Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snowed In

Hello from a snowed in English girl! Yep the snow came and the area I have moved to has no transport into town which meant me and my housemate have been snowed in to our warm house. Before I show you today's eats I just wanted to show you yesterdays lunch it was really yummy : )

I bought 2 salads for £3 in M&S the other day and ate the second for lunch yesterday along with 2 eggs perfectly hard boiled and some raw pepper and mushrooms.

Onto today.........

See the snow came!

Definitely no chance of getting out! We thought the best thing to do was to have a Lost marathon. I have never watched Lost and as Hannah has every series we thought it was time for me to start!

The cat definitely agreed it was too cold to go out!

A big bowl of porridge was in order: oats, quinoa, apple, low lacto milk, yogurt and seeds

Great combo and just what I needed : )

Hannah's Degus had the right idea to snuggle up and be warm, so cute!

I received this book to review from a kind lady at Cico books.

500 of the most important HEALTH TIPS you'll ever need
I'm so looking forward to reading this. I have had a quick flick through and its definitely right up my street. I think its definitely going to come in handy with alternative health tips.

Here is the selection of cereal I was sent from Dorset Cereal to try. I haven't eaten this kind of cereal for ages and I'm liking it : )

The sun was trying to shine through the clouds

Rice cakes topped with WW strawberry jam which I won from the lovely Kate, along with lots of other goodies thank you Kate!

I love my cherry plate, I got it when I went to Ireland in the summer remember?

Lunch was fab: soy beans, sweetcorn, peas, pepper, mushrooms and sardines

Tummy filler!

I did have enough room a while later for some low fat healthy flakes (above) and an apple

The whole day has been spent watching lost : )

I did break for a shower and to make some soup. Butternut squash and lentil. I haven't had soup for ages so this tasted extra good!

Followed by an iced concoction, I really need some protein powder for these. I'm gong to get some pulsin's pea protein when I finally get to town!

I'm pretty sure the roads are going to be even worse tomorrow so I may be at home again. I really want to get to my yoga class though, I only have tomorrow left before I will have to pay again so it will be annoying if I can't get there : (

Fingers crossed I can get in even though another day of Lost is quite appealing!


Have you watched Lost?

This is my first time watching and I'm already hooked! Plus can I just say it is filled with some Hot guys! Come on ladies you know what I'm saying!?


  1. Fun being snowed in!

    Who's the cute puss!?

    I thought your soup was peanut butter with jelly- just about died! :-)

    Enjoy the snow!

  2. I watched all of the Lost series - loved them although totally confused! I adore those low fat tasty flakes, I'm going to buy another box once I've eaten the other two! Hope you don't end up with cabin fever like me, 5 days of being stuck in is driving me crazy! :-0

  3. Oh you are in for a treat! I love lost!! The Degus are so cute, I want some!!!