Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mule Almighty!

Goodness where has this week gone?! Hello sweet readers, how are you?
As you know I started at the gym this week and its been long days so I just haven't had time to drop in sorry! I hope you have all had a fab week and are looking forward to your weekend?

My week has been weird I had no idea how hard this was going to be and have been doubting myself all week, but I'm not going to beat myself up as its only week one and I was just getting a feel for the place I guess? I have big plans for next week but for now I'm just gonna chill for a couple of days. I'm off to Manchester tomorrow to see Roisin Murphy of Moloko and can't wait!

So I guess your wondering about the title of my post? Well the lovely peeps at Mule bar sent me the most generous package of their energy/recovery bars which are made from 100% natural energy. I have tried a few already and have to say I'm liking them very much. Chocolate fig fiesta was yummy : )

I also love the packaging!

Summer pudding energy bar

I liked the taste of the bar especially the little bits of fruit : )

After the past few days I've been eating: chocolate protein oats + almond butter, rice salads, coffee, cauliflower and lentil stew, blackberry oats, noodles with egg and veg, banana and muesli, mackerel.........

I have been loving the exercise too: running, PHA training, spinning, pump..........

Today started with a pudding breakfast!

Vanilla + carob protein oats with almond butter and carob chips!

Thank you Debs for my carob chips : )

I set off early to Brighton today and gave myself a private spin class, ipod on a complete sweat fest! I was also shown how to use the TRX bands. Oh my god this is the most amazing exercise equipment ever! I loved the tiny demo so much that Sunday I'm going to go and destroy myself on them! Love it! If you get the chance to train with them I highly recommend them.

For lunch I had noodles and veggies with a sesame oil dressing

I also had a chocolate banana refuel mule bar, yum : )

Spent the afternoon making a pretty cool business plan then home

Dinner was cauliflower and lentil stew with an egg and ryvita's

I love winter foods : )

I finally used the fig I bought the other day to make a fig and vanilla smoothie

Oh my am tired really tired its been a little over whelming this week to be honest so I am glad to be having a couple of day of fun to take my mind off things. I'm off to Manchester with my bestie Wayne and can't wait we're staying there tomorrow night after the gig then back Saturday. No plans as yet for Saturday but I'm pretty sure I'll be hitting the sack early!

Have a fab Friday my sweets x x x


What is your favorite exercise equipment?

New favorite TRX bands, I also love the bosu and stability balls and kettle bells

Monday, 27 September 2010

New Header New Job

Hey my lovelies, this is going to be short and sweet I'm so tired : (

I started my new job today, but will fill you in on the details tomorrow when I'm more energized!
So for now its a few words and some pics...........

Yesterdays snackage came in the form of tortillas and hummus

Pesto hummus yum!

Fr dinner we had roasted veggies, bacon and sausage a rare meat feast!

Jes also made brownies : )

Today started with a smoothie

Topped with puffed oats

Rice and raw veggie salad for lunch

Ryvita and...........

Peanut butter for snacks

Apple on the train

Soup and crackers for dinner

Protein ice cream topped with a raw bar : )

You have until tomorrow to email me about the cookie exchange.


Do you like my new header?

I am lucky to have such a talented sister, thank you Jes x

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Another Vino : )

Good evening Sunday readers, have you had a fun weekend?
Mine has been lots of fun but has resulted in me waking up yet again on a Sunday with a painful head, I will explain that in a bit............

I left you yesterday after my lunch and look what also got eaten, yes dear friends that is a giant lump of dark chocolate covered marzipan! I really have been eating a little out of control lately, but new job starts tomorrow which means I shall be to busy for all this crazy snacking, thank god!

For dinner I had some homemade red lentil and butternut squash soup with ryvita and peanut butter

I heated the soup up in the vita mix which made it go way to thick but it was still tasty so I ate about half this bowl.

In the evening I put my glad rags on and went to my friend Wayne's for some vino........

and some jelly strawberries!

I stayed at Waynes till I received a text from my sister telling me she was out in town, this lead to me and Wayne leaving our safe nest and hitting the streets for some boozy madness!
(Qualified PT me? Oh yes!)

I met up with my sister and her friends. This is Orlando one of my sisters work colleagues, he was in fancy dress for a birthday

Me my sister and Orlando

We stayed out and partied till late then home...........

Morning............after a berocca and solpadine cocktail I was ready to make my way to town to meet my sister and hang out at hers : )

I indulged in a soy coffee frescato from costa

Me and Jes made some good hangover food for breakfast........

We made some breakfast wraps. Bacon, egg, mushrooms and spinach.
This was delish, we also have been snacking on tortilla chips and hummus : )

I will show you dinner tomorrow but for now I must be off to enjoy a homemade brownie and some TV.................


Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

You know what I got up to!

P.S If your interested in the cookie exchange check this post out for info and thank you to all that replied so far I'm sure this will be a tasty and fun exchange! x x

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cookie Exchange Info : )

Hello lovely readers, I hope your having a nice weekend?
Mine got off to a good start with a fab workout but I'll get to that in a bit. Just to let you know I didn't get into the second round of the project food blog but I'm ok with that because the person I want to win did! Yep well done Susan for getting into round 2 I'm on your team!

Right your probably used to me taking you back in time at the moment as I have been a bad blogger and keep not posting at night well this post is no different we are rewinding to yesterday, I left you after breakfast. I was on my way to Brighton for a meeting at my new gym...............

I got to Brighton a little early which meant time to grab a coffee, star bucks iced soy coffee with SF hazelnut syrup, awwwwwwwww this was good!

I had my meeting with Leanne my new manager. I had to have my photo taken, order my uniform, cards and profile board. I met a few of the other PT's too and they seem really nice. I'm getting really excited now, roll on Monday!

I ate my lunch on the train, much to the disgusted of the man next to me, I was hungry so I ate it was like 2.30pm and I couldn't wait, is that wrong?

When I got home I made a giant bowl of protein ice cream to fill my tummy before my evening spin class.

45 minutes spinning

Spin last night was a killer, we had to do some one legged cycling and my quads were screaming by the end!

For dinner I had the last of my red lentil stew and some broccoli and egg scramble.

For pud I made some blackberry iced desert topped with granola and carob chips.

The blackberry desert was 1/2 a pack of blackberries, 15 ice cubes, soy yogurt + milk, a sprinkle of stevia. Twas divine : )

I spent the evening browsing the net and unbelievably wanted something else to eat........

enter a chocolate peppermint stick luna bar! Thanks Debs x

I ended up watching some of American Pie (always makes me laugh!) then went to bed.

This morning I woke up and had a couple of ryvita and peanut butter sarni's

Perfect fuel for the gym!

I did my PHA training at the gym again today, the only thing I did differently was I didn't run after I had a leisurely ride on a bike I was feeling the burn today!

Second breakfast was some puffed oats the last of my granola, a banana and some soy yogurt

Good mix

Even better all mushed together : )

I took a quick trip into town after breakfast, I was supposed to meet my friend Wayne but after a heavy night he wasn't up for it so I grabbed some soup ingredients and came home.

Lunch was noodles, sardines, raw peppers, green beans and mushrooms.

Noodles are becoming a favorite of mine : )

I made some protein ice cream for afters

Vanilla topped with a few raisins for photo purposes!

Right I'm going to give you a little more info for the cookie/cake exchange I plan to arrange for all you lovely UK bloggers. Firstly I will wait until next Tuesday for everyone that wants to take part to contact me so please email as well as comment -

Here the basic rules of this exchange:

You need to live in the UK
I will pair you up with a partner.
I will pass on email addresses only to your partner.
You can make cakes or cookies its up to you.
Please contact your partners and discuss allergies, dislikes, likes and so on.
I will pair you up by next Friday.
Please arrange with your partner to have your exchanges sent by the 18th of October.
Please take photos of the cakes/cookies you send and receive and email me the photos. I want to do a big post and link you all up!
You don't have to have a blog to take part, if your just reader that's fine I just want the photos!
Lastly if you know any bloggers that may want to take part if you link back to this post from your blog they can get in touch with me, the more the merrier!

For now I bid you farewell,
I have an evening with my best friend Wayne planned which may involve wine............


Do you eat on public transport or in public?

I do and am not ashamed if I'm hungry then a girls gotta eat right?!