaped tsp of peanut butter
with a side of 1 crisp apple and vitamins!


After breakfast and a little Lorraine (ITV Breakfast TV!), I showered and got ready to leave the house in clothes not pyjamas! I finally had time to get to the doctors just down the road and pick up the forms I need to register. I then made a much needed trip to Asda for some groceries and petrol.

On my home I decided to park up and sit in the sun for a while, just because : )

It was pretty cold but the sun on my skin felt nice.

I got some great bargain's at Asda:
Rice milk original and chocolate £1! (chocolate when January is finished!), broccoli 50p! A coconut for 50p which i couldn't resist I love fresh coconut! Nakd bars were on offer too : )

I actually only had 3 things on my list but I can't resist a bargain!

My breakfast kept me full for hours but come 2pm I was ready to fill my tum again. I love being at home for lunch because it means I can have it hot.

Lunch: the last of my quinoa (about 2Tbsp) black eyed peas, steamed carrots, broccoli and sprouts in a natural curry sauce. Wow yum yum yum!

About half an hour later the mango I bought earlier was calling my name, it was perfectly ripe and tasted superb!

I settled down on the sofa with a Pukka detox tea and my mango topped with soy yogurt, seeds and cinnamon then put Top Gun on for some classic movie loving : )

I also got on with some clients diet and fitness plans. I'm doing a February offer and its a belter!

Just before 5 I had the urge for one of my Nakd bars!

Now onto 2 belated reviews:

The first is for a new to me product which I am very pleased to have found out about:


The very kind people at Chococru sent me two products to try, I snapped up the chance as the health benefits are astounding! I was sent a packet of cocoa and a small box of chocolate pearls.
I have been adding the cocoa to my smoothies and it tastes delicious!

The information below was sent to me in the email I received from chococru:

CHOCOCRU Extraordinary Antioxidant Cocoa contains the WORLDS richest source of flavanol antioxidants and has scientifically proven benefits which you

notice. One teaspoon of this extraordinary antioxidant cocoa is the equivalent in antioxidants as 5 portions of fruit and vegetables.

When one teaspoon (5g) is taken in a drink, used in baking, cooking or added to smoothies (bananas, ice, milk and a mejool date is wonderful), creates an antioxidant boost that improves concentration and focus after 2 hours. It can also be added to savoury cooking to enrich the nutrients and flavour.

Taken on a daily basis for 3 weeks creates an improvement in skin hydration and moisture by up to 37% (you will begin to notice skin benefits earlier than this).

Taken daily after 6 weeks has shown a reduction in blood serum cholesterol and blood pressure, if elevated.

There are anecdotal benefits reported which include increased stamina, more refreshed on waking and less tired. This may be due to the iron levels per teaspoon (15% RDA), or the high levels of antioxidants which help to support the body fight oxidative stress and free radicals, which age and tire us.

Well if that information doesn't make you wanna buy some I guess you must be crazy!
Second belated review:

Activia TLC Plan


I am sure you have seen the adverts for the Activia TLC plan on TV and when the peeps at activia contacted me to do the plan and review it I said yes as it sounded interesting and fun!

I have to be honest and say I did not complete the plan day to day as I have not had time to change the way I eat right now, what I do is quick and fits in with work so buying and making new things wasn't an option! I did however take away some great ideas. The plan is very healthy and I believe could help anyone that is not cled up on nutrition and can do with as little help. The plan includes some great advice from 3 experts: Nutrition expert - Juliette Kellow, Lifestyle expert - Rebekah Fensome and Fitness expert Nikki Waterman. I really liked some of the fitness tips which are great if you only have time for a quick 30 minutes at home.

I definitely recommend you taking a look over at activia if you are at all interested in food and fitness : )

Wow that was a beast of a post!!!! I have got to get my bag ready for my early morning yoga class, I'm going to the 7am class again it was so nice and quiet!

So dear readers I must say goodnight, I hope you enjoyed the uber post! x x x


Do you have any new products you would like to share?

I love finding out about new products especially when they have fab health benefits!


  1. For some reason the writing went tiny and I can't change it!!!!!!! Sorry! x x

  2. Your eats from today look really yummy.
    I signed up to the Activia plan, not because I'm planning on following it to the letter but I was curious about it and the meal ideas all look really tasty and healthy. It's great for inspiration as sometimes eating healthily means I end up having the same foods everyday which is really dull (and probably not particularly healthy). x

  3. That choccuru stuff looks really interesting I'll definitely be looking into that. I think at the moment I'm just loving my raw chocolate and the mesquite powder that I picked up in London is tasting so good in my smoothies x

  4. I have some yummy cereal with flax in the flakes which is lovely and tasty :) The choccuru stuff looks good :)

  5. CHOCOCRU ... I'm intrigued, is it available in shops or online only? £5.00 delivery a bit steep for me, 40% the price of the cocoa :(

  6. That Chocoru sounds I interesting! Im loving acai berry juice in my smoothies ahd the Organica vegan chocolate that I picked up the other day. X

  7. Yummy eats, you're a good shopper!

  8. Organic freeze-dried Acai powder, hemp protein powder, chia seeds, 'Raw Power'(a mix of hemp and varies other superfoods:) and camu camu powder(although I wouldn't say they're 'new' as I've finally got round to using them:0)