Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Caffeine and Sugar Withdrawal!

Wowzas I am TIRED!
This is due to my goals people but at least I'm keeping on top of them I guess.
Two of my goals - no more caffeine or sugar during January well I think today I hit the slump so hopefully a few more days and I should be feeling my normal self : )

I had to be at the gym early to train a client this morning so I made a quick chocolate protein shake to fill me up.

After training my client I had a fab training session:

30 minutes spin
20 minutes up hill ski
20 minute stepper
15 minutes Abs

I ate 2 apples after this I was in need of a quick fix!

Lunch couldn't have come sooner, same as yesterday simple and delicious : )

I popped into town and picked up a few bits then went back to gym to train some more clients.

I also grabbed some superfood mix to keep me fueled I probably ate this x4! I was feeling sluggish and real tired : (

Home Yay!
Again same as yesterdays dinner as i had it left over.

Loving the pulses!

Followed by heated apple topped with soy yogurt and seeds, oh and not forgetting the cinnamon of course!

I almost forgot I added some sweet mincemeat too, delicious : )

I actually can't wait to get into bed tonight! I don't have to get up crazy early but I will be up to go to the gym then Bikram before heading back to the gym for clients.

But for now toddle loo x x


If you made January goals how are they going?

As I've said mine are hitting me hard right now but they will get easier so all is good


  1. I hope you feel more like your usual self tomorrow!

  2. no caffeine..couldnt entertain that. well done so far!

  3. ah withdrawal symptoms must be annoying.. i never drink much coffee so i've never experienced it before.. but giving up sugar (even in the form of honey.. etc..) must be hard!

  4. I think you're doing brilliantly with your goals ~ you're a lot more disciplined than I am!

    Do you have a recipe for your green smoothies and protein shakes? They always look like just the right thickness ~ mine are always rather watery unless I use gratuitous amounts of protein powder!



  5. Mine are going really well, I have felt a little tired but I'm feeling great now I'm over the hump! Well done on sticking to all your goals your doing so well!

  6. I seem to be sticking with mine really wel at the moment. It's been clean eating all of the way and I have been fitting my workouts in too. It's so great that you are sticking with your goals too!

  7. Gorgeous food fabulous blog
    Lynn xx

  8. Hmm, my goal this year is to do a marathon and so my goal for january is to sort out my training plan. I have written the dates of each week on a peice of paper, and read lots of plans, but not sorted it out yet! Oops!

  9. Well sounds like you have taken the year by the horns and got it firmly under control, well done.

    I'm nearly too tired to type from keeping up with my goals but fortunatly its rest day tomorrow so the bod can catch up.