Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 Goals + January Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!
Yes dear readers we made it, its 2011. Wow a new year has begun, I wonder what it has in store for me? Maybe a new skill? Maybe a new man? Who knows but I can't wait to find out!

My new year started without a hangover thankfully, I had to work today so last night I just stayed in and cooked for my housemate.

For breakfast I had a giant green monster which was delicious. I had thew last of my salted peanuts and a few almonds for crunch :)

It was dead this morning at work (no surprise there!) so me and Jill sat, drank coffee (last time for a while!) and chatted till lunch time!

For lunch I had some raw mushrooms and peppers........

Followed by rice cakes and vegan cream cheese...........

and an apple with soy yogurt and mixed seeds.

Again the afternoon was quite I sold a footstool and that was as about as exciting as it got!

I did have a handful of nuts and seeds in the afternoon : )

Home and hungry! I steamed some veggies and chickpeas then mixed them in a tom and garlic sauce

Then topped with cheese : )

Then some sweet mincemeat and quinoa pudding : )

So a new year meals new year resolutions right?
Well no not for me, it does mean new goals not set on stone but things I hope to achieve in 2011. I don't want to set resolutions then break them to only feel bad. I am going to set yearly goals and monthly so here goes..........

2011 Goals

1. I want to get a social life!
It seems all I do is work these days and I really want to meet some new people and have a life basically. Which means I am going to try and get out and meet people!

2. Sort out my business!
I need to get on top of my book keeping and stay on top of it!
I would like to gain enough clients so my business is running smoothly even if I'm just breaking even and making money that's fine. I just don't want to be losing any!

3. Lose 1 stone
I don't need to say anymore really, other than this needs to come off!

4. Go to at least 3 fitness courses (weekend workshops)
I would like to go on a boxing course definitely and some others

5. Go to Berlin
My best friend Jonathan is moving there and I want to visit him : )

6. Meet a man
Yes I will say it out loud I would like to meet a hottie!

January Goals

1. Lose 4 pounds
Its gotta start somewhere and I feel this is a doable (hopefully!)

2. Go veggie
Yep i have decided to go veggie for the month. Lots of beans, eggs, tofu and veggies.

3. Only natural sugars and no coffee
Fruit any which way. I decided to cut out coffee as I drink to much and would like a clean month so cutting down on caffeine is a must!

4. Rejoin Bikram Yoga
Yes I am going back and will try to fit in 2 classes a week : )

5. Get 2 more regular clients
I gained another new client the other day so another 2 is definitely in my reach

So guys this is my top 6 2011 goals I hope to achieve by 2012 and my 5 January goals. What do you think achievable? I think so, well I hope so!

I wont be able to post tomorrow as I have a special place to be, I can't wait to tell you!
Until Monday lovelies x x


Resolutions, Goals are you setting some you would like to share?


  1. Wish you luck on your January/2011 goals, T!
    Happy New Year :)

  2. Good luck with your goals Tam. I'm more than sure that you will achieve them! x

  3. Guess what?! I'm moving to London in 10 days- perhaps I'll be the new friend you're looking for.. we can hunt for men together! woop!

    Happy New Years!

  4. Great attainable goals!! I am terrible at making resolutions, although my wedding is in about 40 days, you'd never know, I haven't been doing ANYTHING!!

    Anyways, Happy New Years to you!!

  5. I think those are great goals, very achieveable! I agree, I'm not a resolution person but a goal person! Good luck with them all but I'm sure you don't need it!

  6. Love your inspiration, you will do great with your goals I'm sure :-)

  7. Happy New Year!!!

    Love your goals, they seem reasonable. I'm not sure on mine. I should probably make some specific ones but really I just want to get my IBS under control, be happy and healthy, and complete my nursing degree :)


  8. Good luck with those goals- they are achievable which is so important :)

  9. Thanks guys!

    And Adrian Blogger meet up!!!!!!! x x

  10. Awesome goals girl! I admire your no sugar and no caffeine goal and veggie too. I have dabbled in thinking about all of those except the caffeine, so who knows maybe feb/?

    berlin should be fun too and with your dear friend!

    and hmmmm, where did you have to be?? ;-)

  11. Ah, if only I were 10 years younger, rich, handsome, single, charming and lived in southern England.....:)

    Good luck with the goals - I think you'll do them all.

  12. I like your goals! Especially number one, five and six! Good luck on all of them!