Monday, 27 December 2010

Monster Christmas Catch Up

Hello everybody, have we all had a fabulous Christmas?!
I have had a wonderful few days but the over indulging was a little much!
So much yummy food around lend to way to much eating but luckily for me I left all those goodies in Hastings which means I can get beck to some healthy eating : )

First let me take you back in time to Christmas Eve.........

I had a busy day visiting friends and having drinks! The best was definitely the one I drank from my leopard print glass : )
I stayed out quite late drinking and having fun with Wayne and some other friends then got the night bus home..........

Christmas morning Jonathan made a fresh batch of scones...........

These were amazing!
So warm and delicious, I ate mine with butter and a little jam : )

Snacks were eaten none stop! Chocolate, mince pies, crisps, you name it I ate it!
For Christmas dinner I had lamb with veggies, pots and lots of mint sauce followed by a big chunk of After Eight ice cream!

If you like After Eights and the mint/choc combo you gotta try this, ts like mint vienetta but better!

When there was room the eveing saw some more snacks fall down my throat, we were up chatting for hours. I had a great day spent with some of my favorite peeps : )

Boxing a day of left overs right?

Jonathan took it too far!

The day was started with a pouched egg on a slice of granary bread, mid morning I had a slice of my sisters homemade bakewell tart, lunch was cold meat and left over veggies and pots reheated with some extra veggies.
I then drove back to Brighton.
35 minute run
Dinner was sardines with steamed veggies followed by fruit and yogurt.

My sisters bakewell with homemade cranberry jam was INSANELY good!
Every bite was heaven!

Today started with all 3 sections of the 30 Day Shred DVD.
Followed by a much needed green monster!

Topped with salted peanuts!

After breakfast I got ready and made my way to work at the furniture store.

Lunch was kept light: 4 x rice cakes topped with vegan cream cheese with herbs and chives..............

..............and 2 apples chopped and topped with yogurt and seeds.

Home again and tired! I needed veggies so steamed a load and mixed with a tsp of sundried tomato sauce. I also made a egg, mushroom and pepper mix in the microwave. I used 1 egg and an extra white. Filling and delicious. I followed this with some chocolate tofu pudding but forgot to take a picture, SOZ!

I'm getting tired now and have an early start so will say farewell for now. I hope you are all enjoying the festive season especially if you have time off!


Did you get a favorite gift you would like to tell me about and say thank you for?

I had lovely gifts from everyone so thank you!
If I had to choose one I think the Kath Kidston bowl I received from Jonathan might be it.
Its so pretty, I'll try and remember to use it tomorrow : )


  1. Wow, looks like you had some lovely Christmas eats. The After Eight ice cream looks amazing.
    Well done for doing all 3 sections of the 30 Day Shred...that's a pretty intense workout!
    My favourite gift was the notebook laptop I got from my parents, it's so cute and will be really useful when I start my law course next month.

  2. you ae so gorgeous! and i don't know what a bakewell is but I WANT ONE! yum.

  3. Wow you really made the town a pretty place to be, you look amazing. Prezzys, I got a beautiful delicate flower pandora ring from hubby & a smashing new white Rip Curl purse from the kids ... winner all round.

    Eeeeerrrm ALL 3 levels - I hang my head in shame, my body after 4 days off only managed 1, respect :-)

  4. That all sounds relatively restrained to me tam - well done.

    Nice work on the egg too - perfectly poached.

    I'm afraid I'd have gone through the whole Bakewell in a matter of seconds :(

  5. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Your eats look so tasty. I got really spoilt but I think the gifts I was most chuffed and suprised with is some of the things from my mam and dad - they showed real thought bless them - I love the workout pants and top they got me plus the Cath kidson tins. Looking forward to seeing your bowl!

  6. That after 8 ice cream sounds delish :)
    And great work on the shredding- I have managed 1 and 2, but have not even tried 3 on its own let alone after the first 2! :)

  7. Sounds like you had a great holiday! :-)

  8. Looks like you had a Christmas of good eats- thats what it all about isn't it?!
    I also can't believe you did all three levels of the Shred. I can barely get through the first, which is probably more of a reflection on me! Perhaps doing all three is a goal I can aim for in the New Year!