Friday, 30 July 2010

AAAAAHHHHHHHH I'm off today!!!!!!!!!

Hello! I am sorry to say this is another flying visit, I am an hour away from my 4 hr drive to my uncles and I need to make dinner and dry my hair still! Yep unbelievably its time to start the beginning of my new life! I am driving to my uncles tonight with my dad then Sunday I have my welcome meeting and Monday I start my intensive 6 week personal trainers course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can't take it in that its already time to go guess, I better start!

So dear readers I am going to whiz through these photos with minimal words hope that,s ok!
I left you Wednesday just before leaving to go out to dinner with Maggie for her Birthday and here's whats happened since then:

We went to Harris a tapas restaurant in my towns old town

We got the best seat in the window : )

Our friend Karen also joined us

Karen and the birthday girl Maggie

We were given complimentary olives and bread (I ate my weight in olives!)

We then ordered tapas for 3 to share

Smoked salmon, anchovies, olives, garlic prawns, garlic sauce for dipping

spicy patatas, white bate

Selection of meats, tortilla ans garlic mushrooms

There was so much it was crazy! It was all so so good though : )

Hot chocolate pot and churros shared between 3.


I met Wayne for coffee : )

Salad with rye bread topped with tuna pesto and yogurt


Went for a 30 minute run - no pain! : )

I went to my sisters for dinner last night and she made curry, it was incredible!

Chicken curry, rice, naan, red lentil darl and mint yogurt

Walnut whips!!!!!!!!!
Oh its been so long!

They were so pretty I didn't know which one to choose..........

I decided on this bad boy!



Today's lunch:

Boiled eggs, veggies and a slice of rye toast topped with the last of my tuna pesto mix.

Well I best get ready for the drive its 4 hours so I need a good meal inside me and to relax for a little bit, really can't believe its time sorry I keep saying it!

I will have to do posts when I can over the next 6 weeks as I am going to have an insane amount of work to do, please still come by and see me I'll still be here just not as regular but I'm gonna try my hardest to let you know how I'm getting on.

Good bye for now wish me luck!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Baked Potato Coma..........

Hello Happy Hump Day!
(that is what its called right?!)

I'm here early with another quick post. I have an hour before I go out for dinner so this has gotta be quick hope that's ok?

Today started as always with a big smoothie. Chocolate and Strawberry protein smoothie to be precise : ) Topped with almonds for some exercise power!

Smoothie digested I went to the gym:

Legs Bums and Tums
followed by

The workout rooms were so humid today it was a total sweat fest!

When I got home I drank the rest of my smoothie (there's always some extra) and got ready to go to town.

I met my friend Steve for lunch and we decided a baked potato was on the menu. I had beans and tuna mayo, look how big this bad boy was! I actually ate it all it was so good but insanely filling. I was in a baked pot coma after! We chatted for an hour then he went back to lunch and I had some things to pick up. I got a travel iron and a gel seat. I've never had a problem with the spin bikes but I'm guessing I will be doing A LOT of spinning over the next 6 weeks so I thought I'd better be prepared!

After I'd finished shopping in town I made my way to my sisters (so handy she lives in town!). I was really tired after my potato, I haven't eaten something this carb heavy for ages, I laid on my sisters couch for a good hour chatting. Today has been really hot too so when the offer of an ice lolly came my way I couldn't refuse : )

I think I mention in my last post it was Maggie's (the lady I live with) birthday on Monday but she wasn't here and as tonight was my only free night before leaving FRIDAY I decided to take her out to dinner tonight with another friend of ours Karen. I'm taking her to a tapas restaurant that my friend Steph works at. I'm really looking forward to it and don't worry I'll get some pics!

I've been asked by a couple of you about my beet and chocolate smoothie recipe which I promise to post when I have time.

Right I'm off to get ready for our meal see ya soon x x


Do you like baked potatoes, whats ya favorite topping?

Mine is definitely tuna mayo with either beans or coleslaw, yum : )

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

No time No time!

Hey its late so I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. Hello by the way!

Strawberry + Vanilla protein smoothie

Topped with coconut and almonds

Salad with 2 boiled eggs

Perfectly boiled eggs!

Apple with soy yogurt topped with bees pollen and almonds

I was an almond monster today!

Chocolate + Beet protein smoothie = exercise fuel!

45 minute spinning class
followed by
1hr pump class

Steamed veggies with mackerel in a vegan pesto sauce

So so tasty!

A gift from a friend...........

Almond + Chocolate = Heaven!

Yeah a couple got eaten!

Early start 2 classes to go to, lunch with a friend, cinema and I'm taking Maggie out for dinner as it was her birthday Monday

Gotta shower and snooze night!


Have you tried the beets and chocolate combo yet?

If you haven't get on it!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Booze Cruise!

Hello its me the boozy blogger!
I hope you've had a good weekend I certainly have but its been a little crazy I think I drank more booze this weekend then I did on my holiday to Glastonbury! I barely ever drink so 3 days in a row has been wild! Its all been in the name of good fun with good friends so I'm not going to worry about it and I know it will be a while till any booze passes these lips I start my course a week today so study and exercise are going to be top of the list : )

As always I will do a quick recap of the past couple of days:

I spent Saturday afternoon chilling at home before heading out again........

When I got home from the gym I had some rye toast with tahini and marmalade.

For lunch I kept it light with some yogurt, fruit and flaked almonds. For dinner I had some mackerel with steamed veggies no picture sorry!

After dinner I got ready then went to town to meet my old work colleagues for our goodbye and good luck to me gathering! We went to a few of the bars in town.......

This is Leanne and Chris my old work colleagues, love um!

This is me with Leanne's boyfriend

We ended up staying out very late dancing all night it was great and I had a fab time, as the above picture will tell you it was a crazy night!


Sunday I felt pretty bad AGAIN! But I had to go to my sisters husbands film premiere in London.
He owns a BMX company and its their first movie so I wasn't gonna miss it! There was a free bar too so as you can imagine drinks were flowing............

This is my sister and my friend Steph hanging out while we wait for the movie to start........

And this was me and my friend Michelle by the end of the evening one to many free vodka redbulls! The train journey home seemed to last forever and I was more than glad to get home and just sleep!

When I woke up this morning I had a giant chocolate mocha protein smoothie

The coldness helped my head : )

I picked up lunch then went to my sisters to feed the hangover and lay at hers!
I had a falafel wrap with salad and crisps I did eat the other half and about a zillion more crisps!

This wrap was so tasty and just what I needed

I also had a giant choc chip cookie : )

I stayed at my sisters watched movies and before I knew it 7pm had rolled round so I decided to go home and get some dinner...........

I had a craving for eggy bread and some steamed veggies so went with it and this meal didn't disappoint I used the last of my rye bread

Crispy and delicious : )

Well I have to be honest this weekend has taken its toll and I feel a little worse for where still but I shall be back on the exercise and clean living tomorrow. I need to get focused on my up and coming course. I have loads of reading and preparing to do but I'm trying to not let it freak me out! I've got 2 exercise classes booked for tomorrow night and I'll probably get a walk in too.

I feel the need to just chillax now so good night peeps x x


Are you honest about your life on your blog?

I thought about not going into detail about my weekend as its not been exactly healthy and I blog about living a healthy life with food and exercise but I do go out and have drinks and dance till the early hours on the odd occasion and that's me. So I guess I just want to be truthful here I just hope that's ok with you guys?