Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Sercret Santa!!!!!

Good evening yet again I'm blogging rather late but I have given myself the day off tomorrow so being up a little later wont be so bad. Hopefully my body clock will let me sleep in, I really need to just sleep! I had no one booked in for tomorrow and to be honest I just need a day to myself, no one to talk to, no where to be, just me and my thoughts doing whatever I end up doing : )

I was up early today, I had a client to train at 7.30am. I decided to eat breakfast before heading out, I needed something to warm me up! Sweet mincemeat quinoa porridge topped with yogurt and seeds with a chopped apple thrown in too.

This kept me warm while I waited in the cold wind for my bus, longing to get to the coffee with my name on it! On the way in I grabbed a soy latte, then beasted my client! I had 2 more sessions then I snacked on an apple before training myself:

5 minute row to warm up
shoulder press, squats with barbell, upright row, press ups, lunges (each leg), deadlift,
12 reps 12.5kg weight
20 leg up in the air crunches
5 minute run - 8/8.5/9/9.5/10mph interval
10 minute mountain climb
30 minutes spin

Wow killer workout! I ate 15 almonds after to keep me going till I got home for lunch.

Got home and made a giant salad: spinach leaves topped with tuna, cannellini beans, pepper and sprouts mixed with mayo and curry powder = YUM!

First sprouts of the year and they were splendid!

I also had some heated mixed berries and cherries topped with yogurt, seeds and cinnamon

I then watched a couple of Lost episodes before heading back to work, I had one more client booked in.

I have been very slack of late and hadn't posted my Secret Santa!!!!!!!
Yes I took place in the Secret Santa Laura set up for UK bloggers thanks again Laura what a fab idea!

I kinda felt naughty opening my gift as Christmas is still a couple of weeks away!

But I still did!

Look what I got! Two bags of seeds one sunflower and one pumpkin my favorite! I also received a sequined headband!

My lovely gift came form CJ of Clouds in my Coffee thank you so much you made my day!

When I got home for the second time today it was dinner time, and what a lovely dinner had:

Steamed veggies, basil tofu mixed with vegan pesto : )

Followed by some cocoa and orange ground rice pudding topped with yogurt, its been a yogurty kind day : )

The cold is definitely on its way my bones feel chilled and I just can't seem to warm up. Not looking forward to the snow that is threatening that's for sure, I just cannot stand the way Britain comes to stand still, I mean the snow isn't even that deep! Get with the programme people!

Anyway I could rant forever but I wont have a fabulous Wednesday and I shall be back tomorrow with all my exciting news of sitting on my butt in a couch potato fashion! Not really I do plan to do some yoga and go to Asda and dye my hair so there will be some productive goings on!

Night y'all x x


Do you like to have time to spend with your own thoughts,
no one to talk to and no where to be?

I really do, both my jobs are all about talking to people and sometimes I just don't want to talk!


  1. So jealous of the berries!
    Brazilian stores don't sell anything but strawberries :P

  2. Hope you have a great day off, I'm sure it's much needed! I love having a day of nothing. I had one of those on saturday and it was bliss. Can't wait to finish studying so I can have those sort of days more frequently! xxx

  3. So glad you liked the Secret Santa - I love the head band! My gym time is usually my 'me' time - I treasure it! :-)

  4. That cherry stuff looks amazing!

  5. Aw- your secret santa did SUCH a good job! Perfect gifts for you. Glad the training is going so well :) I bet the heated mixed berries and cherries on top of the cold yogurt was amazing. I have to try this

  6. What a great Secret Santa gift!

    I still haven't seen any sprouts in my local shops, really hoping to get some soon!
    Love the idea of using mincemeat in porridge!

  7. Running is my "me" time- I talk all day at work (to my class) so it is nice to not have to talk!
    Enjoy your day off :)