Monday, 3 January 2011

Cinderella : )

Hello dear readers how are we today, ready to go back to work? Or maybe you are one of the unlucky ones like me that has had to work for the whole weekend?! To be honest working hasn't bothered me especially as it ended on a HIGH!

First I am doing a little rewind to last night as I'm sure you would love to know the special place I had to go................

I took a bag of goodies to give to a special friend.........

Polka dot egg timer, thai chilli rice crackers, mini sugar gingerbread men, edible glitter!

Hello kitty pez, mini cookies, a protein bounce ball and mini marshmallows!
I had a sneaky suspicion this little lot was gonna go down well : )

I had to meet my friend outside the Theatre Royal........

So pretty with all the twinkly lights!

Look what I was treated too!

Yep I went to see Cinderella with..........

Yes this pretty lady took me to see Cinderella! I got to meet her lovely man too. I had such a fab time I am lucky to have met such a sweet lady and its all down to the blog, thank you blog!

Look at this cute gift I was given!

The cute strawberry turns into a bag! I also got some yummy cocoa almonds, a nougat and a little chocolate. The nougat and choc are being saved till the end of month as they go against my goals : )

So this where I had to be and it was the best thanks Debs : )


Today I was up EARLY to get to the gym for my first client. I decided to run half the way and walk the rest which was 20 minutes of each. For breakfast I ate cocoa protein oats topped with a banana.

After training my client I got ready and went to my other job at the furniture shop. We had a good steady pace of customers today.

Lunch with vegan cheese, green leaves and mushrooms

Lovely combo!

Not very filling though! I had a couple of these.

Then 2 fresh figs.

In the afternoon I got a snack attack. I think it was the lack of sleep! I ate 2 small apples and some more rice cakes!

Wow it turned chilly again today, I definitely needed something warm for dinner!

Green lentils, steamed veggies and some basil tofu was just the ticket : )

Followed by a perfect mango sliced and topped with soy yogurt and seeds

Well I'll be honest I'm absolutely done in. Really tired and in need of a good nights sleep thats for sure. I'm going to rejoin at the Bikram yoga school tomorrow and I can't wait I'm in need of the heat and relaxation : )

Right time to chill...........


Do you like pantos?

I had a great time last night : )


  1. I haven't been to a panto for ages, but it looks like you had a fab time!!! x

  2. I haven't seen a panto in ages - looks like you had a fabulous evening, love your little gifts!

  3. Thank you! It was so much fun and yes you are right, your goodie bag went down very very well and since derek was nice to me, I shared the choco cookies with him :-) Glad you liked your little goodies- I ADORE the bag and have one myself that I keep in my purse. And the cocoa almonds are crack. next time I'm over I'll bring you more. :-)