Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Switching Things Up

Hey guys I would love to say I am pain free but I would lying so I shall just leave it at that!
I would also like to say thank you for your well wishes it means a lot

I asked on my last post if you guys like to change or eat the same breakfast each day. You all pretty much agree that Switching Things Up each day is best unless you are having a new food craving! I totally agree, this week because of my new eating plan I have had a different breakfast everyday and I'm loving it!

1 slice of toasted rye bread topped with mushrooms cooked with onions and fluffy scrambled eggs = a fabulous start to the day

I went to the dentist at 12pm and they re-dressed the bad tooth and I'm booked in for next Wednesday for a 2hr treatment : ( harsh but I don't care I just want the pain to stop!

Once the numbness started to leave my face and tongue I got stuck into lunch

I threw together a simple but very satisfying lunch, tuna and cannellini bean salad

in the mix -

1 can tuna
1 small can cannellini beans
1 orange bell pepper
3 spring onions
1 c. peas
2 tsp mayo
3 tsp soya yogurt
freshly ground pepper

All thrown into a bowl and stirred together. I made a double portion so I could have some tomorrow. I took half the mixture and put it on a bed of rocket

I also had a slice of my linseed corn bread with a smear of soya spread

about an hour later I felt the need for something, I had some soya yogurt with a spoonful of Debs Hazelnut butter

Man that nut butter is soooooooooo good I'm so lucky to have my samples!

The rain was pouring and I still feel weird after the dentist so I went for another workout at home -

20 minutes - 30 Day Shred
40 minutes - yogalates

After getting showered I was ready to get me some dinner!

I had a HUGE bowl of soya mince + quinoa in a roasted vegetable sauce, steamed broccoli + green beans and a dollop of spicy red pepper hummus

Such a good dinner!

followed by my homemade carrot and walnut cake topped with soya yogurt and Debs brazil nut butter can't get enough of this stuff!

Well its the last day of March can you believe it!? Time to go over my march goals I guess.
So I called it my Makeover March lets see how I did -

1. No chocolates sweets or candy - FAIL! well I gave my self a day of each week but it sometimes appeared on other days so I'm rolling this one over to April!
2. Only eat natural sugars - hmmmmm well I ate sweets so I guess this is a FAIL!
3. At least 3/4 exercise sessions depending on back - Yay I totally did this one I actually have done 4/5 workouts each week
4. No after dinner snacking I have definitely cut down but this still needs work
5. Less fat - hmmmmmm I guess I am eating a little less but again this needs work!

Over all not so good ay!? Well its the start of a new month tomorrow so I guess I'll be starting all over again with some of these but thats ok I know where I need to put more effort in now!


Did you have any March goals? How did you do?

I totally need to work on mine but as I said there is a new month ahead.........

Whats your views on hypnosis?

I do believe in it and I also believe it can help with certain things. have you ever been hypnotized?

P.S Last chance for my giveaway today I will be choosing the winners tomorrow and announcing Friday! Good Luck!

Tooth Ache Agony!

Hey peeps, sorry for my absents last night but my tooth was so INSANELY painful I couldn't do anything! I even took the day off work so I could roll around in pain! Thankfully I have a dental appointment in 1hr. I'll do a quick recap of yesterday and then post again tonight yep its a two post kinda day!

I started my day with a new breakfast! I'm loving this new eating plan its about time I got some variety. I had 1 slice of hemp seed rye bread toasted with almond butter..........

...........and pear crunch.

1 chopped pear, soya yogurt, ground seeds/nuts and flaked almonds

I really enjoyed the change of flavors especially the rye bread!

a small punnet of blueberries = morning snack : )

I went out to get some crazy painkillers which did hold some of the pain at bay. Enough to get my bake on, I bake a small linseed corn bread which turned out rather tasty.

Soup, beets and 2 slices of linseed bread

the loaf was still warm and yummy

The pain was still holding up so I decided to get outside, especially as the sun was shining.
I went to the park and actually did my first RUN since December! Yep I went running -

5 minutes walk to warm up - 30 minutes run - 5 minutes walk to cool down
I also did 40 minutes of yoga when I got back

Unfortunately my tooth was getting worse by the minute!

Dinner - homemade burgers, broccoli and sweet pot n carrot mash

Yummy burgers another new food!

I had a slice of the carrot and walnut cake I made yesterday topped with yogurt for pud


Do you try and alternate breakfasts or do you have the same thing everyday?

Until now I was eating pretty much the same thing everyday but I'm so gonna stick to this I love the variety!

Favorite bread?

I still can't eat proper bread because it seems it isn't the gluten but the yeast I have a problem with so rye is ok plus I really like the taste which is a bonus!

Monday, 29 March 2010

The Answer To My Nut Butter Dreams

Hello!!!!!!!! What a great start to the week I have had! I hope yours is just as good? Here's a little list of happiness:

Delicious Breakfast
Great Driving Lesson
Beautiful Sunny Walk
Giveaway Arrival = Nut Butter Heaven
1hr Sweat Fest
Tasty Cake!

All in all a great day, other than the fact I have had raging toothache all day!!!!!
I have an emergency appointment Wednesday hopefully I can survive!

Anyway onto my happy day points.............

Delicious Breakfast!

This was easy and tasty. I started the Holford Diet today and the recipes so far are fab!

Breakfast - oats, ground linseeds, chia seeds and cinnamon all mixed with yogurt
topped with blueberries and a dollop of almond butter. This was filling!

After breakfast I had the best driving lesson! It went really well, I can wait to pass!

I had to pop into town to get some supply's for the new recipes I will be eating, I also had to pick up a package that had been delivered to work for me.
Before leaving I had a tahini yogurt.

My walk through the park was lovely the flowers were beautiful

I loved this one : )

I got so much stuff I could barely carry it but I'm pretty sorted for recipe making!

Lunch - Lentil, cabbage and Parsnip Soup which I cooked earlier, rough oat cakes and
chestnut mushrooms with red pepper hummus.

I really enjoyed this meal very very tasty!

My parcel! This was so cool, getting my giveaway gift on my day off! Plus the contents is my kinda heaven!

The lovely Debs from Smoothie Girl Eats Too picked me as the winner for her nut butter giveaway!!!!!!!!!! This was the winning photo - me Courtney Love style!

Look what else I got these bad boys went straight into the freezer! Saved for a months time maybe!

I love it!

This is the answer to my nut butter dreams! Debs sent me 4 samples of nut butter!
I had a teeny tiny taste of each but I gotta try and make these last, they're to good!

OMG OMG Hazelnut - so good!
Almond and Cocoa - delish
Brazil - yummy
Almond, Cardamon and Cocoa

Thank you so much Debs you made my day x x

Once my lunch had settled I got down to the sweat fest!

1hr - 20 minutes - squats, lunges, kicks leg raises
20 minutes - arm weights, push ups, dips
20 minutes - abs n buns

I love this DVD I haven't done it for ages. The hour goes really quick, each section is split up into four with 1 minute cardio blasts. Its a killer on the thighs!

I went to see my Osteopath today, he's happy with my back. Its been much better the last 2 weeks I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Before dinner I popped round to my dads to bake a cake! We still don't have a cooker luckily I can use my dads next door. I had a new cake recipe from my Holfod recipe book, while it baked I went home to cook din din's

Dinner - smoked mackerel, boiled egg, steamed veg and boiled sweet pot.
This was very satisfying : )

Carrot and Walnut Cake!

My cake turned out perfectly. Moist and delicious!

What made my cake even tastier I here you say........... DEBS BRAZIL NUT BUTTER!

My days eats went really well, I haven't had any tummy weirdness all day too which is great!
I think this way of eating is gonna be just fine!

I'm tired I gotta get some shut eye. My tooth is also insanely painful so I gotta get to sleep while the pain killers are working!


Do you have a favorite exercise move?

Mine is the plank, so good for the tum and lower back total winner!

Favorite Cake?

My mums apple cake is amazing!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

New Books New Start.........

So did you all remember to put your clocks forward?! I did and I really do feel like I lost an hour.
Even though I was tired I did get up and do 40 minutes of yoga before work.

I also had a splendid breakfast. Oats, LL milk, water, maca, ground linseeds, fresh blueberries and a big dollop of homemade almond + macadamia nut butter that I made yesterday : )

I walked through the park to work today which as always was a delight. The signs of spring were all over the place. Pretty crocuses everywhere, I wanted to take a picture but forgot my phone! I was lost without it today, its crazy how I miss my phone its not the actual phoning and messaging I miss its the camera! I was so disappointed that I couldn't take good photos of my eats today. I took some with my blackberry but the camera is poo so I haven't bothered to up load.

For lunch I had sushi and mixed bean salad. I have a confession to make. Yesterday after I had left work a lady I had helped earlier in the day came back with a small box of chocolates for me.
First of all HOW SWEET! Secondly there isn't any chocolates left.......I am blushing oops! If its any consolation I have learnt my lesson by getting the worst toothache after my chocolate over load : (

Right on to the positive, after work I planned to go to the gym but papa offered to take me driving so I had to take the offer as its not long till my test so I need the practice big time!
I actually did my parallel parking perfectly yay!

I was hungry for health when I got home. I had the last little bit of my soup, steamed veggies and a smoked mackerel fillet. I also had some hummus (not pictured)

I was going to have this baby before heading to the gym today but as I didn't end up going I had it for pud. This is the apple and cinnamon flavor and its delish!

I cut up my pack tunch raw bar and added some soya yogurt more cinnamon and tahini.
It was perfect.

My new books have finally arrived!!!!!! I own some of Patrick Holfords other books
and after seeing him at the vitality show and listening to his easily understandable ways of living a healthy fit life I decided to invest in his diet books, which to be honest isn't really a diet more a way of eating really healthily. The plan is based on eating a low GL diet. I am starting the first month plan tomorrow! I am looking forward to it and will hopefully be able to stick to the rules. I am going to London next weekend to have a meal with friends so next weekend I will try to make healthy choices but am not going to beat myself up if it doesn't quite go to plan! Anyway bring on tomorrow!


Are you on a diet/have you tried a good diet/do you not diet and just eat everything in moderation?

I don't usually diet but after the last 3 months not being able to exercise like I usually do as I have mentioned before the pounds have crept on so I need a kick start to get me back on track. I figured this was the best way as its not depriving yourself just eating sensibly and cutting out the sugar basically. Wish me luck I will take my stats then reveal all in a month.

P.S Don't forget my giveaway you have till the 1st April x x

Saturday, 27 March 2010

More Raw Treats!

Working Saturdays is poo! Hello everyone just had to get that off my chest!

It was my day off the exercise to day so I got up and leisurely got ready for work. I made an uber bowl of oats today with apple and yogurt topped with tahini I have to say this wasn't the best
porridge but it gave me the fuel I needed. Not sure why it just tasted a bit weird today!

I put my happy flowers in my hair today. I call them happy flowers because whenever I wear them people always smile and complement them which in turn makes me smile!
Even though it was a day off exercise I did wear my exercise shoes that I got back in January remember? If not you can see them here. These bad boys are so good you can feel them toning your legs while you walk especially when you attack a hill! MBT's get a big thumbs up

I had brown rice with veggies in red pesto sauce for lunch

followed by one of my protein bars. I felt the need for one as I haven't had one for a while what with all the other goodies I've had!

I popped round to see my sister after work which was nice we really need to arrange some quality time together! I also went to see my paps before going home to pick up my post and I had a nice surprise..........

The lovely Beth from tunch foods sent me some samples of their raw bars!

'the pack tunch contains over 90% dried fruits and nuts which are full of vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and good carbohydrates. So whether you are commuting to work or scaling a mountain the pack tunch is the ideal snack to satisfy your hunger and to keep you going'

This quoted from the leaflets I received so I am hoping they live up to this before my gym session tomorrow!

a small bowl of soup with tuna in a mayo and mustard sauce and steamed veggies. The tuna with the mayo and mustard was a great combo : )

Followed by carob ground rice. I chopped up some crystallized ginger and dates to go in the mix and it work well very well!

I feel tired today and am just about ready to settle down in my warmed bed.........


Have you done anything fun this weekend?

One word WORK! : (

Do companies send you free samples?

I have had a few things and I love it because its so much fun trying out new stuff!