Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!!!!

Happy Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!
Hey everybody how's it going? Are you all excited that the festive season is upon us?
I definitely am, I have been a busy bee the past few days and yesterday was just to tired to blog, sorry! I am loving spending time with my bestie Jonathan and with Maggie. Tonight I am going to my other bestie Wayne's house for a Christmas Eve gathering featuring fine foods and lots of mulled wine : )
I may also be dropping in on some other friends before heading to Wayne's so lots of people to see and be festive with. I am really looking forward to tonight my sequins are ready for an evening of festive fun! We are having a rewind on the food front at first so here we go get comfy......

Wednesday started with a giant cocoa pea protein smoothie topped with salted peanuts!

Yes salted, the sweet salty combo really works!

The morning was spent with a client then some last minute shopping before heading home to pack for my return to Hastings.

I ate lunch before the drive home. Veggies mixed with the last of my vegan pesto teamed with 2 ryvita topped with tuna mayo. Tummy filled, bags packed time to get beck to my favorite people..........

Back in my home town Christmas mince rolls cooking in the oven and a healthy dinner of steamed veg and egg mess yum!

These are my easiest Christmas rolls! I literally covered a puff pastry sheet in sweet mincemeat cut into rolls and baked for about 20 minutes.
They taste fantastic : )

Yesterday again was started with smoothie this time topped with
Rude Healths Organic Granola.
Love this stuff!

After breakfast I went to train my first client.

Before heading to town for a shop and lunch date I ate one of my sweet mincemeat rolls : )

After going round the shops for a while I then went to meet my old work colleague, Steve, from Orange. We went to a wine bar called Walkers that serves tasty lunches. I had a chicken wrap with salad, which was delicious!

Steve had a chicken burger, fries and salad, he said it was yummy.

After saying goodbye to Steve I had to go and pick up another client and take her to the gym I use in Hastings. I decided to go to the gym for our session for a change and we had a work out together. Pha Training and cardio got us sweaty and feeling fab. I am really proud of this client she has lost 7kg and gone a dress size! Well done lady!

Dinner: steamed veggies mixed with mackerel and sun dried tomato paste.

There has also been some cookie snacking..........

Today I needed a hot breakfast...........

Enter hot banana porridge topped with a spoonful of peanut butter!
I have not eaten peanut butter since the end of October and yes this tasted good!

Today I have a few bits to pick up in town then the Christmas tree needs to be put up and dressed. After the festive fun begins : )

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I am saying farewell till Boxing day.
Have an amazing Christmas and enjoy yourselves and remember detox starts in January!



  1. Have a great Christmas Tam :-) x

  2. Yay have a happy Christmas :)
    PS- that PB must have been yummy after a few months without haha!

  3. Merry Christmas hun!!! I'm so glad we're bloggie pals, can't wait to meet up with you hopefully next year! :)
    Yay for January detox! haha. Christmas is all about great food and wonderful time with family. xoxo

  4. I haven't had mincemeat in years... growing up I had an English neighbor who used to make mincemeat tarts (I live in the US). It brings back such fond memories!

    I've never seen pea protein in isolation - looks like it made for a great smoothie!