Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Granola Goodness

Can you believe its one more day till New Years Eve!?
This year has flown by for me, I have taken the rough with the smooth and achieved so much its been crazy! I'm definitely going to do a post before the year is out!

Before today's eats I must show you last nights pudding it was so SO good!

Chocolate protein ice cream topped with Rude Healths Granola : )

Which I may think is my favorite : )

Today started the same as the past few days.........

With a giant green monster, my new bowl is perfect because its huge and holds my giant breakfast!

Topped with salted peanuts.

I had a client first thing then had a good cardio session for me!

30 minutes spin
10 minutes up hill ski
10 minute cross trainer
10 minute stepper

After this sweat fest I picked up a few bits in town then came home. The weather has been poo today, I needed to do lots in town but decided to leave it till tomorrow as I had no umbrella and didn't fancy becoming more of a drowned rat than I already was!

Lunch: Egg burger and steamed veg

Literally 1 egg, 1 egg white, 3 mushrooms and some slices of pepper put in a pot and microwaved for 2 minutes

Yummy hot lunch : )

This was followed by a big bowl of mango and apple topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and seeds. The mango was perfectly ripe and very tasty.

Some chocolate has been eaten too, oops : )

For dinner I plan to have some veggies with chickpeas in a spicy tom sauce but that could change! I decided to post earlier today as I have an early start which means no dinner has been made yet but don't worry I'll probably rewind tomorrow!


Are you a granola lover, what is your favorite brand?

I don't eat it regularly but I have to say rude healths is very very good : )


  1. I also love the rude health granola, it is pricey but I only use about a tablespoon at a time. I also love my Bear granola, especially the coco cherry pie. Looking forward to your achievements post!

  2. I love you bowl is it Cath Kidston, her stuff is so pretty!

  3. I love the bear granola as it comes in little packs- I dont have it often so it is a shame when I come to a half opened box and it has gone soft. I also love the rude health stuff- so nutty :)