Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Stress Head!

What a stressful couple of days, hello! I hope yours have been calm unlike mine?
Its full steam ahead here in Bournemouth and I'm feeling the pressure that's for sure. I have an 8 week session plan to complete by Friday but my tutor has the work so I can't get it finished, I have my nutrition exam and case study Thursday and need to revise for that and I have to also get my spinning routine sorted for Friday when we have our assessment on that!


This is last 2 weeks on the course and 1 of those is nearly over already so much work and so little time, yet here I am doing a blog post!? My reasoning for this is bloggging keeps the stress at bay. Does that sound crazy? For me my blog is a total stress re-leaver. I can air my frustrations and know there are friends that will give me the strength I need to get on with it, so thanks peeps : )

I have a couple of days food to show so I'll keep it short and sweet:

Monday started with a chocolate and almond smoothie

Topped with raisins and almonds perfect exam fuel

I had my Anatomy and Physiology exam and I think I did pretty well, I found this L3 paper a lot easier than the L2 saying that I probably got it all wrong!

Mid morning snackage: oat cakes, tahini and cinnamon : )

I had quinoa, raw veggies and a boiled egg for lunch


Before lunch we were put in pairs and given 2 training systems to teach the rest of the group, after lunch we all met at the gym and in our pairs taught the rest of the group. I hate talking in front of a whole group but I'm facing the fear and doing ok, plus I better get used to it if I'm ever going to take classes!

Home time came and we went food shopping, here are a few of the sweeter purchases I acquired.
dark choc chips and some pulsin discs, I found the only health food store in Bournemouth a couple of weeks ago and went back to get some healthy treats : )

I got back to the hotel threw 10 almonds down my neck and went out for a run in the sun with one of the girls Noeleen. We ran for 35 minutes, it was a tough run lots of hills and steps : )

Dinner was fab, steamed veggies in a tom and garlic sauce with olive tofu, I picked the tofu up at the health food store too.

It was real tasty, I followed this with some blueberries, soy yogurt and choc chips no picture sorry!



My Tuesday started with a vanilla and tahini smoothie again no photo sorry, bad food blogger!
Then it was off to the gym for an early morning spin class, this is our last before Fridays assessment. We each do 3 tracks to the rest of the class which is quite a terrifying thought but I gotta get over the fear as I would love to be a spin teacher, I just hate the thought of getting up there with everyone staring at me!

I was feeling the need for coffee today so I fed the craving with a black coffee with brown sugar, I never usually take sugar in my coffee but today I did

This morning was spent doing planning for my 8 week gym plan

Mid morning snack: rice cakes and almond butter : )

More quinoa for lunch today teamed with raw veggies and tuna

After lunch we were back in the gym for a stretching workshop. I really enjoyed this, we were doing assisted stretches on each other. I didn't realize how tight my muscles were, safe to say they are all sorted now!

Got back around 4.30pm and had some carrots, oat cakes and tahini sprinkled with cinnamon

Dinner was exactly the same as yesterdays but today I added 1/2 and avocado

Followed by blueberries, an apple, soy yogurt and coconut sprinkled with cinnamon.

I guess I better get revising but first I'll have a little read of some of your blogs, I also find that relaxing I love catching up with your days : )

Bye for now x x


Do you get scared of talking in front of large groups/ shouting in front of a whole class of people!?

I really don't like it and the thought of my spin assessment really does scare me but I'm gonna take it full steam ahead and hope I remember all the moves!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

An Out Of Control Appetite!

Hiya I should be doing homework and revising right now but I'm here so lets try to keep this short and sweet...........

I started the day with my Davina DVD, 1hr of pure sweating!

Followed by the tastiest breakfast, I actually had a hot breakfast today. Chocolate protein oats topped with soy yogurt and almond butter : )

Its been a while and I'm glad this combo is back in my life!

Once ready me and Emma made our way to town on a Costa coffee hunt........

Soy latte

I love the froth!

Along with an Eat Natural bar cranberries, macadamia nuts and dark chocolate!

So good : )
We spent the morning revising for our test tomorrow morning not too confident but I'll give it my best shot!

In the afternoon we decided to grab lunch in a bar called the Slug and Lettuce.
We both ordered the chickpea and cous cous salad with sweet potato wedges and salad:

I'll be honest with you this was a real disappointment, it looks quite nice in the photo but let me tell you it was not that great. 4 limp thin potato wedges and a spoonful of cous cous on a lot of leaves which might I add were brown under the top ones! Not good : (

Plus this wasn't satisfying in any way on the way home I had a chocolate chip shortcake no photo so no evidence!

These rice cakes were also consumed.
I spent the rest of the day doing homework which still needs to be completed.......

Steamed veggies with mackerel made a perfect dinner

I threw in some fresh baby toms for some extra goodness

I had a muesli, yogurt and apple combo for pud plus ate some chocolate, my appetite has been off the scale today not good : (

Right better get back to this work have a good Monday folks x x

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Cute Buys

Hey guess what its Saturday!
Well unless your living on another planet you know that already but I was just confirming it!
I'm actually staying in, yes can you believe it? I think I've been out more in the past month than I have all year! Its been fun though but this weekend calls for revision and homework and that's it no boozing just head in my books which I'm pretty glad about I need a rest from those youngsters!

Lets get to my Saturday shall we.......

I started the day with a fabulous workout:

25 minute run with lamp post intervals along the seafront (in the sun!)
40 x step ups alternating feet
40 x step jumps
20 x press ups
20 x tricep dips
25 minute run back along the sand

This was so good and a great way to start the day the energy bomb I put on my smoothie after was pretty fab too

Chocolate protein smoothie topped with coconut and a raw energy bomb

I then got ready and popped into town to meet Emma for a coffee and a nose round the shops

Iced soy latte

Perfect for a sunny day

We sat in the park and drank our coffees then went round the shops some more where I picked up some great finds...........

Ador dark chocolate which was being sold at a discounted price, how could I refuse?

I couldn't!

A cute coin purse

Too cute to leave behind!

I also got this uber cute water bottle, its aluminium which means no nasty hormones leaking into my water from plastics

I've been after a water bottle like this for ages and again I just couldn't leave it behind

These also found a way into my possession! Tahini and almond butter : )

After a fun morning I returned to the hotel for lunch

I made a mixed tuna salad with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing

I had to crack the almond butter open (obviously!) and teamed it with oat cakes and rice cakes.

For the rest of the afternoon I revised for Mondays test = brain hemorrhage

I had 2 veggie sausages left that needed to be eaten. I steamed some veg and added the sausages as well as some chili and tom sauce, taste sensation love this mix!

I obviously had to try my chocolate and it didn't disappoint great flavor : )

I plan an early morning workout with Emma tomorrow we're gonna do one of my Davina DVD's. I can't remember the last time I did one of these so am looking forward to getting my sweat on. Then more revision I think there may be another trip to costa for a break cause you know its the weekend and that's just what we do : )

Bye for now x x


Favorite chocolate?

My favorite is dark the darker the better and if there's almond involved I'm in heaven!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Cocktails and Circuit Training

Hello its been a couple of days so how are we all?

I good very tired and glad its Friday its been a a very tiring week, so much has been done in such a little time my brain feels fried! I did pass my circuit assessment today though so that's pretty cool right?! It was really hard and intense but its another part of the course down and I now have only 2 weeks left which just seems unreal.

Before I get to what eats I had today I just had to show ya the snack I had last night. A raw cocoa orange bar which by the way is totally delicious so if you live in the U.K and haven't tried one yet get to it!

Right onto Fridays eats. I started the day with a 50 minute run which is the longest run I have done since Christmas and it felt goooooooood! After I refueled with a vanilla and carob smoothie.

What a fab combo : )
Then it was off to class where we did more study on Nutrition and got put into our circuit class groups.

Lunch was quinoa, tuna, raw mushrooms and pepper with sundried tomato sauce stirred in.

This was yummy and really filling perfect fuel for an afternoon of circuit training. Basically we got put into groups of 5 and the groups took turns in teaching the rest of the class. 3 groups meant when we weren't teaching we had to do the circuits so I took part in 2 circuits this afternoon, both killers but really good : )

I snacked on some carrots straight after the gym then also had some oat cakes and tahini when I got back to the hotel I was hungry but going out for dinner so had a snack to tied me over.

Me and Emma went to Wagamamas for dinner which never disappoints, whenever I go there I always end up having the same dish but tonight I decided to experiment and I'm glad I did because the food was really good.

I had chicken breast in an orange teriyaki sauce on sticky rice with shredded carrot, pea shoots and spring onions topped with sesame seeds. Wow taste explosion in my mouth, yum yum yum!

We went to the park after to walk for a bit I felt bloated! Emma had some fudge and nougat............

Me and Emma in the park x

I had a piece of nougat : )

I also had some toasted coconut cakes but after 2 they just felt wrong so I binned them!


After walking round the park we decided to go and get cocktails before heading home especially as it was 2 4 1! Emma had a Mojito and I had a Lime Stripe

Which consisted of lime vodka, cranberry juice and lemonade. Twas rather good but made me feel even fuller than I felt already!

I had a really nice night and needed it as I have a weekend of full on revision. I have my L3 anatomy and physiology test 9.30 Monday morning and I still can't get everything to stick in this head of mine.

I'm think I might get up for another run in the morning its so nice to run here in Bournemouth , so many good routes and being by the sea is always good for a run : )

Nighty Night x x


Do you have a favorite cocktail?

My favorite is a Mojito but I decided to have a change and didn't regret it loved the Lime Stripe