Saturday, 18 December 2010

Quorn x 2

Good evening from a snowy Brighton.
Its cold and icy but I'm warm and watching Lost so all's good in my neck of the woods!
How are you, is the weather bad/good? I have had some yummy foods today maybe a little too yummy! I had the day off exercise but definitely not off good food! So shall we...........

I was early to get ready for work and check the bus situation. I had a delicious breakfast which insanely huge! I had a mix of 2 dorset cereals - healthy flakes and the pineapple bran flakes - and some oats topped with 2 kiwis and oat milk. Twas yummy and very filling!

I managed to get the bus to work with no problems which was lucky. Work was dead so we spent the morning writing out sale invites to previous customers, which I posted a little later.

Mid morning we had coffee and hmmmmmm biscuits! Yes Michael my manager bought a big box of chocolate biscuits in an I did indulge in 4! Well tis the season and all that : )

For lunch I had some quorn "chicken" pieces and steamed veg with a little pesto sauce.

I popped to the post office to pick up a parcel (more on this later) and had a calling from infinity foods. If you've been to Brighton you know where I mean! I bought some soy yogurt and this vegan flapjack!

Giant juicy dates! Oooooooo it was lovely but after eating it I became bloated and felt pretty bad. I wont be getting this again......mores the pity!

The afternoon again was quite so we got all the sales tags ready for the boxing day sale. Tomorrow is our last day till boxing day which means most of the work is done already!
Because of the weather there has been a limited bus service, my lovely boss said I could leave at 4.30 to make sure I got a bus home which I did thankfully : )

For dinner I had a mix of quorn mince in roasted veg and tom sauce with steamed veggies

Yum : )

An hour or so later I had 2 apples chopped and topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and puffed oats.

As I earlier mentioned tomorrow is my last day at the shop till the 27th December. I will still be working at the gym until Wednesday but am hoping to get back to Hastings that evening. I really want the roads to clear so I can drive but if I have to go by train I will! I don't fancy a Christmas alone that's for sure.


What are your Christmas plans?

Mine are to get back to Hastings to spend the festive season with Maggie, her son Jonathan (me bestie!) and my sister Jes. My mum and little sister Leah live in Ireland and my dad helps run a charity called Surviving Christmas which helps all the homeless people at Christmas get a good meal, food boxes, presents and clothing. I will pop along to help Christmas morning but it gets so busy I shall see him in the evening. Well that's my plans for the big day tell me yours!


  1. Wow- that charity that your Dad helps to run sounds just fabulous. Lots of yummy eats today! I love the apple/yogurt/puffed cereal combo. And although the vegan flapjack made you feel looks totally yummy...and worth it :)

  2. Your Dad's Charity sounds great, I've often liked the idea of volunteering one christmas at a homeless shelter. Hope the snow doesn't get too bad and prevent you driving. Your quorn mince dish looks yummy! Christmas will be spend visiting James dad and nana before heading to my Mam and Dads to have lunch with my grandma, sis, bro in law and nephew - I can't wait!

  3. Thats so good doing some charity work. I was supposed to be going on holiday, but due to the snow it was cancelled. Shame. So I will be a waif and stray hopefully taken in by Andys parents!