Thursday, 30 December 2010

Four : )

Hello there, we have 2 days people well 1 and just over 2hrs until we say:
Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011!!!!!!
Wow another year down I'm still in shock with how fast this year has gone, has it flown by for you too?

Today started the same as the rest of the week: green monster topped with salted peanuts it was good! I then made my way to work at the gym to train a client. The session ended with my client signing up to another 8 sessions so a fab start to the day! I only had one client today so after her session I worked out:

45 minutes spin
30 minutes PHA Training - 15kg

I ate an apple before freshening and heading into town. I went to a few shops one of which was Waitrose. Oh my god I could have spent a small fortune in there! I picked up a few bits for the dinner I'm making tomorrow night for me and my housemate Hannah as well as a few bits for someone special (all will be revealed soon enough!). Oh and some other new eats just because!

Canned PUMPKIN!!!!!!! Finally I get my hands on some! As well as some garlic and tom sauce, basil (vegan) pesto, Bear Tropical Granola (rude health I love but as some of you kindly reminded me this is my favorite granola!) and some low lacto cheese. I have been drinking the milk and thought this would be worth a try : )

And try I did!
Steamed veggies with a tsp of basil pesto topped with grated low lacto cheese.

Oooooooooo I haven't eaten cheese that melts for I don't how long.

No tummy ache so far : )

I also had to have some of my tropical granola!

Apple chopped and topped with yogurt and granola, yum!

I spent the afternoon not really doing much. I did right out a clients session plan for tomorrow, a stability ball circuit which is gonna be tough but fun.

For dinner I made steamed veggies in a tom and basil sauce with quorn mince and chickpeas

Have you used these dark brown chickpeas before?
I had a surprise when I opened the can!

After showering and washing my hair pudding was in order:
Sweet Mincemeat Protein Ice Cream! Need I say how delicious this was?!

I have another early start and need to dry my hair so I shall say farewell till tomorrow!

Oooooo before I go I saw this questionnaire on Janetha's blog and thought it looked like fun
so here goes............

1. Four TV shows that I watch:

  • The News - I am addicted to knowing what the weather will be like!
  • Vampire Diaries - I want Damon to bite me!
  • Come Dine With Me - yes its wrong but I love it!
  • Friends - no matter how many times I see it I always laugh

2. Four things that I’m passionate about:

  • Exercise - well I am a Personal Trainer!
  • Friends and Family - they make me laugh and keep me sane
  • Food - love to eat, taste and smell
  • believing in myself

3. Four words/phrases I use a lot:

  • Good - constantly say this to clients
  • "you know what I mean?" always!
  • yay!
  • Thank you - because manners are good : )

4. Four things I’ve learned from the past:

  • no matter how much it hurts a wound will heal
  • dreams can come true
  • hard work and dedication pays off
  • what goes around comes around

5. Four places I would like to go:

  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Berlin
  • Scotland

6. Four things I did yesterday:

  • worked out
  • trained a client
  • watched Lost
  • ate chocolate!

7. Four things I am looking forward to:

  • becoming a successful Personal Trainer
  • visiting my best friend in Berlin
  • 2011
  • getting my social life back!

8. Four things I love about winter:

  • sheepskin boots
  • electric blanket
  • porridge
  • snow - when I can stay inside in the warm and just admire it from a warm house!


What 4 things are you hoping 2011 will bring?


  1. What 4 things are you hoping 2011 will bring?
    1. A sculpted body
    2. business success, we've been working on it a year - time to turn a profit
    3. Happy kids
    4. a skiing holiday .... cos' I WANT it!!!!!!!
    ..... there are more but these are what jumped to mind first :-)
    Happy New Year.

  2. Great list! I hope 2011 will bring travel, more going out, improved fitness and lots of tasty food! Have a great new year chick x

  3. I'm not allowed to go into Waitrose... too much good (expensive!) stuff!