Friday, 30 April 2010

Chocolate Craving

I'm finally feeling so much better at the moment and I'm keeping the positive feelings going.
My back is really improving with everyday which just makes me smile, being able to exercise is like a drug to me, it makes me so happy I love it! My friends say I'm nuts but its just what I do ya know!? With my back getting better I can now actually start getting excited about things that will be happening in the near future, I still can't reveal this info but give it about 6 weeks and all will be revealed! Right let me get on with today's eats.......

I stayed in bed for a little extra snooze time so no yoga today but I guess I needed the zzz's
I had scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach on top of a slice of rye bread

After getting ready for work I walked into town preparing myself for the day ahead, no moody manager today which means a good day!

Mid morning one of the Steve's (there is 2 at work!) mum popped in to the shop with cakes! Big cream cakes, but she also bought an iced bun which may or may not have been eaten by someone called Tamzin..........p.s it was worth every bite!

My iced bun kept me full for ages but by 1.30ish I was ready for lunch plus I planned a trip to the gym after work so I needed to eat to make sure my food had been digested! I started lunch with some raw veggies

Followed by a chicken wholemeal wrap, with cashew pesto! I finally found some wholemeal wraps and they are so much better, this was one tastalicious wrap!

This is one satisfied but very full little lady!

I went to the gym after work and had a fab workout:

20 minutes cross trainer - set on random - L8/9 fast - L13/14 slow
20 minutes leg weights
15 minutes stepper - set on random - L7 8 minutes - L8 7 minutes
32 lunges each leg, 32 squats + lots of other leg toning exercises
plank 1 minute x 2

I was a sweaty beast after my session and on the walk home I succumbed to this maple nut cliff bar that was in my bag, I really liked this flavor, twas pretty good

Dinner was kept nice and easy, homemade veg soup with steamed veggies, beets and hummus

broccoli and hummus is a total flavor combo winner!!!!!

Pudding - raspberries soya yogurt and peanut butter

I got this chocolate at the Vitality Show back in March and I just needed some chocolate tonight. So I'm just gonna eat it! Dark chocolate with orange oil and cranberries ooooo this is gonna be good!


Are you a sweet or savory breakfast lover?

I never used to have savory breakfasts but I'm getting into eggs first thing they are yummy and filling which means a winner for me!

If your craving something do you give in?

I usually give in with a healthy version but sometimes you just gotta have the real thing ya know?! Plus I've eaten so well all week I gotta have one treat day! x x

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sister Hanging

What a fabulous day off its been great! How's your day been? I had a day off so it started well and could only get better : ) I had a kind of lie-in today I got up at 7.30am so a little extra snoozing was had. I did 40minutes of yogalates to start my day

followed by a delicious breakfast

hot oats made with water and cinnamon, 1/2 banana, soya yogurt and peanut butter

all mixed up and topped with a little more cinnamon!

After breakfast I got ready then went to get my sister, we decided as we both had the day off we would get out of town and do a little shopping, we went to Ashford where they have an outlet center which is a lot nicer to the purse!

by the time we got there its was 12pm and we were both pretty peckish, luckily Jes packed some of her homemade pear and almond muffins!

Wow these babies are good! We went around the shops till around 3pm. I got a few bits for the gym, I really wanted some new trainers but didn't find any that took my fancy so I shall wait till I find some that really catch my eye. We were really getting hungry by now, home was calling our names.........

I bought a tuna salad with me, tuna left over from yesterday and

raw veggies mixed with cashew pesto, amazing!

I also ate some of this vege sausage roll, Jes didn't like it but I thought it was pretty tasty!

I left Jes to tidy her flat and I needed to get to the supermarket before getting ready for my spin class

pre-spin fuel = 1/2 banana, soy yogurt, cinnamon + small glass of LL lacto milk

45 minute spin class got me in the mood for food! ha ha

I actually wasn't that hungry so I heated up some soup and had a couple of rice cakes on the side
topped with balsamic

I did make room for some pud : )
Jazz apple, soy yogurt (yes I can eat this all day and not get bored!)
cinnamon and peanut butter

Yay my new passport holder came today! How cute is this!? I lost the other one I had along with my passport so I decided a new one was in order and I think I made the right choice

I'm sleepy after my fab day with my fab sister, sister hanging is the best!


Is there foods you eat now that you would never eat as a child?

I never like tomatoes as a child, I still don't like normal salad tomatoes but I'm loving the mini plum toms I bought they're real tasty : )

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

1 + 1 + 1 = 3

Easy tigers hows it hanging!?
I pretty good it has to be said, my replacement passport finally arrived so i can stop worrying you can read why I needed a replacement here, what a nightmare! I'm not actually going away till the end of May but I like to be well prepared! Right lets get to today...........

I started my day with 40 minutes of yogalates to loosen up my back

Then came breakfast today I had the same carob oats as yesterday but hot, the peanut butter melted into it, yum yum yum! I also had a jazz apple. I'm glad to hear we are all apple lovers!
I got ready for work then walked down in the sun which was great, I like the walk to work it prepares me for the hellish day my manager always seems to cause! The morning went pretty quick but as always I was glad when lunch came round, today I escaped to my sisters for a quick chat over lunch

Homemade tuna/mayo/yogurt/pesto mix with spinach and peppers

with a raw veggie side : )

Then it was back to the hell hole for a couple of hours which went even quicker yay!

I planned a trip to the gym after work so for some pre-workout fuel I ate half this banana nut bar which was pretty tasty, thumbs up! I saved the other half for after my workout : )

15 minutes cross trainer set on random going from levels 7 to 12 fast and slow
40 minutes of arm and chest weights + push ups
plank x 3

walked home after the gym

I really fancied a glass of milk when I got in so I went with it and enjoyed this chilled yummy milk. I had arranged the other day to go kickboxing tonight with my friend Judith so I had a little dinner about an hour and a half before hand

Freshly made veggie soup with 3 rice cakes and peanut butter

drizzled with balsamic vinegar yum!

I went kickboxing for an hour with Judith, it was a new class we hadn't been to before. It was pretty good, obviously my trainer is uber good but being world champion he would be! But as a keep fit class we shall defo be going back

I had a chicken breast with a tsp of pesto and beets for a second dinner! This was so good the pesto is vegan cashew pesto and tastes dreamy!

Followed by a banana topped with soya yogurt mixed with a tsp of carob powder and flaked almonds

This will definitely be made again.

So my post is called 1+1+1=3 because I did 3 workouts today! I always used to do between 1 and 3 before my back went so it felt good to have a day like this I love exercise!

I have tomorrow off and I'm spending it with my sister. We are going out for the day to a little retail therapy : )


Do you workout more than once a day?

As I said I used to and its starting to get easier yay!

Can you guess what famous Disney character my soup and rice cake combo looks like?!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

All Better

Hey sweetie pies, thank you for your sweet words. I am feeling much better today no sickness
and lots of positive thinking : )

Even when my bully of a boss was a complete d_ _ k! He didn't break me not today! Anyway let me tell you about my fabulous food intake.........

I woke up early and did 40 minutes of yogalates before breakfast, I'm definitely going to try to do this every morning as it really helps my back. For breakfast I had a jazz apple and some carob oats.

In the mix: 40g oats, 1/2 c. soya yogurt, 1tsp maca, 1tsp carob powder and tsp peanut butter.
all mixed up, this was filling and very tasty! Plus it kept me going till lunch, bonus!

I walked to work in the sun, I love the feeling that summer is coming!

Lunch started with some raw veggies

followed by a sesame and almond tofu hummus wrap with spinach and peppers : )

I was pretty happy when the end of my shift came, if only to get away from my moody boss. I popped round the shops for a bit then walked home the sun was blazing!

I drank a pint of water and decided a workout snack before spinning would be a fab idea! I dipped into my box of goodies and decided on this dark mocha and almond bar

I quite liked it but again it was a little to sweet for me, it did the job though and gave me the energy I needed for my spin class. 45 minutes of spinning and I was ready to come home and eat!

Oh sardine mess how I have missed you! I used to eat sardines all the time and today I remembered why because they are the bomb! I made this by using spray oil and cooking some red onion, mushrooms, garlic and baby plum toms. I then added a tin of sardines in tomato sauce, a tsp of tom puree and a tsp of vegan red pesto. I mixed in some steamed butter nut squash then topped with feta cheese and had a side of steamed greens

Man every bite was pure pleasure, don't be surprised of you see this mess more often : )

afters was a banana sliced and topped with cinnamon soya yogurt (literally just soya yogurt mixed with cinnamon) and flaked almonds

A clean healthy pud if I do say so myself!

I really do feel so much better today, I am sorry for my low mood over the past few days but I guess everyone gets the blues right?! I spent last night going over things in my head which helped me put things into perspective and move on.


Do you have a favorite type of apple?

Mine always used to be a crunchy braeburn but lately the jazz apple has been a total winner!

Whats your favorite breakfast?

I used to have the same breakfast pretty much everyday but since having this blog I try to mix things up but can always do with some inspiration : )

Monday, 26 April 2010


I do hope you guys have had a better day than me! Hello by the way, I was supposed to work today but last night I felt really ill and the same today so I I've spent most of my day in bed not feeling well at all : (

When I woke up today I felt kinda ok, I made breakfast

I small jazz apple, soya yogurt, cinnamon and peanut butter

Scrambled egg, mushrooms and spinach

About 20 minutes after breakfast the sicky feeling was back so I went to bed with a hot water and ginger, my back is also uber sore again damn it!

I had a slice of rye toast with soya marg around 11.30 which helped the sicky feeling a little.
I watched a movie till it was time for lunch

I used the rest of my leftover tuna salad from yesterday and added some extra peppers to make a yummy seeded wrap

I also added a teeny bit of feta

I also had this blueberry luna bar

I don't really rate this badboy tasted way to sweet and unhealthy but I'm glad I got to try it!

2pm came and I just had to get up and do something so I got ready and went to the supermarket to get some veg and petrol. I also drove out to see a friend. Roxanne lives about 20 mins out of town, she has twin girls that are just so cute. Its so nice that I can get out to see her now I can drive : ) I spent a couple of hours there then came home to get a walk in before my osteopath appointment. I walked for an hour which felt good I haven't done anything for the past couple of days

I snacked on these before my walk

Snapped back into place and ready for dinner!

Almond and sesame tofu with.............

Steamed veggies in a pesto sauce and baby plum tomatoes

Followed by soya yogurt mixed with cinnamon and some hazelnuts

I feel pretty good about today's eats I've stayed in control!

I now know the reason for me feeling ill, but I'm keeping that quite for now.

Here's hoping your start to the week is going well x x


Do you find it easy to keep away from sugar?

I find it insanely hard but I'm gonna give it my best shot!

Favorite sugarless snack?

Mine is defo raw veggies