Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I Eat Mine Before Eight

Hello, are we getting excited yet?
I'm not one of those people that love Christmas and get over excited about the festive season. I am one of those people that is getting excited that the snow has pretty much disappeared and I will be driving home to Hastings tomorrow and be hanging out with my best friend tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WoooooooooooHooooooooooooo : )

Today started with a festive pea protein smoothie. I added mince pie filling to a smoothie instead of my oats and it was delicious! Try it you know you wanna!

I was up really early to get to the gym and train a client so the above breakfast was perfect. The last half of my clients session I gave her a private spinning session which was a good warm for me!

30 minutes spin
30 minutes PHA Training using 15kg barbell
10 minutes stair climb

I snacked on a tin of mackerel in tom sauce and an apple mid morning : )

After my workout I went and got my fringe trimmed then made my way home.

I was hungry when I got home and needed to use up a sweet pot I had. I mixed some tuna with a little mayo and topped my potato, I had some steamed veggies on the side.

Such a good combo!

I eat my After Eights before 8!

After lunch had digested I got back on the bus to town and grabbed some last minute Christmas pressies then came home again.

Dinner was easy peasy! Steamed veggies mixed with vegan pesto and another egg burger.

This time I cut up some pepper and some mushrooms and added them which made my burger grey but still tasty!

Apples and yogurt topped with cinnamon and seeds : )

Well tomorrow is my last day at the gym till the 28th. I will be getting in one more workout there between clients in the morning. I have a couple of last minute things to get in town then I shall be coming straight home to get sorted and on the road! Really can't wait to hang out with Jonathan, Maggie, my sister and my dad : )

I'll hopefully have time to post tomorrow at some point but if not see you Thursday my lovelies x


Favorite sweet potato topping?

Mine is either tuna mayo or basil and vegan cheese : )


  1. Have an absolutely fantastic time with your family & friends. i love how you get across *this is what I do* and lead by example, all good stuff. Thank you xx

  2. Sugarfree maple syrup or greek yogurt with stevia.

    That's so great that the workout you're giving your clients is benefiting you too! :-) woo.

    Have fun at home! Miss you!

    We might be seeing a panto somewhere near london on the 2nd- wondered if you wanted to join?

  3. So glad the snow has cleared up! I love cottage cheese on sweet potatoes or a bean salsa type mix, yum!

  4. Sweet potato yummy :) I love them with cream cheese- nice and simple and delicious :)

  5. Oh FINALLY I get to catch up with blogs!!

    Awww I love Christmas too though my family isn't really into it. I look forward to spending some time with my loved ones though. Can't wait! All the snow melted over here too and while I think it's great that the roads aren't frozen anymore I can't help but wish for snow on Christmas day...