Friday, 3 December 2010

Personal Trainer/Couch Potato!

Good evening bloggers how are we on this frosty day?
I was at home again, no sight of any public transport around my neighbor hood, I had all good intentions of being productive, doing a workout dvd (I have one to review more on this another time!) and some other work stuff but alas Lost happened again!

I got up checked the travel news to find no transport. I then made a big ol' bowl of porridge.

Oats, quinoa, low lacto milk, water, chopped apple, cinnamon and topped with seeds.

The morning was spent on the web and watching Lost

Mid morning snackage ginger oat biscuits yum : )

More Lost........

The sun showed its face for a bit

Tegan the cat was wanting cuddles.........

Awwwwwww cuddles while I watch more Lost..........

Homemade soup with ryvita and sunflower spread

Soup is good and even better when its freezing outside

Followed by a small bowl of dorset cereal, low fat flakes

More Lost until I realised it was dinner time!

Steamed veggies dressed in a little olive oil and basil

Plus 2 boiled eggs

Apple, soy yogurt and almonds topped with cinnamon

and now I'm watching LOST!!!!!!!

So yes I am a personal trainer but today and yesterday I became a couch potato!
I feel over tired and am now longing to exercise, I actually can't wait for the icy walk ahead of me tomorrow morning. The snow isn't as deep and I have special rubber grips I put over my shoes that have spikes on the bottom! The people on the bus Wednesday night were very impressed!

So I shall battle the elements tomorrow morning and get to work, its a busy day tomorrow in the furniture shop and I need to get there! Plus I can't be inside another day no way.

Right need to get the hair sorted before tomorrow, hope your all warm and dry out of the snow!


Do you have couch potato days?

You know I do!


  1. Tegan is CUTE! I had a couch potato afternoon today, in my pjs too! I do have full days too though :-)

  2. I am terrible at being a couch potato- I get all antsy and potter about and normally end up going outside for a bit! I just cant do it!!! Always sounds so appealing in this weather.

  3. I love a couch potato day every now and again but I always feel a bit flunky if I don't get out and about and if I don't get some exercise! Glad you enjoyed yourself, hope you liked Lost :-)

  4. Couch potato days are important and necessary! I have had a couch potato week and it's been awesome :)