Wednesday, 26 January 2011

3hr Sweat Fest!

Hello hump day readers! How is yours going?
Mine has been long and tiring!

Today started with the rarity of waking up naturally after nearly 8hrs sleep! My tummy was as always ready for food as soon as my eyes opened!

Chococru and maca oats topped with peanut butter and yogurt.......

As well as a small apple : )

After breakfast I packed my bag and made my way to the docs before walking to work for my workout:

1hr fast walk
20 minutes summit trainer
shoulder raise 4g 8reps, shoulder press 10kg 8reps, barbell squats 10kg 15 reps x3
chest press 12.5kg 12 reps, lunges 12.5 12 reps each side, 8 full press ups x3
bicep curl 10kg barbell 8 reps, hammer curl 4kg 12 reps, tricep extension 8kg 12reps, dips 8reps x3
30 minutes spin, 20 minutes interval run
Abs: crunch 12 reps, reverse crunch 12 reps, heel taps 15 reps, bike 30 reps x3

Yes 3 hr sweat fest!

This was needed!

Lunch: 2 eggs, steamed veggies in a tomato vegan pesto sauce

The eggs were perfect!

I also ate way to many of these this afternoon!

With an early start to get to my 7am yoga class I shall say farewell. Gotta get ready to pop off to the land of sleep : )


What is your go to food for energy?

Mine is nuts! I know its not exactly the best thing as the amount I eat is probably way to many but they keep me going!


  1. Wow, that's an amazing workout!
    I usually snack on a 9 Bar for energy or have a banana. I love nuts but rarely buy them as I find it hard not to eat the whole pack in one sitting! x

  2. Nuts are great for snacking. I love a good energy bar or green smoothie to power me up too! X

  3. If we're talking pre-workout its a piece of toast or a banana (if anything).

    More generally if I feel I need a boost then it could be some soya beans (frozen ones cooked with salt and red & black pepper sprinkled on); a banana, clementine or apple; or a Nakd/Trek bar.

  4. My ultimate rocket fuel is dates and dried fruit, they give me a lot of energy but unfortunatley its not so long lasting so I usually add nuts for a longer energy release x

  5. My go-to for fuel is ryvita or oatcakes topped with nut butter or hummus.
    I also love nuts and dried fruit ... sometimes they're not filling enough and I end up snacking on something else.

  6. I love porridge with peanut butter, it always keeps me well fueled for a workout :-)