Friday, 17 December 2010

Seeing Double

I have returned on this frosty Friday, how are we all?
Cold? I'm not now I'm in the warm of my sitting room but wowzas the temperature has dropped! The snow has yet to come and lay but there has wintery flurries and I'm thinking there is a big chance of waking up tomorrow to some white fields.

I have 2 days to catch up on as I was MIA yesterday. I needed a night off to just chill with my house mate and the cats, which I did. So dear readers sit back and take 5 minutes and enjoy.............

I started Thursday with a big old bowl of porridge, yep you guessed it sweet mince pie filling was featured in this bowl, along with soy yogurt, an apple, seeds oh and the grain was quinoa : )

I had a few bits to do in the morning like go to the bank and stuff then I made my way to work. I wanted to fit a workout in before lunch which I did:

20 minute cross trainer - intervals - set on random - Level 5/6/7/8
20 minutes stepper - set on random - Level 5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 repeated 3 times
TRX Training -
squats, chest press, one legged squats, triceps, backward lunges, biceps
1 minute intervals twice through

I was starving after my shower and my tofu and vegan pesto raw salad went down a treat!
I also ate a boiled egg and an apple no picture sorry!

I had a few clients in the afternoon then decided to go home. I was in a pretty down mood yesterday and thought it best to get out of the gym and public eye!

For dinner I had some of my soup with some extra add ins and broccoli on the side.

Add ins: sprouts, soy beans and quorn "chicken" pieces
Awwwwwww this was so good!

I made some cocoa ground rice pudding with mixed frozen berries topped with soy yogurt and sesame seeds.

Twas delightful!

Today I was up early to get to the gym for a 7.30am session. Before leaving the house around 6.45am I ate a boiled egg to keep me going I also made a coffee with oat milk to take with me : )

9am I got to eat my proper breakfast! In my cute tupperware of course!

Cocoa and cherry protein oats!

I don't think I need to say how INSANELY good this breakfast was!

After breakfast I had some phone calls to make and another trip to the bank before getting my workout clothes on. Today's workout was a good one:

20 minutes cross trainer - set on random - Levels 5/6/7/8 - 10-25rpm
PHA Training -
shoulder press, barbell squats, up right row, barbell chest press, barbell lunges, dead lift
3 min row between first + second set 3 min run between second and third set.
I used for first 2 sets and 15kg for third set. Yep I'm getting that barbell heavier!
30 minute spin

Lunch was the same as yesterday but I also had 4 oat cakes as well as an egg and an apple.

I spent the afternoon training clients. I'm taking all of my clients weights before the holiday season really kicks off so we know where we need to get back too pretty sharpish after the Christmas break. One of clients has done so SO well and it gave me such a boost. She has lost 10 kilos in 10 weeks! She is looking amazing and I'm just so happy for her she has worked so hard and is reaping the benefits!

After work I had been given a free appointment at a beauty salon to get a free glycolic face peel. I jumped at the chance and hot footed it there once I had finished. The salon is called sk:n and they have clinics all over the country. The glycolic peel is an all natural product that takes the dead skin off. Its not harsh and is really quite nice. I really enjoyed this treatment and money depending will be going back for round 2!

Fresh faced I returned home to exactly the same dinner as last night minus the soy beans, I upped the amount of broccoli : )

This is such a good combo!

Followed by...........
yep you are seeing double it was exactly the same as last night, I know how to live!

Right I have a few Christmas cards to write for clients then bed, I'm at the sofa shop tomorrow which I'm looking forward to as its been 4 days since I've seen my lovely work colleagues : )

I'm working Sat and Sun but I'm cool with this, I'm broke anyway so can't go out plus I'm looking forward to curling up in the warm out of the snow tomorrow!

Have a great Saturday lovelies x x


Do you ever add stuff to your soup?

I do sometimes and this time it turned out fantastically well!


  1. I love your cute tupperware. I think I saw soemthing similar in Paperchase the other day. As someone who packs breakfast and lunch every day I might have to get some.

  2. That chocolate oats and cherries looks rather good - is the recipe on the blog?

    I've taken to adding things to soups in one way shape or form. Generally I like chunky soups - like a homemade minestrone - but if I blend I tend to reserve a bit of the mix before blending then plop a bit into the middle of each bowl, partly for texture, partly for appearance. Beyond thta it might be a bit of fnely chopped raw veg, chopped boiled egg, creme fraiche etc.

  3. I've been adding seeds to my soups which are yummy! Your cherry cocoa breakfast looks delish! Hope you sat at work has been ok and you don't have too much snow to deal with!