Monday, 10 January 2011

Creamy Rice Pudding + Lemon Porridge

Well hello from an absent blogger!
Yes I've been MIA over the weekend, its been busy busy and to be honest I'm pretty stressed at the moment. I have been working every day and not getting enough sleep so blogging this weekend was off the agenda sorry!

Anyway enough about my troubles how are you all?
I hope your weekend was fun?
Tell me what you got up too and tell you about my weekend............


Saturday started with a giant bowl of oats then I walked 1hr to work in the crazy wind!
It was a wild walk but I felt better after getting a bit of exercise before my work day.

Around 11am I had this little ball of heaven.

One of my raw energy balls I bought the other day from Infinity Foods remember?
This needless to say was divine : )

Look this is the hot drink round that is a regular sight at work now as I'm not drinking caffeine now

This was a Skin Purify tea - one of my favorites!

No pictures of lunch but just so you know I had rice with veggies and beans then in the afternoon I had an apple with some almonds.

After work at the furniture store I went home packed my bags and got on my way to Hastings. I was spending the evening with my friend Karen.

Karen made a wonderful veggie dish. Noodles with mixed steamed veggies in a pesto sauce topped with toasted pine nuts.

We had a nice evening chatting away till about 2am!


I was up around 8.30am on Sunday to get ready for my first client of the day.
I also had a big bowl of cinnamon oats topped with an apple and a spoonful of peanut butter.

I trained my first client at 10.30 then went straight to the second for 12. After I went straight to the gym. I ate a boiled egg for fuel before my workout:

30 minutes up hill ski trainer
20 minutes stepper
10 minutes Abs

I then went to my papas to see him and get freshened up.
I had a snack lunch of 4 rice cakes with peanut butter and 2 apples
(I didn't have anything else with me to eat!)

Around 5ish I went to my sisters and we hung out which is just what I needed.
Jes made an amazing dinner.......

Quorn stir fry!
I haven't eaten a stir fry for ages and was glad to get it back in my life : )


After dinner Jes made some rice pudding sugar free rice pudding and it was so so good!

Creamy so so creamy!
Don't worry I will make this again and post a recipe for you to share my rice pudding pleasure!

After I enjoyed a Pukka three mint tea


Today started with a big old bowl of lemon porridge!

Lemon Porridge:

1/2 c Oats
1tsp Cinnamon
1/2 c water 1/2 c soy milk
Zest of 1/2 lemon
1 heaped tsp peanut butter

Totally delicious!

After breakfast I trained my sister and Jonathan.
Got on with some other bits like getting my car seen and food shopping.
Then went back to Jes's for lunch.

We made a scrummy meal using up the last of quorn. We mixed steamed veggies with pesto, green lentils and the quorn to make a fab protein packed meal!

Once my lunch had digested and a mint tea I made my way back to Brighton.

Once there I had a couple of rice cakes with peanut butter : )

Dinner was a yummy bowl of lentil curry topped with a dollop of hummus

And for pudding I had the end of this soy yogurt topped with some superfood mix cinnamon

and some very special cocoa but more on this later...........

So I've come to then end of this monster post and I am going to say a quick goodnight.
I have an early start which means I gotta get my bag ready and get to bed!

Night x x


Do you drink herbal teas, whats ya favorite?

I love herbal teas! Current favorites mint, rooibos, nettle and cinnamon


  1. I saw the Skin Purify tea in Holland and Barret the other day - glad to hear that it's nice. I love herbal teas - Teapigs teas are my favourite but they're so usual is Green Tea with Cranberry.

  2. Don't worry about the lack of blogging, life comes first! It looks like you had some tasty eats over the weekend. I love both Dr Stuarts and Pukka teas - yum!

  3. I wish I could get into drinking herbal teas ~ they're so much more healthy than the coffee, cocoa and other crap that I drink! You're such a model of healthy eating and I'd be so happy if my diet was as clean as yours.

    Incidentally, I know you mentioned Sun Warrior to me and I was wondering if you'd be interested in a swap of some kind? It's just that I seem to be reacting quite badly to it in terms of my IBS but I have two unopened 1kg bags of it still. Anyway, just let me know if you'd like to perhaps swap for one of them: I'm at


  4. Eek! Huge apologies, could you ignore what I said about the Sun Warrior? It’s just I get in a bit of a panic sometimes when I overdo certain elements of my diet and want to throw/give away whatever product I can’t stop overdosing on…I really need the protein and will be trying alternative sources but I don’t want to leave myself with nothing as it were…I’m so sorry about that…my moods are so unstable lately. I understand if I’ve really disappointed you and once again massive apologies :(

  5. I love herbal teas, I'm really enjoying my Dr Stuarts detox tea at the moment, I also love the yogi teas, cinnamon and liqorice in particular! Sounds like you've had a crazy busy weekend!

  6. Oy, me again! Sorry for hijacking your comments section.

    I just thought about the potential Sun Warrior swap and
    decided that it was not fair to offer it to you and then retract my
    offer ~ that was both selfish, cruel and pathetic.

    Just for some
    background: I have so many psychological issues surrounding protein and
    protein powders that it's difficult to distinguish my disordered
    mindset from my healthy one ~ I've lost count of the number of times
    I've ordered various powders and then cancelled the order...only to re-
    order them again!

    Anyway, if you can possibly forgive me and are
    interested in exchanging the SW for something, just mail me back. Or
    if you don't want to do the exchange anyway, that's obviously fine too!

    I am so sorry about this ~ I honestly wish I could be more like you in
    your approach to food, eating and exercise.


  7. That raw energy ball looks fantastic!!! As do pretty much all the rest of your eats!

  8. I am getting into herbal teas more. I love rooibos chai (dragonfly tea) and quite like rooibos vanilla, and of course teapigs spiced winter tea, licorice and mint etc :)

  9. These energy balls look seriously amazing!
    Like a perfect-ed cookie or something ;)
    Delicious eats, as always.
    Though, I gotta tell you - these pictures look AMAZING! Did you do anything different?
    I mean, the older ones looked great too, but... I literally want to lick the screen right now!

  10. I gave up caffeine for many months last year and have since drank several cups of rooibos tea a day and really enjoy that. I even have it with milk - skimmed or soy.

    Whats in the energy balls?

    And another question - why a hard boiled egg before exercise? Is it for the protein?

  11. Yum loving all the tea ideas!

    Rob - I think the energy ball was made from dates, nuts and seeds and I ate an egg before my workout because it was lunch time so I was hungry but wanted to work out so I just ate the egg to keep me full and and keep me going x x