Friday, 10 December 2010

An Interview And One Crazy Workout!

Hello, how are we?
I guess you realised I have been crazy busy as per usual! I still haven't taken photos of all the new products I have tried/bought to try over the past few days/weeks but I will soon, promise! Its been a very busy couple of days they have been long too and I'm pretty damn tired to be honest but I'm here to tell you about a great day and some foods/products so before I fall a sleep lets get on shall we..............

I have been eating some great foods: porridge, quorn chicken and veg, fruit and yogurt, pea protein smoothie, peanut veggie burgers, sushi and sweet pots plus lots of fruit and veggies.

I got a free token to try a box from graze so obviously I did!

I chose a well being box this included: americas nut mix, apple strudel mix, juicy orange infused raisins and wasabi peas. I didn't eat the wasabi because I hate the flavor but I ate the raisins on top of a protein smoothie and I ate the apple strudel box today both were delicious.
Have you ever tried a graze box?

As I mentioned in this post I was asked if I would like to review the new Mr Motivator DVD Bounce Fit by the kind people at Inside Media. The whole dvd is based around exercising on a trampette. It has 3 sections, legs and bums, upper body and abs and body blitz as well as a warm up and cool down. I bought a trampette years ago but haven't used it for longer than I can remember so yesterday after dusting off the cobwebs I was ready to go! I have to say I found the dvd really good, each section was fun and went quickly but was still pretty tough. As you know I'm a personal trainer so I do a fair bit of exercise but not on a trampette. I found the dvd easy to follow and it got me sweaty so a big thumbs up from me. After receiving my dvd I was also asked if I would be interested in interviewing the man himself, um well how could I refuse!? Today I did just that, here's how it went:

Friday 10th of December 10am Mr Motivator phone interview!!!!!!

Questions and answers:

When did you first get into the fitness industry?
In the 1980's after looking into a women's exercise class and thinking "I could do that but better"
Which then led onto GMTV in the 1990's.

What is your favorite form of exercise?
I love all forms of exercise, whatever I feel like at the time. I like to keep variety in my routine and just do whatever feels good and fun.

What would you say is the best way to lose weight?
Unfortunately there is no quick fix. If you are exercising and eating a well balanced diet with portion control there shouldn't be a problem. If you are eating more calories than you are losing through exercise then you will put on weight. Basically you don't need to be on a diet just eat sensibly and small portions.

Why did you decide to do Bounce Fit?
After being asked to do the dvd I researched into bounce fitness and read the nasa rebound exercise report and found that it is one of the most effective exercise for the body, especially the abdominals, and makes the lymphatic system better. It also appeals to all ages and is fun.

Whats next on the agenda for you?
I am working on an advanced dvd to follow on from the first bounce fit, which will be a lot harder and more challenging. I am also working on a schools programme getting kids involved in the bounce fit way of exercising. It is aimed at 5-11yrs and there are some schools signed up already. This age has been targeted to give kids a proper chance to learn how to be fit and healthy so once they get to be adults they are already aware of health and fitness.

Well there we go folks my interview with Mr Motivator, what a lovely guy he was so nice and had lots of good tips for me too. I'm so glad to have had this opportunity to speak to one of England's exercise gurus! For any more information on Bounce Fit or Mr Motivator you can find it here

Mr Motivator has an RRP£79.99 and is available from -, JML tv (sky Channel 641) and/or through 0871 2222641

(this is not word for word, I have written the answers from my notes)

Todays breakfast in the usual cute pots : )

Cocoa protein oats with a chopped banana

Quorn with veggies and vegan pesto.

I ate my apple strudel mix to power me through a crazy amount of exercise today!

TRX workout- squats, chest press, side lunges, triceps, 1 legged squat and bicep curl
1 minute each x 2
50 minutes PHA Training including some boxing and burpees!
30 minutes spin
25 minutes viper training

My god I am ruined what a crazy workout! I feel pretty sore to be honest but day off tomorrow as I'm working in the furniture shop then I'll be driving back to Hastings to spend the night at my friends and watch the X Factor final! Which means no post tomorrow guys sorry! But I shall be back on Sunday but no promises as you never know do ya!?

Night all have a fab weekend x x


Have you ever used a trampette to exercise?

I really enjoyed it and shall be using it again : )


  1. Send the wasabi peas my way. I love them but they don't get put in my graze box very often.

    That's such a good idea for a DVD. I have been really tempted by trampettes for years but haven't really known what I would do with it other than boring old jumping up and down.

  2. I've never tried a trapeze, I hear it's fun though. That apple strudel mix looks absolutely delish! I may have to make my own ;)

    Oh and I never tried orange raisons but I have orange dried cranberries and they taste like candy! Absolutely yummy on a salad.

  3. I've had a mini trampoline for a few years - I use it every now and then but find it a can get a bit boring. So that workout DVD sounds like a great idea!

  4. I had a trampette a little while ago but never used it, the DVD sounds really good though and great interview with Mr Motivator!

  5. "I could do that but better" - haha sounds like a great guy :).
    Trampette sounds like so much fun! I'd love to do that and also thought about buying one buy I live right under the roof so the ceilings aren't that high (not that long though.. will move out next Saturday) :)).

    Have fun with xfactor :)

  6. I love Graze boxes - will probably start ordering them again in the new year. I love those cute little pots you have for taking food out with you :) x

  7. My friends had one of those Graze boxes before, I keep meaning to try them out they look yummy! Mr Motivator sounds like a really cool guy! I'm gonna check out his DVD, I'v got one of those trampolines, and its never been used!