Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Worms On A Wednesday

Hey lovely readers how we doing this fine Wednesday?
I guess you may be wondering about my title more on that later........

This is the second day into my month off, feels really weird not to be going back to work, it also feels really scary. I'm very excited but also terrified thinking of all the crazy things coming up but I just gotta go with it I guess!? I have 2 days worth of food to show ya so get comfy....

Tuesday Re-cap:

I started the day with a mocha smoothie, this was so yummy topped with tahini and almonds.
It kept me full for hours which is always a bonus : )

In the mail yesterday I received a parcel from my little sister, she recently went to NYC for a wedding and picked me up some Twizzlers!

I have never actually been to NYC myself, I long to go but have never really had the opportunity but my older sister has been about 4 times so I tried these bad boys years ago and loved them so they were a welcomed surprise. I also love salt water taffy how about you?

After chilling at home for the morning I finally got sorted and did a much needed shop, I had nothing in the cupboards after getting back from Glastonbury and health is definitely at the top of the list. I got back from shopping famished!

I made an omelet with 2 grilled mushrooms, spinach leaves and bean sprouts. I seasoned with herbamare seasoning it is a mix of herbs and salt and I love it!

I cooked the omelet in coconut oil and it tasted delish : )

Mylo our cat always tries to get her head in my food when I take photos!

Lunch was followed by cherries with 0% fat greek yogurt (I'm trying it out again!)

I went to a 45 minute spinning class followed by an hour pump class, I managed to up my weights a little this week too!

I got home and again was ravenous, I filled my tummy with some turkey mince cooked in an aubergine sauce which I put on top of some steamed veggies, it went down a treat : )

Then pudding was a yummy treat well it was definitely yummy but it was also not bad in any way!

I made protein lollies! I was given a lolly mold by my sister and hadn't actually used them till now and they have been put to good use my lollies are fab!


Wednesday Worm Day:

I slept in till 9am today! That's a first in a long old while and it felt great, after my morning water I made another mocha smoothie, yesterday's was so darn good I just had to go with my craving.

I topped today's with pumpkin seeds and non-sweetened dessicated coconut : )

When my smoothie had settled I did an 1hr of yoga and did some stuff round the house like start sorting my stuff out. I need to really get rid of all my junk before going on this course as after I am wanting to move and the less I have the better!

Around 2ish I got some hunger pangs so decided lunch was in order. I had another serving of turkey mince but today had it with vegan pesto (that sounds wrong turkey with vegan pesto but it tasted good so who cares!?), steamed carrots and cauliflower as well as half an avocado.

I also had an apple with yogurt, cinnamon and almonds. I watched some TV, printed out a load of work I need to revise for my course then decided to go for a walk/run

I did a 5 minute warm up which included - star jumps, high knees, back kicks, switching legs and skipping each for 1 minute.
I left the house and started with a fast walk for 10 minutes then ran for 1 minute and walked for 2 until I got half way, I then ran for 2 minutes and walked for 1.
I went for 50 minutes which made me sweat like a beast, the sun blazing down plus I'm not as fit as I was since the back injury but I'm getting better so all's good : )

This is where i explain my blog post title, I made my dinner tonight and thought it looked like I had put worms in my dinner, I seriously thought about not including a photo but I thought you guys could handle it and as we all know even if the food tastes good it doesn't always look good right!?
My dinner was a sardine mess with spinach, onion, and bean sprouts with steamed veggies on the side it tasted fab so who cares what it looked like!

Pudding was a picture though, pretty and also tasty a total winner!

I saw a demonstration with the vitamix at a show and decided to try out a similar kind of recipe for myself. I made a frozen yogurt and fruit pudding and boy did it taste fabulous!

Strawberry Frozen Surprise!

3tbsp natural yogurt
1c frozen strawberries
1 carrot
1 date
1c ice
dash vanilla essence

Just throw it all in the vitamix and let it do its work!

I topped mine with organic cocoa nibs for some crunch but you can add anything.

Right this post has taken ages and I feel the need to turn off so its good night from one blogger to another.

Night x x


Favorite kind of mince?

I love most mince to be honest turkey, beef, lamb and soya venison is real good too, but if I had to choose I think turkey would be first choice : )

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Glastonbury Festival 2010

Hello Bloggies!!!!!!!!!! How's ya week been?
I've had the most wonderful time, its been amazing and so much fun. I have seen some fabulous bands, been sweating in the crazy hot sunshine and shared some top company as well as meeting some great people.

The first night we were there we explored the site and came across this giant dragon in the green fields.

A late night cocktail bar had this cool tree with messages all over it

It looked so pretty

Me and a friend Kate added a tag

I didn't photo every meal but it take a couple of shots for ya. This was a coconut chicken thai curry with rice and 2 spring rolls. It was delish but a little to spicy for me I still ate it though!

Second night on the way out with some of the camping crew!

This was a tent I saw and loved!

Jack White's band The Dead Weather were amazing I loved every bit of it including the gorgeous man him self. He looked hot!

This was a banner on the peace wall

Peace wall.

Me and Hayley waiting for the Scissor Sisters!

I indulged in a 99 : )

This was a bar in the are called Shangri-la. It had crazy stuff there very weird indeed!

Scissor Sisters!!!!!! Kylie also made a guest appearance I was so excited I love, love, love Kylie!

Lots of cider was drunk............

Kylie! How beautiful does she look!?

This was a chicken provencal with rice and salad it was uber filling, I had to leave some rice!
I ate lots of falafels in wraps with salad and tahini and loads of ice lollies. It was so hot with very little shade so I was drinking lots of water and cider! All in all it was an amazing weekend I saw so many acts including:

The Courteeners, Snoop Dog, Vampire Weekend, Dizzee Rascal, Groove Armada, Zane Lowe,
Seasick Steve, The Dead Weather, Tinie Tempah, Scissor Sisters, Muse, Paloma Faith, Norah Jones, Slash, Ray Davies, MGMT, Faithless and Stevie Wonder!

I loved it and am thinking I may have to try and get tickets for next year...........

I'll do a double tomorrow of today's and tomorrow eats, gotta get ready for my spin and pump class which is gonna be harsh as I've only walked with no other exercise for the past week!

Bring on the sweat fest!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Glastonbury Here I come!!!!!!!

Hello! Well that's it last shift EVER at Orange, the world of mobile phones is no longer part of me and I couldn't be happier : )
I am going to rush through this post as I am being picked up at 2.45am for the drive to GLASTONBURY! My back is still real sore but I'm keeping positive, I will be relaxing over the next 6 days going with the flow and enjoying every second. I'm hoping it will right its self. Anyway lets forget about that and move on to the food:

I started my day with some quinoa with carob and blueberries drizzled with tahini. I started on my packing after and got a done but I was feeling the need to get some thing green inside me today.........

I whipped up a green monster and there was so much I had enough to take some to work.

Yummy green frothy drink : )


I went to town early to get some last bits for my trip.

Awwwwww this is my favorite co-worker Steve, I'll miss this guy loads!

He bought me a farewell cake so obviously I had to accept!

I saved this badboy for after my lunch

Leanne another co-worker has been off on maternity leave and bought in the new member of the family! How cute is she, so tiny!

Lunch was rice salad and raw veggies in a vegan pesto sauce followed by my cake : )

After work I got home and packed my little heart out, took my bag to the guy's house who's taking all the luggage then it was dinner time.......

egg scramble with onion and broccoli with beets and cucumber, delish

A while later I had some rice cakes and tahini : )

I need to wind down to try and get a little bit of sleep before we set off so farewell for the next week friends and I shall see ya when I return.

Whoop whoop dancing shoes at the ready!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Dads Rule!

Hello again, its a 2 post day today! I forgot to post my favorite picture of me and my papa:

Yep that's me and my paps, I love this photo, and look how cool my dads specs are!

I also thought I'd show you what I've been doing while resting my poor back today......

Sewing sequins on nearly everything I'm taking to the festival!

Deciding on sunglasses to take with me, but I think I'm gonna take them all!

Can you guess what quenched my thirst this afternoon?

My new trainers, quite ghetto fabulous but I'm loving them!

I had a craving for cauliflower today, not sure why?

I had rice cakes with tahini and.....

Beets with steamed cauliflower, I literally just steamed the cauli then seasoned with salt and pepper then smeared a little soy spread on top it was a delicious meal : )

I shall be posting tomorrow before I leave for Glastonbury then it will be farewell for a week! Yes it will be fun fun fun but don't worry I'll get plenty of photos for ya

Time to chill and rest this back keep the positive energy coming peeps! x x