Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Thick Fog = Hibernation!

Good evening, how are we today? Are you back at work or still enjoying your time off?
I had my only client cancel and rearrange her session and as the day was miserable I stayed home and hibernated. I did a fab workout though...........

My day started with a green monster topped with salted peanuts : )

My new Kath Kidston bowl, sorry about the bad photo but you can still see its beauty!

The morning was spent watching TV and browsing the net..........

For lunch I had some steamed veggies and soy mince with the last of my sundried tom sauce

Tasty : )

A little while after I had the last of my yogurt with an apple, cinnamon and almonds

All mixed up yum!

As you can see the weather was not inviting so I worked out at home:

30 minutes cardio box - Davina DVD
40 minutes 30 Day Shred - levels 1 + 2

Sweat fest!

For dinner I kept it simple, 2 boiled eggs with steamed veggies I used some olive oil and mixed herbs for a dressing : )

Right I'm off got the last series of Lost to get on with!!!!!!


What TV series do you love?

Sex and the City is top for me followed by Friends, but I am loving Lost and love love love Tru Blood and Vampire Diaries too and plenty more!


  1. True Blood is an interesting tv serie, can't wait until next season!

    There SO MANY GOOD SERIES running on tv right now, if it wasn't for DVR's and streaming I wouldn't be able to see them all.

    Recently saw the Dexter's season finale... I was glue to it the entire season!

    Ohhh!! I almost forgot to mention Doctor Who, another great serie for everyone which I highly recommend to see and enjoy :)

    PS: Nice blog!

  2. Love your bowl! I have loads of favourite TV shows, I agree with SATC! I also love true blood, fringe, chuck, big bang theory, I could go on!

  3. The new True Blood series starts on FX Jan 13th cant wait! have you read the books they are fantastic dare I say it even better than the series. I like Fringe but cant find it on tv and the other favourite is Saving Grace with Holly Hunter its fab.