Sunday, 28 February 2010

And The Winner Is!!!!!!

First things first ay!?
Today I had to pick the winner for my MIGHTY MARMITE giveaway!

To make it fair I put each name on a piece of paper and put them in the tin.........

Eyes closed I picked the winner who is...........

LILY!!!!!!! So this lovely lady gets to try the mighty marmite!
Please send me your address (
and your package will be in the post!


On to the days eats, I have decided to not post my breakfast picture as it just looked like a bowl of yogurt not very pretty, I had ground rice with carob n yogurt twas lovely!
I woke up today with my back feeling very VERY sore I think I over did it yesterday but I'm not dwelling on it as it will just get me down, I have an appointment with the osteopath tomorrow so he can work the pain out, its just getting boring now ya know : (

Lunch was delish, I made a fab new soup. Spicy Aubergine and Swede! It sounds weird but
its super tasty! I heated it up in the vita mix because it makes the soup go really creamy and smooth.

I also had a falafel, spinach and hummus sarni. Wow this was a party in my mouth!

A while later I had a slice of homemade banana bread, my papa gave me this when I popped round to see him earlier

My dads girlfriend makes a mean banana bread : )

I've been a total couch potato today, other than going to see my dad I spent the day watching
Sex and the City and Come Dine With Me! God I love both of these, I could spend days watching both!

I felt ill for some reason this afternoon but by 7ish I was feeling hungry. I cooked some soya mince in a garlic and tom sauce with soya beans and steamed veggies plus a dollop of hummus. Its official I'm addicted!

I definitely wasn't feeling ill after dinner so made some protein ice cream

Topped with a nut bar, this was YUMMY!


Rewind to last night............

I made my friend Steph a salmon fillet in a tomato and artichoke sauce with veggies stir fried in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This went down well.

We watched some movies and look what she bought round too, more chocolate!

As well as some other goodies!

Its fair to say I have had a total blow out this weekend, I've been totally out of control.
Luckily I have a plan for March so check my post out tomorrow for my
March Makeover!

I'm putting this weekend behind me and moving on best way me thinks!

Questions: Whats your favorite candy?

I love carob and nut bars best but when forced I eat the above!

Whats your favorite thing to make in your vita mix/processor?

Mine has to be soup and smoothies, oooooo and nut butters!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Food Overload + Recap

Hey, happy Saturday! Again this is a quick post as I'm expecting a friend in about 15 minutes!
Wow loads of you wanna taste the MIGHTY MARMITE ay! I shall be picking a name out of a hat or bag tomorrow so if you want in you have another day!

I totally over did it yesterday but more on that later, I started my day with a boiled egg and a smoothie. Before breakfast I did 40 mintutes of cardio/strength DVD and 20 minutes of the 30 day shred good workout!

Lunch was fab, raw veggies and falafel with hummus, I can't believe some of you lovelies haven't tried falafels you gotta get on that girls!

Protein bar for pud yum!

I walked home after work, made a soup and have prepared dinner for my friend tonight.
Steph is an old friend I have known her since I was 13 and its been ages since we've hung out so can't wait! : )

Friday Day/Night Recap

When I got to work yesterday Leanne was on the chocolate so I indulged in one, yum

I had to show you this. The evidence of what Steve my work mate eats for his lunch on a regular basis! Can you actually BELIEVE one man has this for lunch!? Yeah me telling you he is over weight will come as no surprise! I just had to share my disbelief with you!

Me and Leanne had an indulgent dinner too, chips from the chippy! Its been about 3 months since I've eaten chip shop chips but they were worth it, especially when I made a chip butty.
Chip butty = chips, gf bread, mayo, tom sauce = happy days! Ha ha I hardly ever eat this way but when I do I go all out!

I also put balsamic vinegar on the chips sooooooo good!

As if that wasn't enough I must have eaten my own weight in chocolate last night, I just couldn't stop, it was a total food overload! But every now and again its gotta be done right?

My friend will be here any minute so I shall bid you farewell x x


Do you ever over eat like a crazy woman? What is your food of choice?

I do and its usually with chocolate!

Have you ever been to England and had real chip shop chips?

I love fries but nothing beats a bag of chips from the chippy once and a while : )

Friday, 26 February 2010

The Best Gluten Free Bread!

Morning! I thought I'd get a post in now because I wont be able to do one later, why?
My friend Leanne is coming round after work for chips and scary movies!

I woke up early and had a DELISH breakfast. A boiled egg (it popped!) and carob ground rice in a jar!
Wow this was good - 1/4 c. ground rice, 1/2 scoop choco soya protein powder, maca, milk, water, 3 chopped dates, soya yogurt all in a nearly empty tahini jar!

Every bite was a delight! Great combo indeed. After breakfast I had a driving lesson, more bay parking. I'm still having trouble with hills, for some reason they petrify me?!

My dad picked me up the best gluten free bread when he was shopping last night. This really is the BEST GF bread you'd never know the difference and they now do it sliced, for the perfect sarni!

Yeah Baby! Look at me yummy prepared lunch. Spinach, pepper and hummus

So snacks and lunch is gonna be good! Sarni = YUM, protein bar = YUM, raw veggies = YUM
YUMMY all round then! he he he he

Just drinking a coffee with 1/2 tsp agave. I stopped having sugar in coffee years ago, but just
lately I've been having a little. I know I shouldn't but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?!

I'm having a rest day today, back is a little sore after yesterday so I don't want to go backwards in the mending of it so I'm going to leave for work early and get a good walk in before. The seafront is calling my name and with the sun shining I guess I should take advantage.

Anyways better get going have a fantastic Friday peeps x x


Do you like black n white/sepia photos?

I much prefer them they seem a lot kinder to the eye (and my face!)

Whats your favorite raw veggie?

I think mine has to be carrots or pepper, I love most though!

P.S Don't forget about my MARMITE GIVEAWAY!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Pay Day Shopping + a GIVEAWAY!

It seems some have you have tried the 30 day shred and give it the thumbs up so I'm gonna get to it! I'll let you know how it goes. Hot foods are given the thumbs up too bring on the chili!

I got up early and went out for a morning power walk, I actually did some interval training. I
want to run and its so frustrating not being able too, so today I walked for 4 minutes and ran for 1, not much I hear some of you say but little by little and then when my back is better bring on the hour runs!!!!!!!! I did my walk/run for 45 minutes so I was happy with that.

My breakfast was the same as yesterday just with a different topping, walnuts and raisins, yum

After breakfast I walked to work through the park : )

I only worked 11-3.30 today so no lunch break for me, not good! I made sure to take easy foods to work so I could snack while I worked. I made a tasty green monster, lots of spinach, an apple, amazing meal, milk, water and a little of the gums

I also had some raw veggies and a protein bar. The bar was not good I decided to try and rescue the rest when I got home..........

I met my friend Wayne after work for a catch up gossip and a coffee, small soya latte
deliciously creamy just the way I like it
I left Wayne and went to the shops on my way home I bought so much stuff!

I was starvalicious when I got home so grabbed a quick snack, rice cakes, marmite + tahini, marmite + walnut butter, they hit the spot, then I had to put the goods away!

Look what I bought:

Agave, cherry jam (no added sugar), dessicated coconut, cocoa powder, 2 pear, 2 apple and blueberry puree's, and a small jar of marmite more on that later........... ; )

Buckwheat, the best soya yogurt, falafel's, soya beans, aubergine,
Can you tell it was paid day!? he he he he

Before dinner I did level 1 of the 30 day shred, sweaty!

Dinner looks kinda crazy but it worked for me so that's what counts right?!

The last of my soup, roasted chicken leg (I put celery salt and turmeric on the skin), beets and roasted garlic. This was a tasty mix.

I tried to rescue my protein bars, so obviously had to try them to make sure they were ok.
Hmmmmmm not the best but they'll do

So after my first post on the mighty MARMITE, it kinda made a stir with lots of you.
Soooooooo I thought it would be quite fun to do a little give away!
I picked up a small jar of marmite at the shops and one of you lucky readers will finally get to put your wondering to rest and taste one of my favorite spreads. It definitely has a strong salty taste and its true you either love it or hate it but I'm hoping whoever wins will love it!!!!!

So sweet readers if you would like to get your hands on a jar of the Mighty Marmite
here's what you have to do:

Leave a comment on this post telling me why you want to taste Marmite

Blog about my giveaway and link back to this post (let me know if you do in the comments)

That's it I will choose a winner on Sunday night, this is a worldwide giveaway!!!!!!!


Whats your favorite way to eat falafels?

Mine is with hummus and salad : )

How do you take your coffee, straight up black/milky/sugar?

I usually have a coffee with a little cold low lacto milk or on a occasion a soya latte, yum

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

30 Day Shred

Marmite it seems is like by most who have tried it but many of you haven't come across it. Marmite taste like vegemite kinda, its quite salty and strong in taste. I agree with Theresa, its defo good if your feeling sick, marmite in toast is the perfect remedy I also agree with Adrien its great if you have a hangover! So the saying 'you love it or you hate it' is perfect really, if you see it you gotta try it! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a vampire fetish too!

Today was a my day off : ) I woke up and had a big smoothie and boiled egg then it was off to my early driving lesson. I did bay parking today

After my lesson I had a big old cuppa coffee to gear me up for my new fitness dvd

Yep I invested in Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred! I've heard some great reports on this bad boy so thought I'd give it a go. I did 40 minutes (level 1 + 2) I had to modify some bits as the back is definitely not fixed yet but it felt good to get sweaty!

I grabbed a snack before running a hot relaxing bath, water + protein bar

I usually always shower but sometimes a deep hot bath is needed, today it was needed and I had a relaxing read in my hot bath, twas lovely!

My lunch just had to include some marmite after all the talking about it! I made walnut butter and marmite sarnis

I ate them with a big bowl of soup and some beets

I made some more protein bars today and after lunch ate the slithers of the end

To be honest these aren't that great so I wont be posting a recipe

I went to meet my friend from work and we went to see Valentines Day! Oh my god if you haven't seen this film go, its soooooooo funny and sweet, I loved it!

I was starving when I got back from the cinema, I needed a quick meal. I got this new curry paste today so thought I'd try it for dinner

I made soya mince with steamed veg and mushrooms in a tom and curry sauce. WOW that is some hot sauce. I definitely only need half a tsp next time!

I had some hummus to cool down the heat! I enjoyed the meal though

I needed a cool pudding to chill my mouth, I made some strawberry iced mouse with some chopped dates

This was cooling on my burning tongue!

I knackered so gotta sleep x x


Have you tried 30 day shred, what did you think?

I really liked it and can't wait to be able to do all the moves

Whats your favorite hot (in flavor) food?

Mine is definitely curry, I also like the odd dollop of horseradish too!