Saturday, 4 December 2010

Mince Pie Filling Porridge = YUM!

Hey hey its the weekend!
Which means good times for those of you that are not working, I on the other hand have worked today and am working tomorrow. I don't really mind though to be honest, my work colleagues at the furniture store are so lovely its a pleasure to work with them. Yes the weekend is being spent at my second job, so it was lucky I was snowed in because it gave me 2 days off. I don't think I will be having another till Christmas!

My day started with a bowl of quinoa porridge topped with a chopped apple, cinnamon, tsp mince pie filling and some more milk. The mince pie filling is just so good giving my breakfast a festive taste. Yum Yum YUM!

I also sprinkled with a few unpictured seeds : )
After breakfast I walked 2o minutes to the bus stop and went to work.
I'm dying to exercise!

The shop was pretty quite and at 1pm I broke for lunch. 2 boiled eggs mushrooms and a cut up pepper for starters.

Followed by a bowl of fruity bran flakes courtesy of Dorset Cereal

The afternoon was just as quite and there may have been some chocolate eclairs eaten but there are no photos so no evidence!

When I finished work the heavens had opened and an icy rain had started to pour not good, luckily my bus stop is about a minute from work and it drops me opposite my house so I didn't get too wet : )

Home and dry next up dinner. I steamed some veggies then heated up some quorn mince in a tom and basil sauce.

This made for a quick and tasty dinner.

For pud I heated 2 apples, stirred in a spoonful of mince pie filling once hot then topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and seeds.

I have an early start tomorrow, hopefully getting in a workout before I start at the furniture store. I'm hungry for a good sweat session in the gym, I'm gutted I missed my last couple of yoga sessions this week. I will definitely be carrying on with sessions though. Hopefully 2 a week as long as I can afford it : )

I hope your all having a fab weekend, keeping warm whatever your up to.


Have you tried mince pie filling in porridge yet?

If not why not? Its too good to be true!


  1. Thanks for reminding me - I'm buying a jar of mincemeat tomorrow for mince buys so I'll throw in an extra jar for porridge toppings too :)

  2. I don't even know what mince pie is! I feel clueless :) Glad you enjoy your coworkers- that makes jobs SO much better. I always love your bowls of pudding.

  3. I have those tubs from paperchase! Love them so cute! :)
    I actually thought about it after I saw it on here before, but have not opened the jar of mincemeat yet. Sounds so tasty though :)