Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Cutest Measuring Spoons Ever!

Good evening peeps this is gonna be short and sweet I checking in late and I have an early start so minimal words tonight. First off I would like to say another hello to all you new readers welcome I hope you enjoy reading and Jessy to answer your question yes I have a recipe page but it desperately needs to be updated! For some reason the tab had disappeared but it is back now.

Sweet mincemeat quinoa porridge topped with yogurt, cinnamon and a small handful of superfood mix. Just so you know this doesn't go against my no sweet things rule as the mincemeat I use is purely fruit no added sugar : )

Breakfast Digested I made my way to town for another start on one of my goals:

90 minutes Bikram Yoga

Whilst in town I picked up some dairy free milks. I have had the coconut but the Hemp is new to me, I can't wait to try!

I got these the other day but have been waiting to be home in daylight to take a photo!

Cutest measuring spoons ever!

I actually snacked on these straight after yoga I needed some refuel!
Thank you Debs : )

At for lunch is always good, giant salad of rice, mushrooms, leaves and basil tofu mixed with vegan basil pesto

This was delicious!

Followed by apples topped with yogurt, mixed seeds and cinnamon

Exactly what I needed before my walk........


Pretty Kitty!

After lunch I got ready to walk to work, I have decided to get a couple of walks in a week, I used to walk everywhere and need to back in my life!

50 minutes fast walk to gym

Dinner was another veggie delight!

Steamed veggies, chickpeas and green lentils in a garlic and tomato sauce

I couldn't help myself and had another pud of apple and yog this time topped with a little superfood mix!

Early start which means time to wind down. I'm feeling quite good about my goals they seem to be going good I know I'm only 3 days in but I'm feeling confident which is fab! Especially about the no coffee this has probably been the toughest so far but its just breaking the habit : )

Ok time to go night my lovelies x x


Do you drink non dairy milk, have you tried hemp milk?

I usually drink soy or low lacto


  1. I do drink non-dairy milks but haven't tried either of the ones you picked up. I love your measuring spoons!!

  2. Oh I got a set of nigella lawson spoons. They are brushed steel but very nice all the same.

  3. Yes to Alpro light soya milk. I really like that for porridge or on cereals. Beyond that I quite enjoy rice and almond milk just to drink as a treat.

    I bet coconut milk would be good - must give it a whirl.

  4. I have not tried hemp milk but I love kara coconut milk- yummy!
    I thought oat milk was a bit too gloopy!
    Cute spoons indeed :)

  5. Those spoons are so cute!
    I've drank soya milk for the last 4-5 years and haven't had cows milk since...I've got some rice and oat milk in my fridge waiting for me to try! The Hemp milk sounds interesting. x

  6. I am a big soya and coconut milk fan. I love rice milk and have some almond milk in the cupboard that I stil have to try. They are all so tasty!

  7. Love the spoons :-)
    I use soya milk for coffee and coconut milk for porridge - it makes it soooooo creamy. I did try the coconut (and oat milk) in coffee but it just didn't work for me, didn't like the look or the taste.

  8. Your eats are looking great and your doing so well towards your goals! I love the kara coconut milk but haven't tried hemp milk. I don't drink regular milk at all now, I much prefer my non diary options, especially soy, rice and almond milk :-)