Sunday, 5 December 2010

Great Workout At Last!

Hello on the eve of a new week, did you have a nice weekend?
Mine as you know was spent working, I did have a fab workout this morning though. I woke up early and had some jumbo banana oats topped with seeds then got ready for to leave. I started work at 10am today and needed to get to the gym by 8am to get a good workout in. I left my house at 7am when it was still very dark and very cold, I had to get a bus from the main road which walking is about 30/40 minutes walk from mine. I ran half the way and walked the rest, got the bus and hit the gym which was dead so loads of space for me!

shoulder press, barbell squat, upright row, chest press, lunges (set each leg) + hamstring deadlift
15 reps each 12.5kg
3 min row + 3 min run
30 minutes spin

At last a great workout, I feel like its been weeks!

The furniture shop was busier today but not crazy, lunch was the like yesterdays but no cereal and oats cakes instead.

The eggs were perfect : )

The afternoon biscuits were shared round which I didn't say no to. But I truly have been eating crazy the past couple of weeks and its gotta stop. I used to have amazing self control but these days I seem to have none, whats going on?!

Dinner was the same as yesterday too minus the broccoli with some added broad beans

Super filling super tasty : )

When I got home last night the counter top was covered in star shaped cookies, Hannah my house mate had been baking all day! Well some of these were eaten last night and.......

I had one crumbled on top of my ground rice pudding : )

Yeah so as you can see my eating habits are not as good as usual and its time to get on top of this. So I have a plan in my head but I'm not going to write it down on here or anywhere I shall just be aware of it in my mind and if it comes together I shall then speak about it. Hope thats ok? I have a couple of Lost episodes to watch then bed I have another early start.

I hope you have a good start to the week x x


What are your secrets to keeping your eating in line?

I'm usually good but the past couple of weeks I could have done with some one cutting off my hands!


  1. Hey good to hear you got a great work out done :)
    I fill in a food diary so I can see what I eat- otherwise little things creep in here and there.

  2. Once I got my blood sugar in control and started eating enough protein I didn't have the cravings anymore. I've started eating a paleo diet the last 4 months and lost 10lbs without even counting calories and my digestion and energy is amazing. Check out Robb Wolf's blog and book "The Paleo Solution" if you're interested. Good luck!

  3. I try and put everything that I eat up ion the blog for everyone to see. It usually keeps me in check!

  4. Most of the time I eat well quite naturally but on some days I just seem to eat everything I crave (aka pasta for dinner.. with pesto sauce and no veggies) without thinking about it..

  5. Glad you finally got to the gym! I used to have really over eating problems but recently I've really tried to me more mindful of what I'm eating - I try and ask myself if I'm really hungry or if I'm just bored or stressed. When I do occassionally have something not so healthy I try and balance it out by eating a little lighter then next day. It seems to be working well for me at the moment but I know that Christmas is going to be tough. I have just bought some star shapped cookie cutters!

  6. Great workout! I confess that if I had to take a bus to go to my gym I wouldn't go as much as I do (#lazy fellings)!

    Camila F.