Monday, 13 December 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah

Its another late post so I'm keeping it short and sweet for you guys. I've had a good day but have an early start so need to start thinking about bed not that I'm in anyway tired yet!

I got up and got ready for work.
Its my new roomie Hannah's birthday today so I put together a little something for her.

A card and one of my homemade badges, hope she liked it!

Came up stairs to make breakfast and was greeted by this out of my window.

Thick cold fog, better than the snow that's predicted for the end of the week though!

Quinoa and sweet mincemeat porridge mixed with a chopped apple and seeds.

If you didn't see my tweet and you still haven't tried it, do it now or tomorrow its too good not to!
Work was quite today but we sat chatting for most of it which was nice!

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs and veg mixed with vegan pesto.

Followed by an apple, I also snacked on some oat cakes during the day.

A chocolate santa for moi : )

I trained a couple of ladies at the gym after work, then home.

An easy dinner of steamed broccoli, flat beans and cannellini beans mixed with a can of tuna, some curry powder and a little mayo. Twas delish!

Hannah has been baking cookies for the gym members party tomorrow!

Lucky I had my chocolate santa for pudding : )

So another day closer to Christmas ay?
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get back to Hastings to spend Christmas with Maggie, Jonathan and my sister Jes or else its gonna be a lonely Christmas for me!


How are you all doing, are you sorted for your festivities? Are you planning on going away and hoping like me the weather stays on your side?


  1. I've just finished all of my present buying and I'm going to do all the wrapping at the weekend. I just hope this next bit of snow isn't too bad or else it could put a proper spanner in the works :-(

  2. It looks so cold outside where you are. I'm so bored of living under all these grey clouds. I tried your mince meat poridge this morning. It was delicious! You should try and see how many people you can get to try it!